Best Baby Door Bouncer

best baby door bouncer

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Baby door bouncers offer a cheap alternative to standard baby bouncers which use the frames of a doorway to hold up a harness for your baby or young toddler to exercise and practice standing up safely.

A door bouncer, also known as a door jumper, is a type of baby bouncer that is designed to be hung from a door frame. The child sits in a seat attached to elastic straps that are suspended from the door frame, allowing the child to bounce up and down. A traditional baby bouncer is a seat that bounces using a spring or a rocking motion, it can be placed on the floor or on a stand.

Door bouncers are generally more compact and take up less space than traditional baby bouncers, as they do not require a separate stand. They can also provide a different type of bouncing motion that some babies may find more engaging.

Best Door Bouncer Reviews


Bright Starts Door Jumper

Bright Starts Door Jumper

The Bright Starts door jumper has a very comfortable basket seat with a well designed clamp and bouncing system to provide one of the best all round experiences in the door UK jumper market. This was one of the first models we ever tried and introduced us to the world of jumpers and we will forever be grateful for it.

Uses clamps on both sides of the door frame and with the use of springs and shock absorbers it doesn’t have a lot of work to do. The hard work is done by the central pillar itself. It is extremely difficult for this to suddenly lose grip – we’ve tried!

Easy to put up without tools, adjustable, strong and resilient and suitable for babies six months and older and up to 12kg in weight. Lastly, this is among the cheapest on the market and the most reviewed door jumpers on the market with over 7,000 positive reviews! And we’re one of them.

However, some users have reported issues. Some reported drawbacks of the Bright Starts door bouncer include difficulty adjusting the tension on the door frame, difficulty assembling the bouncer, and issues with the straps breaking or not securely holding the child. Some parents also reported that the bouncer may not be suitable for very small or large babies.

Munchkin Bounce and Play Baby Door Bouncer

Munchkin Bounce and Play Baby Door Bouncer

The Munchkin door frame bouncer is the most reviewed (3,000 and counting) and highest rated out there. If you are someone who wants to hear peer reviews before a purchase then this is the product for you.

It has been designed with safety in mind as it has a very strong T-bar which holds the bouncer in place and absorbs a lot of the shock away from the door frame hinge itself. The door frame clamps themselves wrap around both sides of the ‘wall’, above suspension springs, with a shock absorber. This stops it from collapsing or falling off unexpectedly.

The harness is basic, pretty simple and designed for babies up to 13kg. They should be wearing at least a nappy for comfort. The hard work is all done by the T-bar and the bouncing rod rather than the harness. But, effort has been made to make it look fun to wear which is contrary to many other types of baby bouncer.

The wall where this is placed should be at least 10-17cm thick and should not have any defects. Height settings can be changed to suit your home. Door frame itself should be a minimum of 1.5m wide. Always measure the thickness, width and space before you purchase!

This is a quality door bouncer which is light, safe and easy to use. It’s portable and can easily be taken with you on holiday. It has a cheap price and will do the job very, very well for you. We used it extensively with no issues and all our babies loved it.

The main complaints about the Munchkin door bouncer are that it is dangerous as it causes the baby to lean back and hit their head on the door frame, it is difficult to put the baby in and take the baby out, and it doesn’t fit in some door frames.

HI SYUI Baby Door Jumper and Bouncer

Baby Door Jumper and Bouncer Doorway

For something that’s a little more heavy duty then why not try this one. This baby bouncer can be used up to 35 points in weight and provides plenty of bounce per pound with a larger cotton harness. The installation is simple and instructions are provided but essentially it clamps to the frame on the inside and outside. The central pillar is loaded with a spring to absorb chock and to provide the essential bounce.

Babies can sit in it floating while they practice standing or go for fun and use their legs to bounce up and down for exercise. The harness is soft and comfortable but perhaps a little snug (very secure). This leads to a little bit of effort to put the baby in and out of it. The pillar is adjustable to suit your baby’s height as they grow so it is a long term purchase during the pre-walking age.

Suitable from birth but some extra budget is needed as it can be twice the price of some other models that provide the same thing. However, in terms of a secure attachment and a larger harness then this model could be the one you’ve been looking for as it’s one of the best in that department from our experience.

Customers have raised concerns about the safety and quality of the HI SUYI door bouncer, with some reporting that it lacks a Quality or British Safety Standards stamp. Additionally, some customers have reported that the straps broke easily and that it was harder to take the baby out of this bouncer than other brands. Some also found it difficult to assemble and that it doesn’t fit well in many old homes door surround. Additionally, some reported that the product was broken or had loose rivets upon arrival, and that no assembly instructions were provided.

