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One of the biggest drawbacks of bottle feeding your baby is the hassle of it all. Having to make a bottle with the correct ratio of water and formula and getting the mixture to the right temperature quickly can be stressful and time consuming. Often, you might be alone and under pressure to feed a hungry baby quickly at any time day or night.

To help struggling parents there are products in the UK called automatic baby bottle formula maker which can prepare a bottle for you. These gadgets get the temperature and the ratio perfect every use in a few seconds – your hungry child won’t need to wait and you can get back to doing what you do best – parenting.

We’ve scanned the market and brought to you a short list of what Best For Parents feel to be the best automatic baby bottle preparer you can buy.

Best Baby Bottle Maker Reviews


1. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

The Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine is perhaps the most widely recognised brand name in the industry. For parents who choose to bottle feed their infant this is a product they have most likely already been recommended. The reason for that is simple – it creates perfect baby bottles with every use, it doesn’t cost the earth and there’s plenty of existing users who can attest to its quality and how easy to use it is.

The perfect prep machine can create a bottle in 2 minutes which is perfect for parents who need a bottle fast and simply don’t need the stress of checking the temperature and measuring the scoops – most likely due to being alone and with a very hungry baby in the house.

The first thing the perfect prep machine does is inject a shot of boiling hot water to kill any bacteria in the formula itself (more details in the buyer’s guide) and then it is followed by warm water which matches the configuration you have entered provided by the formula brand’s instruction. Each and every bottle will be exactly like the last.

Inside the machine is a water filter so it not only cleanses the formula of bacteria but also purifies it and leaves no air bubbles. This is a great product for parents who worry about impurities in their babies formula.

Despite being a brand which makes baby bottles, the Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine is compatible with most brands of bottle size and indeed formulas so don’t worry about having to commit to Tommee Tippee if you want to buy this product. 

This is a clever device which can clean itself with a program. Formula powder can often clog and build up over many uses which can foster bacteria – this will give you a warning light when it needs to run a cleaning cycle, descaling cycle or when the built in filters need changing. You’ll need to use Milton or another sterilising solution to periodically clean.

The console is easy to use and straightforward. You will be able to set this up with your bottles and brand of formula in 10 minutes. The central control unit is intuitive and responsive and clearly labelled even in the dark. 

Overall, the Tommee Tippee perfect preparation machine is the perfect blend of performance and value – it is not a cheap product by any stretch but it’s convenience and accuracy makes it a product which really takes the stress away from bottle making leaving you to concentrate on your baby and less on fiddling around with scoops and guessing the temperature.

2. Baby Brezza Baby Formula Pro Advanced

Baby Brezza Baby Formula Pro Advanced

Baby Brezza is a global brand famous for making baby formula automatically. Accounting all worldwide sales it is perhaps the biggest selling bottle creator in the world. They’re perhaps best known for making the product ‘cool’ as it very closely resembles a coffee machine and parents feel like a barista.

Aesthetics aside, the Baby Brezza formula pro advance is a fantastic machine which mixes formula and water with the correct temperature and consistency each time with no air bubbles. It does this using the onboard computer that parents enter the requirements as per the formula brand’s instructions into which is easy to use. Once it knows the ratios and temperature the rest is completely automatic.

The average operating duration is 15 seconds from start to finish. There may be some models which do it faster but the savings are only in seconds and not minutes and we never personally found ourselves clock watching while the bottle was being prepared. 

The formula is kept in an air sealed tank which keeps bacteria from getting in and spoiling the powder. When the tank runs low it will show a warning light which can help you be prepared at all times for an ad hoc feed.

Practically every formula brand is compatible with the Baby Brezza. More impressive is the fact that it can be used with all kinds of bottle size which are adjustable steps. Perfectly capable of catering for newborns and even toddlers who may still be fed formula. 

Our only gripe with the Baby Brezza is that it doesn’t have a self cleaning mode. Instead, all individual parts are removable and dishwasher safe. Some may prefer this, however. 

Overall, the Baby Brezza is a well known, stylish and intuitive product which can prepare a perfect baby bottle in 15 seconds. It’s easy to maintain, works with every bottle and brand and has a slew of high ratings on stockist websites such as Argos and Amazon.

3. ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Kettle with Built in Thermostat

ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Kettle with Built in Thermostat

The UneeqBaby formula kettle isn’t a mixer but it can make the task of preparing a feed much easier thanks to the ability to keep water at a constant temperature all of the time. This cuts down the time wasted sitting around waiting for hot water to cool down.

It’s a really easy device to work and it can run 24 hours a day if you need it to. It has a single button to warm up and a touch screen display for you to decide what temperature to keep it at. The temperature can be adjusted in single decimals to suit the recommendations of your chosen baby formula maker brand. This product may create air bubbles, though.

You’ll still need to physically measure the powder and then mix it but the UneeqBaby option is a much cheaper option for those on a budget which is easy to use.

4. YXLONG Constant Temperature Perfect Baby Bottles Prep Machine

YXLONG Constant Temperature Perfect Baby Bottles Prep Machine

The YXLONG baby bottle mixer prides itself on being the most intelligent and fastest milk mixer maker in the UK which is driven by technology to get the job done. The YXLONG is built to resemble a coffee machine which will dispense the mixed baby formula in 10 seconds.

Once it has been configured, the YXLONG will make a snack for your baby with a single push of a button. It can be started with a single hand and in 10 seconds the job is done. This allows parents to react instantly if they feel their baby is hungry. This feature is handiest during the night feeds where you don’t want to be messing around.

It may look confusing but the YXLONG is one of the easiest to use as the ‘magic’ happens behind the scenes once you have entered the specific amount of baby formula to water your chosen formula brand states.

