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best baby changing mats

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Changing mats are not an essential purchase but they do make changing your baby easier and cleaner; especially when a nappy change needs to be done away from the home. Despite being a simple product, there are a lot of variations amongst the best baby changing mats which offer differing levels of comfort, portability and additional features. We believe a good changing mat can make a big difference to a nappy change by creating a consistent, comfortable and safer environment for you and your little one.

Best Changing Mat Reviews


1. BabyDam Baby Changing Mat

BabyDam Baby Changing Mat

The best changing mat overall is the BabyDam model which gains the number one title for its uniquely designed edges and thicker soft padding across the whole item which creates one of the most comfortable experiences for your little one and feels really close to a mattress. The curved sides also gently roll your baby back to the centre and keep them safe from an accidental fall. The thicker padding also makes it one of the strongest and most durable mats on the market which is a huge plus for parents who want to reuse products with future babies.

The BabyDam changing mat is easy to wipe clean and is waterproof which makes the water run off the sides rather than sink into the foam which keeps it in pristine condition for longer. The thick foam makes it warm to the touch so it won’t give your naked baby a shock. Furthermore, the changing mat is so comfortable: if your little one is content whilst getting changed then it makes it much easier and less stressful to get the nappy change done. This is something we didn’t find to be common among the changing mattress world and one to really shout about. The BabyDam is great value for money and one of the safest and comfiest mats available on Amazon; we highly recommend it.

2. Lekebaby Portable Nappy Changing Mat

Lekebaby Portable Nappy Changing Mat

The Lekebaby portable nappy changing mat is one of the best on the market as it offers portability alongside the change mat itself. The mat is soft and well padded with a headrest which can make a big difference to whether your baby will be settled or not during rest. The padding also means that it is not freezing cold when it’s used. Alongside the mat there are handy little compartments which can hold the nappies and the wipes so you won’t need to invest in a separate bag for these which makes the Lekebaby portable changing mat the only solution you need for an unexpected nappy change.

When folded, the Lekebaby is around the size of a large purse and can be used as one thanks to its generous storage and additional pockets. It is small and thin enough to easily fold into a larger bag or attached to your pram.

What we love about the Lekebaby changing mat is the overall package it offers. It’s well designed, functional and extremely convenient to the point it can turn a coffee shop nappy change from a potential nightmare to a mild inconvenience. It doesn’t cost the earth either and can often be found online for £10 or less.

3. Mamas & Papas Essential PVC Wipe Clean Baby Nappy Changing Mattress

The Mamas & Papas baby nappy changing mat has a classic design suitable for table dressers and domestic use. Easy to clean with just a wipe hypoallergenic. This changing mat is suitable for parents with a little one that may be susceptible to dry skin or have an active skin condition.

The design for this Mamas & Papas sits apart from the rest as it is somewhat of a wedge changing mat rather than raised walls surrounding the inner changing area. This wedge changing mat design has safety in mind to help keep your baby in one place with a soft rebounder in case they do roll over but still enough space to remain comfortable in-between. This is done effectively as we found our own baby was gently kept in place rather than being rolled back by walls.

The approximate size of this changing mat is 69x 45x x 11 cm which is wider than most but only by a margin. What is noticeable, however, is how spongy and warm the foam mat feels which protects your baby from getting an upsetting cold shock when initially place down if they’re naked.

It’s a typical quality Mamas & Papas design which carried the cost of the brand but you do get the quality a brand like this affords. It feels premium to the touch and would look great in any nursery.

4. Skip Hop Pronto Changing Mat

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Mat

The Skip Hop Pronto portable changing mat is a serious bit of kit with a lot of attention dedicated to both the design, robustness and feel of the change mats. When folded it becomes a decently sized clutch style bag with an elegant and fashionable design which can still be used as an actual clutch bag whereas most competitors will not hold more than the changing kit.

The changing mat is about the same size as standalone wedge changing mats and far more superior to other portable changing bag solutions. The mat has a generous soft pillow to support their heads and the mat itself is made with waterproof and wipe clean material which looks great and works well. The mat can zip off for independent usage so doesn’t need to be tethered to the bag which allows it to be used in the home just as well.

