About us

Best For Parents is a UK based website by parents for parents to help them navigate through the highs and lows of parenthood with advice from qualified professionals and actual parents who have seen it all.

We are highly experienced, qualified and passionate about our work on Best For Parents – we have technical personnel to make sure the content is accessible, we have qualified English teachers to ensure our words makes sense and of course we have parenting experts in the form of midwives, nursery nurses and paediatricians making sure that we say is right.

Parenting is a journey that is personal to each and every one of us, we want to welcome you to ours in the hope it will help you on yours.

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The Mission

When we were expecting our first child and still to this day, we look online for all manner of opinions and advice about parenting. The questions would range on how to deal with teething all the way to the best foods for when they transitioned to solids.

What we found was a very mixed bag of answers which were either too ‘by the book’ or completely anecdotal. Moreover, with the scarily low breastfeeding rates in the UK advice on breastfeeding was rare and lacked in real world experience.

We wanted to change that, one article at a time – by answering the niche questions people would ask and with an answer which was researched and backed with real life experience. We wanted to offer reading material which was literally the best for parents.

Who are we?

We are a small team based in the North West of England, St. Helens to be precise. The website is run and maintained by Ronnie, 35, a father of two, who specialises in product reviews, mental health and the paternal side of parenting. Ronnie grew up on Anglesey before moving to St. Helens with his wife to start a family. He graduated from the University of Central Lancashire and his hobbies include comic books, classic video games and of course being a dad.

Ronnie and Leon Best For Parents
Ronnie and Leon

You can contact Ronnie at ronnie@bestforparents.co.uk

Next we have Jenny Squires, 56, a mother of 4 and grandmother of 2 from Liverpool, England. Jenny is earned her midwifery badges from Edge Hill and now works part time as a midwife and doing talks and writing articles on the challenges of parenthood. For Best For Parents, Jenny writes and edits the articles on pregnancy, birth, and newborn care.

Jenny, Best For Parents

We are pro-breastfeeding at Best For Parents, Ronnie’s kids are all breastfed and knows first hand the challenges and rewards of it, but we needed someone who has a professional background to help us with our nursing articles. That person is Dorothea Jenkins. Dot was a lactation consultant who helped Ronnie’s wife to succeed and he approached her to help with this website.

Dorothea works in the Knowsley area helping local mums feed, and earned her stripes from Edge Hill just like Jenny and now consults with Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

What next?

Best For Parents grows based on our research into what parents want answering – we try to focus more of our time answering questions that simply don’t have a good answer yet. But, we would be nothing without our readers so if you have a question you want answering from the team then please drop us a line on info@bestforparents.co.uk