Best Baby Ear Defenders

best baby ear defenders

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Baby ear defenders are highly effective at protecting your baby’s from noisy environments such as fireworks, building sites, noisy neighbours and barking dogs. Not only that, but ear defenders have also been shown to help ease Autistic children’s cope with anxiety in outdoor spaces. Being exposed to very loud noises can harm their hearing and lead to hearing loss which can in some cases be permanent.

Baby ear defenders have been made specifically for smaller heads and ears to fit as comfortably as possible so that they feel weightless and unobtrusive but still offer industrial level protection. We have scoured the UK market to help parents who feel that they would benefit their baby to find the right one for them and finally have some peace.

Best Baby Ear Defenders Reviews


1. Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Defenders

The Alpine Muffy ear defender fits onto their heads like a headband with no hard plastics and no pressure on the head. By using a headband Alpine Muffy avoid creating dangerous or painful experiences as the band won’t dig in or get tangled in the hair. The headband comes in black, pink or blue.

The cups of the defenders are universally designed and cover the entire ear to provide excellent soundproofing with an attenuation of up to 23 dB which is an excellent level of acoustic protection. They protect enough that during a typical fireworks night they won’t hear a thing and in extreme noise situations such as aircraft take off they will barely hear it and certainly not feel it.

The inner cup is cushioned and comfortable making it soft enough to be able to sleep with even if they sleep with the ear defenders facing the bottom of the pillow or mattress. When we’ve used it we never heard a complaint about rubbing or getting out of place as the headband does keep it firmly in place.

Overall, the Alpine Muffy ear defenders are one of the best primarily because of the innovative headband which makes it one of the easiest to put on and keep on even for the fussiest of children. As far as performance goes, protection from up 23dB of sound means it’s suitable for even the loudest of situations.

2. Banz Baby Hearing Protection Earmuffs

Banz Baby Hearing Protection Earmuffs

The Banz Baby Hearing Protection Earmuffs are one of the more basic designs with a low price point which gets the job done with minimal effort for babies 3 months to 6 months old. They are designed identically to ear protectors you would find on building sites which isn’t a bad thing at all. Indeed, the ergonomically designed universally sized ear cups are comfortable with a leather exterior which reduces abrasion over long periods. Plus, the leather is easy to clean and wipe down.

The NRR rating is surprisingly high and goes up to 31db which is one of the superior ratings we’ve reviewed in this article. The difference is mostly felt in extremely loud situations such as building sites with heavy plant and being up close to fireworks. Ideal for parents who know that their child will regularly be exposed to loud noises.

In terms of the head attachment; it is easy to adjust as your baby grows and they do keep the cups in place solidly but with enough wiggle room for comfort. The leather section on the band makes it soft on the top of the head. However, due to the size, it can make hats impossible to wear and on occasion can make it slightly annoying for kids with long hair. It doesn’t tangle but it can rub and pull hair back.

However, the Banz Baby Hearing Protection Earmuffs does provide excellent noise cancelling and reduction, it does fit well and the price is affordable which makes it one of the best choice of ear defenders for babies.

3. Scotamalone Baby Ear Defenders

Scotamalone Baby Ear Defenders

The Scotamalone Ear protectors are Amazon’s choice of the best ear defenders for babies with. Their criteria generally being the number, quality and average score of real customer reviews. We’ve been able to get our hands on a pair and can attest to them being one of the best quality ear defenders kids can wear from 3 months all the way to 6 months.

The NRR rating is 27dB which is about in the middle of the best ear defenders we’ve reviewed and more than capable of dealing with sporting events, building sites and rowdy bonfire nights. The cups are universally sized and made with sensitive skin-friendly material which can be a lifesaver for children with sensitive skin or a condition such as eczema. The cups absorb sound and block it out at once which makes the world dead silent for the baby in most situations.

The outside hard plastic can make it a little uncomfortable to sleep on, however, but not impossible. However, these ear protectors are designed for outdoor use so this is no surprise.

The headband is super comfortable and soft on their heads, much softer than some of the other models. The soft plastic covering can also be removed if needed. The soft plastic makes pulling hair less of a problem and tangles are often avoided altogether thanks to the ridges.

Overall, the Scotamalone Baby Ear Defenders are among the cheapest and best-performing ear protectors for kids 3 months or older which offer a lightweight but hard-working solution to the noises of the world.

4. Comhoney Best Baby Ear Muffs

Comhoney Best Baby Ear Muffs

The Comhoney baby earmuffs are a stylish alternative which offers industrial level noise reduction at a competitive price. There’s no metal to be seen in these earmuffs as the inner cups are made of soft plastic which doesn’t put pressure on soft developing skulls. The earmuffs are lightweight and compact making them easy to carry around in small bags at airports or at a bonfire night where you don’t want to bring a big bag. There are three colours available.

This mode is CE certified, lead-free and has an emphasis on safety both in terms of noise-blocking but also on the structure.

5. Snug Baby Earmuffs

Snug Baby Earmuffs

The Snug baby earmuffs are on the most effective ear defenders for babies on the market and are certified in both the UK and the US. The cups are soft and cover the entire ear whilst the adjustable headband gently rest on their head. They can block up to 25dB which is around average and more than capable of handling airports, building sites, fireworks night and a sports event. The price point is one of the best on the market and can often be purchased for less than £10.

Baby Ear Defenders FAQs

Why do I need ear protection for my baby?

Babies hearing is still under development and susceptible to being damaged by the force of noise. Being exposed to loud noises (take not if you use a white noise machine) from an early age can lead to hearing loss over time which may not be obvious until much later in life. Ear protection for babies isn’t necessary all of the time but they are really useful to have in situations where you know it could get loud such as bonfire night, New Years or if you are near a building site and so on.

Attenuation is the term to describe something which aims to reduce the ‘force’ of the noise. With a good pair of ear defenders, your baby will not only be able to block out the noise but they’ll also be protected from damage and feel much calmer.

Can babies wear ear defenders?

Yes, as long as you make sure they are ear defenders with ear cups which are designed for babies which are soft on their soft skulls and the cups fit comfortably around the ears and don’t apply pressure on the sides. This is why we only list products designed for babies on this list. But, newborns shouldn’t be out even with them on and it’s advised to wait until they’re at least 3 months, preferably 6 months.

Should babies wear ear defenders for fireworks?

If you’re adamant about taking your baby to a fireworks display then yes they should wear protection as some fireworks can create noise registering up to 140dB. However, our advice would be to avoid fireworks night with a baby altogether as the risk of damaging their ears and hearing isn’t worth seeing some flashes of lights and loud bangs no matter how much you like them. They have plenty of opportunities ahead where they can enjoy safely so why rush. Why not consider a light projector for safe fun?

What are the best baby ear defenders?

We think the best baby ear defenders are the Alpine Muffy, we like the design, fit and price point.

How do I protect my baby’s ears from fireworks?

Noise blocking headphones are the best way to protect a baby’s ears and it’s advised to make sure to wait until they are 6 months old at the earliest to take them.

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