The bag has ample storage and can fit around 4 nappies, a pack of wipes or even your keys and phone. Lastly, the Skip Hop Pronto clutch bag has a handy loop which can be attached to a wrist or the bars on a pram. We found that this product was good enough both on the go and on top of a dressing table.

A quality product which will delight any parent both in terms of the product and the price.

5. East Coast Nursery Changing Mat

East Coast Nursery Changing Mat

This gorgeous and simple changing mat by East Coast is one of the best nursery/changing room products on the UK market. Made using phthalate free PVC which is easy to wipe down (super important) and doesn’t carry smells with it as it is not porous. It’s also waterproof so it can easily handle any accidents which can occur during a change and won’t carry the lingering urine smell.

The raised walls along the edges help protect your baby from accidentally rolling over and hurting themselves but also add a level of comfort by keeping them in place. This changing mat is filled with a light padding which provides comfort and a little warmth so it is suitable to be used on flat and hard surfaces.

At a decent size of 75 x 45 x 5cm it is suitable for newborns all the way to toddlerhood but it does lack some depth. Available for less than £10, this has a neutral design and all the features needed to be decent in the house changing mat.

6. Baby Polar Flip and Fold Changing Mat

Baby Polar Flip and Fold Changing Mat

The Baby Polar flip and fold changing mat is a travel changing solution for those on a tight budget. When folded it is a little larger than your average purse and when unfolded it is big enough to fit babies up to around 12 months of age. Despite being designed for portability the baby polar flip and fold changing mat still has some padding which helps to support their joints when you’re on the go and provides a level of comfort.

Of course, it’s not going to be as padded as the mats you’d have at home but when you’re out and a nappy change is needed urgently this is a fantastic product. It is so portable when folded that you can often forget it’s even there.

Phthalate-free, easy to wipe down and available for less than £10 – a bargain for any parent on the go.

7. NUBILY Changing Backback

NUBILY Changing Backback

Perhaps the cream of the crop changing bag solution for out and about changes is the NUBILY changing backpack. This glorious product may not contain the changing mat but it has been specifically designed to do so, along with various other parenting essentials such as bottle holder, toy holder, waterproof pocket, baby nappy organiser and a generous main compartment.

This is a really sturdy product and comfortable to wear. The designs and colours available range from cute and flowery to a classic solid pastel colour. The straps have a thick foam to protect your shoulders which goes a long way on long walks.

The weight of all your baby essentials can be surprising and often regular backpacks are not up to the challenge; which is why we highly recommend those shopping for portable baby changing mats which do not come with their own carrier to consider the NUBILY backpack.

A backpack, we think, is an essential purchase with a baby and if we had to pick one this would be it.

8. Babycurls Changing Mat

Babycurls Changing Mat

The Babycurls changing mat is one of the best choices for parents with babies who may have sensitive skin or suffer from dry skin – the reason for this is because the material used is hypoallergenic and soft.

However, that is not all that’s great about this mat – it is easy to clean with a wipe, waterproof and has safety raised edges surrounding the base to protect from babies rolling over. Moreover, the baby curls changing mat has been designed with comfort in mind and has soft padding throughout which cushions your baby and provides a little warmth.

The price sits right in the middle but for parents with babies with skin issues, it is a price worth paying for.

9. Deluxe Unisex Baby Changing Mat

Deluxe Unisex Baby Changing Mat

The Deluxe Unisex waterproof and wipe clean changing mat is an excellent choice for parents or relatives who want to get a gift but do not know the gender or simply want to try and be gender-neutral. The mat is the perfect size for any baby at 73 x 45.01 x 3.99 cm which does include the padded edges which surround and keep the baby from rolling off but the 4cm depth leaves it a little thin.

The mat’s cover is waterproof and non-porous which means water won’t sink in and ruin the internal foam. The foam is thin but comfortable enough to support your baby’s joints and head during a change.

Overall, it’s a quality mat with a simplistic unisex/gender-neutral design at a reasonable price.

