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The aim of the best baby comforter is for your newborn to have a safe, small, soothing soft toy around them which can aid your little one when they’re distressed, anxious or to settle them and keep them in a peaceful sleep. Many babies will simply hold their existing teddies and they will become their comforter. But, there are comforters out there which have been specifically designed to be used this way – they are the perfect size to hold, pleasant looking and made with fleecy, snuggly materials.

There are a lot of baby comforters on the market and here at BFP, we’ve curated a list of 10 of the best wide-ranging but similarly functioning options for you to take away the confusion as to which one to choose and where you can buy them from.

10 Best Baby Comforter Reviews


1. Tommee Tippee Ernie Elephant Comforter

Tommee Tippee Ernie Elephant Comforter

Tommee Tippee Ernie Elephant (as well as a monkey, giraffe and sheep) is one of the best rated and most simple and safe comforters on the UK market. The outer material is super soft and is made with sumptuous velour which won’t cause skin irritations or soreness if pressed against your baby for long periods. The Elephant head is cutely designed and easy to cuddle which acts as a mild sleep aid.

There is a fleecy material underneath which has graspable labels and a ring which makes it double up as a teething aid and a great soother for when they’re awake. Lastly, the materials maintain smells often so it helps boost their familiarity with this item.

2. MyBaby Personalised Embroidered Baby Soother

MyBaby Personalised Embroidered Baby Soother

Some people may want to have something that is personalised for their baby, or perhaps a relative wants to buy something personalised for their new family member. If that’s the case then the pink bunny / blue elephant personalised comforters are one of the highest reviewed on the market albeit somewhat basic. Made using soft velour which is kind on the skin you can rest assured they will love to cuddle with this in their grip.

The bunny/elephant head is grabbable and has a face on it which captures their imagination and attention whilst the dimpled fabric helps with some gentle sensory play. Perfect for cuddling to sleep. However, the whole point of the product is the ability to be personalised with a name or a word which can delight parents and relatives. Personalisation just isn’t possible with the biggest brands and although on its own this is not the greatest it is true that this is one of the finestpersonalisable ones – doesn’t cost the earth either!

3. Personalised Embroidered Baby Dimple Comforter with Name

Personalised Embroidered Baby Dimple Comforter with Name

A different kind of baby sleep comforter out there in the UK is a handkerchief. One of the top ones out there is the personalised one by art2tshirt – although it is indeed personalisable, it is not it’s not the reason we feel it’s a great choice. Instead, we feel the sensory and grabbable labels all across the outside and the dimples on top coupled with its extremely reasonable price are what puts it at the top.

Thousands of children are soothed and calmed with this great comforter – it’s soft, easy to hold in more than one way and the personalisation is definitely an added bonus. Velour on the front and silk on the back for two different kinds of feels for your baby. It catches smells easily so an ideal comforter to carry around with baby for when they need soothing reassurance with a familiar smell. When it’s been used a lot, it’s machine washable at 30 degrees and will last a fair few washes.

4. Jellycat Bashful Bunny Cream – Baby Comfort

Jellycat Bashful Bunny Cream - Baby Comfort

Jellycat many would say are a premium baby product brand. Their designs are more detailed and the materials are somewhat better quality as is the stitching making them super soft. They make a few different styles of baby comforters and we feel the Bashful bunny is the strongest option to recommend as it’s a neutral colour and a universally recognised bunny at the helm.

Indeed, Jellycat hasn’t got their reputation from anywhere as this comforter is incredibly cuddly to the touch and impressively cuddleable. Ideal for in the pram, rocker and of course their bed to help soothe them to sleep.

However, what this toy does lack are graspable ‘sensory’ elements and a cheap price. You are paying extra for the quality as well as the brand on this one; but does that make any less of a good comforter if the price wasn’t an issue? Absolutely not.

5. Nici Comforter Dog “Mum+Dad=Me”

Nici Comforter Dog Mum Dad Me

If you’re looking for baby comforters that are less blanket and more toy then allow us to recommend the Nici comforter dog. Nici has merged the blanket with the head and added four legs to create one hybrid that may suit babies and children who are into teddies for comfort but you don’t want them to sleep with the hard plastic.

Instead, try this gorgeous velour-lined comforter with different colours, shapes and plenty of graspable bits to keep them entertained, soothed and hopefully get a better night’s sleep.

6. ULLENBOOM Baby blanket and playmat

ULLENBOOM Baby blanket and playmat

For parents or relatives of a new arrival who want to get them a traditional baby blanket then why not consider this one; a gorgeous blanket and playmat from Ullenboom. Designed as a playmat first as it’s much larger than the other variants we’ve covered so far but the material is thin and soft enough for a baby to grab and cuddle to sleep. The size is 100cm by 100cm so not small by any stretch which means it can easily be used to cover them up in the pram.