The rapid blast of boiling jet kills bacteria in the formula and then the following water comes out at the exact temperature you need it to be. Every single bottle this dispenses will be identical to the last and fine tuning can be made easily with the easy to follow control unit. 

This is a self cleaning formula maker which prevents bacterial growth and it will do it for you. No need to wait until the machine tells you it needs to clean and never have to worry about lingering formula hidden away in the machine again.

The YXLONG formula maker doesn’t come with any of its own bottles but is compatible with most brands in the UK. This machine also works with every brand of baby formula milk and is capable of adjusting to every requirement the best baby formula brands should have – just be sure to follow them to the letter and never use the same settings for two different brands as they may be different.

The resulting formula milk is fresh and pure with no powdery residues or clumps in the mix making it tastier and much easier to swallow for your baby. It is by far more superior and convenient than mixing it by hand. The machine and all internal workings is free of BPA, harmful pigments and metal pigments.

Overall, the YXLONG is a technologically superior baby formula milk blender which makes precise bottles each time. If the goal is to have an automatic formula milk maker which can cater to different brands and measurements whilst also preparing bottles rapidly then this is one of the finest. 

The cost is a little higher than some of the other models on the UK market but very few can make their bottles this quick and be as convenient to use so it is highly recommended.

5. Burabi Wi-Fi Smart Baby Formula Mixer Machine

Burabi Wi-Fi Smart Baby Formula Mixer Machine

The Burabi Wi-Fi smart formula preperation machine uses next level technology to offer an unparalleled technological experience which is superior to any other brand on the UK market. It’s the most expensive model but one which has features you will find in no other competitor so if you’re after the best money can buy then you’ve found it.

We’ll start by discussing the most significant feature which is the intelligent app. We’ve mentioned in the other reviews that you can configure the bottle formula maker to mix the baby formula ratios based on the manufacturers requirements but with the Burabi app you have access to 95% formula maker brands library and with a simple scan it will find the mixing parameters and the rest will be automatic. 

This means that there is no guesswork or manual configurations involved here – it is all done for you and you’ll never have to worry about getting it wrong ever again.

Secondly, the app can remotely control the device as it can connect via Wi-Fi. This means you do not even need to be in the room to make a bottle. If it’s time for a night feed then you can press the button on the app and by the time you get downstairs a perfectly made bottle is waiting for your baby.

But that’s not all in Burabi’s long list of features. The Burabi uses Thermoblock technology to blast the bacteria away from the powder and heat the mixture to the correct temperature in 8 seconds flat. That’s some serious speed. 

Moreover, the Burabi also has classic features you’d expect such as one button self clean and is made with BPA free plastic which is FDA, CE and BS approved.

Overall, the Burabi is one of the only models in the world which offers this level of convenience and precision but it does come at quite the hefty cost. If money was no object then this would be the top automatic best baby bottle formula maker.

Baby Bottle Maker Buyer’s Guide

The world of the best baby formula bottles can be a confusing and anxious one for many parents, especially for the first timers. For them to be safe they need to have the right consistency, temperature and be free of bacteria. When it’s done manually it can be difficult if not impossible for them to be ‘perfect’. Plus, it can be time consuming and inconvenient.

What is a baby bottle maker?

With the advancement in technology came the introduction of the automatic baby bottle maker. These took all of the manual labour away to create a bottle with the exact consistency the formula needs to have.

A typical Bottle blender will hold a tank of baby formula and water and then mix them together to create the milk. Before the mixing, these devices will blast a shot of boiling liquid to initially kill any bacteria which may be found in the powder. It will then proceed to both blend and warm the mix up to the perfect temperature which can be configured by the maker itself.

Once it’s mixed, it will automatically dispense into a bottle ready to be drunk by your baby.

Do I even need a baby bottle maker?

No. Even the best baby formula bottle preparator is a luxury item as the act of making a bottle can be done manually or purchased pre mixed. However, the benefits of a bottle maker are enormous and far outweigh the drawbacks.

  • Takes less time – It can take up to 30 minutes to create a baby bottle by hand according to Kids Health. This is because of a few factors such as having to measure the baby formula, the water, boil the kettle and then letting the water cool down. An automatic baby bottle mixer does not have any of those issues and can make a bottle in as little as 8 seconds. This can save parents hours of their time every single day – that’s more time to spend with your baby! 
  • Kills bacteria more effectively – As the WHO state – powdered baby formula is not sterile and may contain harmful bacteria. To kill the bacteria, it should be prepared with boiling water (over 70c) and then allowed to cool to be appropriate for drinking. You can do this yourself with a kettle that can take up to 30 mins to cool or use one of the products we’ve recommended to do it in just a few seconds.
  • Perfect consistency – Baby formula manufacturers will offer clear guidance on how many ounces of powder and how many milliliters of water is needed for a feed. Without a formula maker this will need to be done by hand with measuring tools or you can use our recommended products and let it do it to exact measurements every time. Therefore, the consistency will be ideal.
  • Perfect temperature without waiting for it to cool – No more waiting around the water to cool down. Automatic formula feed mixers will blast the bacteria away and then offer a fresh feed at the right temperature in seconds. Over the course of weeks you will have hours more time with your child.
  • Always ready – Hungry baby caught you off guard? Just press one button and give them a nice meal in less than a minute as the formula milk blender is always ready so long as it has the powder and water filled up.


Most of the automatic best baby bottle formula and water prepper devices we’ve reviewed are expensive products but they pack an awful lot of technology with the sole goal of offering precise baby bottles which are free of bacteria and at the perfect temperature. For those who have struggled and hate the experience of making a bottle by hand these products are a godsend and can save you so much time which can be better spent spending time with your precious one. 

Any of our recommendations are fantastic and we’ve tried to cater for people with different tastes, budgets and desires for certain features with the simple goal of just making it easier to feed your baby!

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