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best baby reins

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Baby reins offer safety and security for parents with babies who are learning and strengthening their legs or established walkers by offering a safety net should they stumble and keep them at a safe distance always. There are a bewildering amount of reins on the market which can make the process of choosing one to buy tricky and time-consuming. In this article, we offer a top 5 list which we have found to be the best during our tests and where you can buy it from for your little one. Happy exploring!

Best Baby Reins UK Reviews


1. Trunki ToddlePak

Trunki ToddlePak

The Trunki Toddle Pak gets a lot of things right in our extensive tests. The first and perhaps most important is how comfortable it is for your baby or toddler to wear. With an enlarged chest strap which absorbs the force from the wrist rein. Alongside the chest plate is a foam-filled belt strap which goes around the sides which adds more comfort and stability. It’s easy to get on and quick to get on which is a huge bonus. The parental lead is attached to the harness on two sides rather than the centre which takes the force away from one place and you can grip with your hands or around your wrist.

Lastly, as you can see from the image it has a child-friendly design which will entice them more to wear. Easily adjustable, these reins will last all the way to the age where they can walk independently. A fantastic product and one of the most reviewed online and for good reason.

2. LittleLife Toddler Detachable Daysack and Detachable Rein

LittleLife Toddler Detachable Daysack and Detachable Rein

The LittleLife harness reins and toddler backpack is perhaps the most widely recognisable product on the market. You simply can’t ignore just how cute this product is and probably what makes it so popular with children and parents alike. It is built more like a backpack than reins, however, this is why we recommend it so much – it is just as good as any reins with the benefit of the decorated backpack.

The shoulder straps are comfortable on the front which takes the pressure off if you need to tug the reins during a walk. There is also a secure buckle across the waist area and a grab handle at the top which links together. This makes the reins element very secure and impossible for them to ‘escape’ so long as you have a firm grip on the reins which come with this.

We couldn’t possibly do this review without mentioning just how amazing the design of the backpack is and how easy it is to get a child to wear. Reins can often be seen by a baby or toddler as a bad thing that ‘helicopter’ parents do, but the design of the LittleLife daysack helps them get over that fear and reverses it – they will be more than keen to put it on and walk around.

To conclude, the littlelife toddler safety reins really is one of the best toddler reins available that money can buy. You will not be disappointed with it and the price is very reasonable. The only downside is is that the backpack must be worn and there are no standalone reins with the product. Ideal for 12 months and older.

3. LittleLife Child Safety Harness

LittleLife Child Safety Harness

Another product we recommend for your little one is again from LittleLife and it is their child safety harness which comes with a tether and a little different to the others. This is ideal for parents who want more security for their child than the simple straps which are available but also do not want a backpack. This product is similar in construction and function as a harness made for dogs. With a much larger chest and lower backplate, this harness and toddler reins relieves the pressure a tug can cause so it’s not as much of a shock and you have much firmer feedback on the other end. It’s a little more secure for your child of age 6 months and older.

It also looks a bit better than the ‘strappy’ models whilst only being slightly more expensive so a no-brainer purchase, really.

4. Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins

Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins

The Clippasafe walking harness and reins are the most basic of designs available but get the job done in regards to keeping your child at a safe distance with a design which is functional. The strong nylon straps fit around the shoulders and the waste and come together at the chest. They’re held together with standard EN 13210:2004 safety clips which are toddler-proof. It’s fully adjustable and will suit a baby 6 months or older or toddler up to 4 years old.

It doesn’t have a special construction or colouring as it’s very utilitarian but it’s one of the cheapest baby reins you can get that has hundreds of positive reviews and of course all the necessary safety standards. This is a fantastic back to basics set of toddler reins which will delight parents who just need a safety harness and nothing flashy or expensive.

