Batman kids comics

batman kids comics

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Batman flirts between dark and gritty with campy and cheesy on the regular with many parents unsure whether Batman is family friendly and something they should let their kids get into. However, Batman is actually for all ages as long as you get the right Batman.

But, Batman on the big screen and small screen is one thing – Batman in the comics is something different. The main series and Detective comics are generally for ages 13 and up and too much to comprehend for a 6 year old.

So are there Batman kids comics about to dip their toe in and enjoy before they’re old enough for the main series? Absolutely!

Comic books are widely available in most big book shops but the lesser known series may not be. I am a big Batman comic book reader and collector and I will be you and your child’s guide today.

Note: Some of the books have a reading age of over 13 but contain stories and art that is appropriate for all ages. The difference here are books they can read themselves and books that are safe to be read to them.

What Batman comics are appropriate for young children?


Batman 5-Minute Stories (3+)

batman 5 minute stories

This collection of short bedtimes stories are kid friendly and still feature the main cast of the Batman Universe. Ideal for something different at bedtime whilst introducing the basics of what Batman and his villains are about. About as good as it gets for a child friendly introduction to the world of the Dark Knight.

This is a good book for them to be read to, with an actual reading age of around 10.

Lil’ Gotham

lil gotham

Lil’ Gotham is an actual comic book series for kids which features the ensemble bat family cast, but smaller and cuter. This series can introduce them to the wider family and world of collecting comics as a whole. Single issues can be picked up or in the trade collected edition to save money. Great storytelling and the same type of art you’d expect in a fully fledged Batman comic.

This book has a reading age of 13+ but content which is suitable for all ages to be read to.

Batman & Scooby Doo Mysteries (Ages 8+)

batman scooby doo

DC Comics have collaborated with Hanna Barbera on several occasions on the screen and print – their series with Scooby-Doo are among the most popular and child friendly.

Similar to other comics, this book has a reading age of 10+ but the content is friendly for all ages.

The Batman Adventures

the batman adventures

The Batman Adventures is based on the TV series (brilliant TV series) with similar artwork and stories. There are plenty of issues around to keep your child busy for years before they can move up a league. Suitable to be read to at 6+ but it does have a reading age of 10+.

Batman’s Mystery Casebook

batman mystery casebook

With a reading age of 8, kid friendly art and content which is both in character and education. Perfect mental games for 6 year olds and up inside to keep them hooked and dip their toe in the lore of Batman and his villains.

DC Meets Looney Tunes

DC meets looney tunes

This is more of a brand wide comic collaboration with kids but Batman does have his part teaming up with Elmer Fudd.

The Batman (with Stickers)

The Batman

This comic book with stickers is appropriate fro years 4 and up, l which is off considering the violence of the film it is trying to push. But, it is a fun little book with a purpose made step into reading content included as well as stickers.