The beauty of this soothing comforter is that it’s versatile, safe and can be with the baby wherever they go to offer them a bit of familiarity – at the end of the day, this is the trick behind comforters, to begin with.

However, this is not cheap when compared to the others we have already reviewed but that’s no surprise as it’s significantly bigger and way more versatile in a wide range of situations.

7. Steiff Cuddly Friends Ellie Elephant Comforter

Steiff Cuddly Friends Ellie Elephant Comforter

The Steiff cuddly friends comforters are one of our absolute favourites on the list because they have pulled out all the stops to make it thick, warm and comforting whilst adding plenty of graspable edges in the form of limbs, ears and a label.

We can’t quite stress just how comforting and soft this feels in the hands and how nice it is against the skin – it’s really quite plush. However, it does carry with it quite the price tag which can be off-putting for many – it’s even more expensive than some of the Jellycat brands we’ve mentioned and reviewed.

However, in terms of raw comfort, this one really is among the greatest baby soft products on the UK market to help babies sleep.

8. Nattou Comforter

Nattou Comforter

The Nattou security blanket is one the largest items which also comes with a bunny attached as such offers a hybrid solution which many others don’t. The security blanket measures at 50cm x 50cm so can easily double up as a pram leg warmer and have enough spare material for your baby to grab the cuddly rabbit head. Also included is a dummy if you parent that way.

Made using 100% polyester so there are softer alternatives out there which use velour but it’s still delicate enough. But, the unique selling point of this item is the larger blanket part with the bunny head and all the attachments at what is a reasonable price under £20 in most cases.

9. Sweet Dreamers, Ewan Baa Baa Blankie for Babies

Sweet Dreamers, Ewan Baa Baa Blankie for Babies

We adore this baby product for no other reason than it looks really cute and feels exceptionally squidgy to cuddle. It is a traditional comforter with a sheep head at the top and a plush blanket flowing from it. It’s made by well-known baby brand Sweet Dreamers who specialise in helping parents up and down the UK get a better night’s sleep through products such as this so it’s no surprise that the Baa Baa blankie has a solid 5/5 rating on Amazon from over 40 happy customers so far.

10. Dolery Comforter Gift with Taggies

Dolery Comforter Gift with Taggies

Dolery has made a baby sleep aid for your little one which does away with the bland and beige look. Instead, it resembles a giraffe clown with plenty of different colours and graspable elements such as the head, material and tags all along the bottom. We love this one because it’s just different to all the others and suitable for any parent with a child that likes a bit of flair. The Dolery is great value for money coming in at under £10 which makes it a perfect, small gift to add to a baby shower gift.

Baby Comforter for Babies FAQs

So, you’re either a parent trying to get all the essentials for your new arrival or a relative looking to get the new mums and dads a gift. It really doesn’t matter where you’re coming from; the good news is that you’re looking for only the finest products for your baby which are safe, washable and going to soothe your baby and help them to remain settled in their cot. Above, we’ve given our recommendations on which are fantastic comforters and here we offer a little more background on these products, how to get the most out of them and how to get them to ‘work’ in the first place.

  • When can a baby have a comforter?

    Babies can have safe sleeping toys from birth, in fact, it might work more efficiently if the item becomes part of your baby’s routine straight away so that they can become familiar with it and grow a bond with it. The whole point of a comforter is to help them calm down or be soothed at bedtime, an item that is consistently in the bed or their cot, and if they’ve had a small, familiar item with them for months this might be the thing to help them outside of real cuddles, food, milk or the boob. Introducing a comforter, later on, may not have the same impact as something they’ve just had all along but it’s still not impossible. There’s just not one rule for all.

  • Is it healthy for babies to use comforters?

    Small soft toys and blankets can help your child be calmed and soothed without the intervention of one or both parents which can make life a whole lot easier for everyone; especially during the night! Of course, as parents ourselves we understand that sometimes you just want a break and ANYTHING that is safe and will help them calm down and sleep on their own is a blessing and is an item we need.
    Therefore, we’d conclude that comforters are a great product to have in the home and beyond but be careful not to create an environment of dependency as it could create new problems which didn’t exist later down the line.

  • Do babies use comforters?

    Many babies make great use of comforters but a great many more do not, some might use a dummy (but you shouldn’t sleep with a dummy) There is little research on why some do and some do not but it’s likely linked to the environment at home. Factors such as single/busy parents, multiple children with less one-to-one time and babies who have been taught or in the process of being taught to self-soothe to sleep (cry it out).

  • How do you give your baby a comforter?

    Once you’ve chosen the best baby item which is small, safe and washable then have it to hand wherever your newborn is and gently offer it to them, especially at bedtime. You want this toy to be something they see as ‘ever-present’ which has their favourite smells on it, such as the scent of the mother.

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