5. Brica By Munchkin Stay Close Harness and Reins

Brica By Munchkin Stay Close Harness and Reins

The Brica by Munchkin toddler reins is another practical design lead for your little ones. This model is ultra-cheap due to its stripped-back design which incorporates shoulder and waist belts which come together at the chest to spread the pressure around the body evenly. The straps are super strong with secure plastic clips to keep it all together. The lead belt is quite long with plenty of leeways to slowly increase their freedom.

It’s fully adjustable with a couple of extending accessories as they get older and bigger which is great for parents who will be using reins for extended periods. Perhaps its strongest feature is the incredibly low price which makes it at the top of the list for parents who aren’t sure their child will take to toddler reins and don’t want to spend a lot to find out.

Baby Reins Buyer’s Guide and FAQs

So, you’re looking to see if baby and toddler reins will help your little ones practise walking and remain safe. This article not only provides a top 5 list of the best toddler reins for your little one but we’ll also answer the most common questions surrounding these products to help you find the right ones whether their simple ones with shoulder straps or a full-fat toddler backpack.

There are a couple o different types you can get for your child so we’ve covered them also. Finally, we can start to transition from just sitting down or sitting in a bouncer for too long.

What are the best reins for babies and toddlers?

The best reins for babies and toddlers in our opinion are the Trunki Toddlepak backpack or the LittleLife Toddler backpack with the detachable rein for parents who want a version with a backpack. For bog-standard reins then the Clippasafe Walking Harness and Reins is the best one for your child to use. Because of the different types, you can get there simply isn’t one that is alone the best. We’ve used both and couldn’t complain.

Some children may decide for you. As parents of toddlers know, sometimes it’s the way a product looks that makes it the best – getting a child to wear a set of reins may be a challenge if it doesn’t have their favourite character, a backpack or a bright design so bear that in mind. Half the battle is getting it on and keep it on so bear that in mind when you consider what’s available.

Lastly, the cost can also be a factor so you’ll find that the best one for you might be the cheapest, especially if they’re not the kind of toddler who often adventures in dangerous places.

Are baby reins a good idea?

Some may see toddler reins are restrictive and something a ‘helicopter’ parent might do, we, on the other hand, see it as a valuable tool to help pre-walking babies practice walking safely and for established walking toddlers to always be at a safe distance and with an additional safety net for a fall. The alternative is to always hold your child’s hand or take the risk and let them walk free; or worse yet, carry them everywhere (read – when can i start using a carrier). To us, that’s asking for an accident which could be avoided with a good set of toddler reins, harness reins or a toddler backpack combo. Make sure to really consider the needs of your child above what you may perceive others to think.

However, reins and harnesses are unlikely to be used all of the time when you’re out and about – in our experience, we found ourselves using it in areas with lots of busy roads full of cars or in town centres with lots of people crowded together. So, the objective of the child backpack with a lead was to stop our little one from walking into traffic or getting under people’s feet.

What age can babies use reins?

There is little point in using toddler reins on a child before 6 months old because that would be a record-breaking age to be able to walk. Most children begin to practice walking from 6 months (very early) so one of our best toddler harnesses can become a useful tool to help them practice some more. By using one, you can essentially ‘prop’ them up so they can practice moving their legs and understand the motion – the reins help them not have to worry about the balance and just work on their muscles. With regular use they can find wearing one to be normal which makes it so much easier for when they do walk independently.

Generally, reins should be considered for your baby when they start to take an interest in standing up. No baby goes from crawling to walking with the standing phase. Our other recommended best toddler products such as the ones with detachable backpacks won’t become useful until they’re established walkers.

What is a child safety harness?

Although you can call any of our recommended best toddler reins as a harness, we would say the products with the large chest plate and back support are the true definitions of a safety harness. The purpose of the harness is to make sure that when the parent needs to pull back on the child with the wrist strap that the force is spread by the chest and waist belts evenly and does not squeeze and hurt your little one. A cheap and poor quality harness which just relies on straps can be chafing and a sudden jerk can cause them some discomfort which is why we advocate models which have detachable backpacks and a chunky strap configuration which goes around the shoulders and waist.

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