10. Bibetta Portable Changing Mat

This striking portable changing bag and changing mat set is one of the most unique products on the market. When not in use, the Bibetta portable changing mat looks like a stylish handbag which is approximately 26cm x 20cm and able to be used independently or kept inside something else such as a bag or at the bottom of a pram.

However, when it is unfurled that’s where the Bibetta’s strengths come in to become a star-shaped wedge changing mat which is made of soft and warm neoprene. This material isn’t cold to the touch like some other brands out there and a cause of many crying nappy changes. The material is, of course, waterproof and wipe clean friendly and has enough foam to be comfortable without compromising the portability.

Alongside the portability comes practicality as the Bibetta portable changing mat also comes with a handy nappy wallet which makes this a strong contender as one of the UK’s best portable baby changing mats.

Baby Changing Mat Buyer’s Guide

Newborn babies may need to be changed up to 10-12 times a day, according to the NHS. This makes the need for a proper changing station less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Not only that, but parents should also be prepared for the unexpected nappy change when out of the house, too.

Some new parents may feel that they can do the change anywhere with just a fresh nappy and some wipes but experienced parents will tell you that nappy changes can get messy despite all your best efforts. Imagine dealing with a ‘poonami‘ using a cold hard plastic public changing table! Baby changes can be tricky at the best of times but the more prepared you are the better (and cleaner) the outcome.

With this in mind, we recommend a good changing mat in the house and if you and your baby are particularly outgoing out of the home as well. The key benefits of these products are that they are easy to clean and have been constructed in a way which can keep the baby in place better than a simple flat surface or a towel.

Travel changing mats have the same benefits but also means that parents do not have to let their baby touch public changing tables at all as the mats can be placed on top of them.

During this article, we’ve tried to present a complete list of the best changing mats which cater to any situation, budget and tastes. Below are some frequently asked questions we have seen surrounding these items and their applications.

What is a changing mat?

A changing mat is a rectangular piece of material, usually, PVC or neoprene, which is designed to allow a baby to lie down comfortably whilst they have their dirty nappy changed. Features of the best baby changing mats are raised edges to prevent baby from being able to roll over, a wipe down and waterproof cover to prevent staining and bad smells and a foam inner section to allow the mat to support the baby’s weight and not put pressure on joints.

Which is the best changing mat?

We feel the best portable changing mat is the Lekebaby and the best dresser changing mat is by BabyDam. However, any of our recommended top 10 brands are excellent choices which offer something for everyone. As with most things in life, the ‘best’ is a matter of opinion and this list should be treated as such.

Are wedge changing mats better?

Wedge changing mats are designed with preventing your child from rolling off from the sides or sitting up unexpectedly. They are not necessarily better just because of this feature but can help an awful lot for parents with multiple small children or parents of twins, triplets and so on who may need to be changed at the same time. With a wedge mat on a changing table, you can get the added peace of mind that rolling over dangerously is a little less likely.

Do I need a baby changing mat?

A baby could be changed on anything but it must be said that a changing mat makes things a lot easier and cleaner for repeated use. The main reasons for getting a changing mat are:

  • Nappy changing stations are made using materials which are easy to wipe down and are often waterproof which makes accidents a lot easier and quicker to deal with.
  • A decent changing mat will be filled with some foam which makes it soft to lie on and helps support your babies weight and joints. Flat surfaces can be cold and uncomfortable which can make nappy changes more stressful than they need to be.
  • A wedge changing mat or a changing mat with raised sides helps keep your little one from rolling over if you take your eyes off your child for a second to get a nappy or a wipe.
  • Portable changing mats and travel changing mats allow parents to use public changing rooms without making contact with the provided table and avoid the risk of catching bugs from dirty tabletops.
  • The best baby changing mats can help enhance or add to the decor in the nursery.
  • Using the same changing mat can help your baby recognise it’s time to get changed and help establish a solid routine.

What is the size of a baby changing mat?

Changing mats differ in size by the approximate average size is: Height 69cm Width 45cm Length 11cm. Typically, a changing mat is massive for a newborn and still suitable to use when they’re toddlers. Portable changing mats may be slightly smaller to make them more compact. Not suitable for older children who may still wear nappies.

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