Disney Jump Baby Door Jumper

Disney Jump Baby Jumper

These Disney baby door bouncers try to differentiate themselves by offering offer a seat rather than a harness and a snack table as well. The rest of the design is standard but attention has been made to the aesthetic of the whole thing – the detail on the clamps, anchor and spring coil is second to none and will be a suitable product for those wanting the finer things in life.

But first, let’s talk about the seat. It’s big, VERY comfortable and secured with three straps rather than two – this gives it a little less bounce but far better when going in multiple directions. Because of the seat, we think this is better for smaller babies and newborns but less so for older babies who are closer to walking.

As for the table, we did think it was a little unnecessary as our baby wouldn’t want to eat while having a bounce and never used it to have a nap or relax. However, if you have a calmer baby who may like to sit peacefully in their baby door bouncers then why not use it. But, it can get a bit messy for obvious reasons.

It’s a little pricey as an activity but it is well made and you can tell it’s a Disney brand swing from the overall polish attached to the product. Like we said before, if you’re into the finer things things in live and not under pressure from a budget then this will be perfect in any room.

Baby Door Jumper Bouncer with Stand

Baby Door Jumper Bouncer with Stand

For those who want their child to experience jumpers from birth but don’t want to hang anything on their entryway, or perhaps don’t have appropriate entryways, then this bouncer replicates the activity with the use of a simple frame. The frame makes the jumper closer to the floor but the central spring pillar is also much lower, so the unlikely risk of the adjustable rig giving out is mitigated even further.

This works very well and is still much more bouncy than even the best baby seated bouncer out there in the UK. However, we should talk about the price. The price is quite high for what it is and when compared with the other best baby jumper seat sets we’ve reviewed. This kind of money could get you a high end seated baby and child swing!

We try to include some of the niche as we are a fair best baby product comparison site that caters to everyone and not just the few. When we tested this we genuinely loved it and there will be people out there with specific home room configurations that this would slot perfectly into. That could be you!

Customers have raised concerns about the price and quality of the door bouncer, some reported that it collapsed easily and when their baby start jumping harder. Some customers also commented that the seat is a little small if your baby has a big belly.

Some customers have reported that the bouncer is great for babies to bounce around and easy to assemble but have some issues with the configuration and with getting in and out of the swing sometimes. Some customers also reported that the fasteners will be loose after several times of bouncing, so it is better to make sure you tighten them up before every bounce session.

Some customers also reported that they thought it was too expensive for the cheapest material and that they expected something sturdier. Additionally, some customers had difficulty assembling the product, with the instructions being difficult to understand and some parts sticking out. Some also commented that the seat and bouncing parts seem heavy enough, but the baby needs to be wearing pants with legs as it seems to bite into bare skin. It is also reported that the item is tall and takes up a lot of room, the legs are independent of one another, making the entire thing unstable. Overall customers said that their child had fun with the bouncer but they don’t trust it.

Baby Door Frame Bouncer FAQs

What to look for in a fantastic bouncer and jumper?

You may think that safety is the number one priority but that would suggest that some on the market are outright dangerous. Instead, we feel that value is the first thing parents should look for in a baby bouncer & jumper. These bouncers are relatively simplistic and it can be easy to overspend – look for ones in the £20-£40 price point with a decent number of verified reviews. Secondly, how fun they are is directly correlated to how comfortable they are so don’t go cheap on a flimsy or uninspired harness/seat. A baby’s level of enjoyment will directly tell you whether you’ve got good value from an activity.

Are door bouncers safe?

I’m not aware of any statement made by UK experts (I’ve looked!) regarding door bouncers specifically. However, it’s important to note that the use of door bouncers is not recommended by many child safety organizations worldwide, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS), as they can cause injuries such as head injuries, skull fractures, and even brain damage. Therefore, it is likely that UK experts would also not recommend the use of door bouncers.

Are baby door bouncers good?

Baby bouncers help babies who are not at walking age to strengthen the muscles and support the natural development of the spine. However, they are not a tool to help them walk but rather a compact tool to help them learn how to stand which in turn helps them to walk. Sounds confusing but it is one of the best ways for fun exercise when they are not mobile.

What age can a baby use a door bouncer?

The precursor to use any best baby bouncer is whether or not they can fully support the weight of their head on their own. Generally speaking, a baby can use a door bouncer from 4 months old but our recommendation is to wait until they’re 6 months old.

What weight/age is too heavy/old to use a door bouncer?

Each baby bouncer manufacturer have their own weight/age guidelines attached but from the ones we reviewed or other parents reviewed the general maximum weight is 12kg to support safe bouncing. By the time they’re 10kg, however, they may have moved on to bigger and better things.

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