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best baby scales

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You will visibly see your baby grow when their clothes are more snug and you can delve into that new selection of baby clothes you purchased months before. But for many parents, seeing the statistics, and tracking their baby’s measurements against the chart can be reassuring to know that their baby is growing and developing well. Investing in a scale specifically designed with a baby in mind is a great purchase for new parents that want to monitor the measurements of their little ones without having to leave the house to go to the doctors or health visitors.

We have reviewed 5 of the best digital baby scales on the market; not only do each of these give you the accurate weight of your infant but they are also designed to be comfortable, compact and clear to read. Some also feature a height measuring tape, connection to an App and buttons which make the whole process straightforward. Purchasing a more expensive  multi-function baby scale can save you money in the long run as it is likely to include a height measuring feature as well as the ability to transform into standing scales. We hope you can find the right scale for you and your family. 

Top 5 Best Baby Scales


1. Chicco Baby Comfort Digital Electronic Scale

Chicco Chicco Baby Comfort Digital Electronic Scale

The best baby scales overall have to be the Chicco baby comfort digital and electronic scale. The digital scale by Chicco is easy to use to monitor our baby’s growth from 30g upto 20 kg (please note the Chicco infant scale only displays g/kg); your baby’s weight will be displayed on a large LCD screen. The 10g graduation will detect even the smallest weight changes that occur for your little one and will allow you to take a precise and correct reading as you weigh your baby. The tray of the baby scale is comfortable for your baby to lie on and the scale itself is convenient to use thanks to the sophisticated vibration damping programme used which stabalises the weighing in order to accurately and quickly detect the weight even if your baby moves around. 

The tray itself is easy to clean. The Chicco scale is ergonomically designed and compact in its shape meaning that it is really simple to store away neatly when not in use; which is ideal when your house is full of baby items! Another feature we love is the memorised last weight function which is incredibly useful and practical to help you to keep track and monitor weight gain or loss if you didn’t get a chance to write it down whilst weighing your baby. Overall we think the Chicco model is the best baby scale thanks to its comfortable and convenient baby tray for your little one to lie on, the ergonomic design making it simple to store away whilst not in use and the large LCD display which is easy to read as you weight your baby. It is great value for money – we highly recommend you take a further look. 

2. Meilen Life Digital Baby Scale

Meilin Life Digital Baby Scale

The Meilin model are the best baby scales for multi-use; you can weigh your baby, toddler, child, pet and even yourself. The immense weight capacity (0.1lb to 220lb or 50g to 100kg) makes this a multi function scale as you can measure the correct weight of your newborn as well as the adults in the household thanks to the maximum weight being so large. The high precision sensors within the baby toddler scale make sure you are provided with precise and stable readings every time. Another great feature is the height growth chart inside the baby tray itself which allows you to monitor the height as well as the weight of your child without having to purchase a separate measuring tape. This tray is easy to wipe clean or can be removed for a more thorough clean if you wish. If you do remove the tray, you are left with more traditional standing scales which are ideal for children and adults – it is easy to put the tray back on too.

The digital baby scales will require 2 AAA batteries which you are provided with when you purchase the item. The large backlit LCD display makes it easy to get an accurate reading as you weigh your baby: distinct numbers and a bright backlit display makes it easy to view the weight from a distance or at an angle or even in a dark place. The hold feature will keep the digits on the LCD display even when your baby begins to move. Additional buttons include on/off, zero function and kg/oz/lb option. Overall this is the best option if you are looking for the best baby scales that will last way beyond the baby and toddler years: the growth chart is ideal for monitoring your baby’s height and weight whilst the removable tray allows you to stand and weigh adults and pets with ease. If you’re looking for multi function baby scales then these are the best. 

3. Amazon Electronic Baby Scales

Amazon Electronic Baby Scales

This electronic baby scale is  the best option if you’re looking for a bargain. This is the cheapest digital baby scale available but if you’re looking for a way to monitor your baby’s weight quickly and accurately then this is the best option. In spite of the bargain price, this baby scale will give an accurate reading upto a weight of 20kg making it suitable for babies, toddlers and a young child. The high precision strain gauge and high performance CPU (the central processing unit) will make sure accurate readings are given each time you weigh your little one even if they are wriggling around. It is easy to clean the scale after each use thanks to the whole item being one piece of equipment.

The scale features an on/off button, the ability to display the weight in pounds kilograms or stone as well as an overload indicator and a low power indicator unfortunately there is no hold function feature so you will have to memorise or write down the baby weight whilst your baby is on the scale. The baby scale does feature a tare function button which can make weighing your baby much more comfortable: the tare feature allows you to place an item such as a warm blanket onto the scale, press the tare button which will reset the LCD display back to zero, then you can place your baby down on the blanket covered scale and get a precise reading of their mass. These are the baby scales for you if you want an easy to read and easy to clean digital scale to give you the accurate weight of your newborn at a bargain price. 

5. Beurer Smart Baby Scale

Beurer Smart Baby Scale

The Beurer Smart Weigh Baby Scale is the best scale for your baby’s comfort whilst also being connected to a brilliant app.  The cleverly designed baby scale has an inbuilt measuring tape for you to use to measure the length of your baby quickly and easily whilst they lay on the scale.  The Beurer digital baby scale also incorporates the tare function so you can turn the scale on, place a soft blanket down onto the changing pad then press the button and the scale will reset to zero, allowing you to place your baby down and record their weight correctly. You can also use the hold feature button to keep the weight on the screen if your baby starts wiggling or needs to be picked up quickly. A great feature of the Beurer baby scale is the memory capacity: the scale records the last 10 weight measurements for recall which allows you to monitor as your child grows.

Another brilliant feature is that the baby scale wirelessly connects to the free Babycare App which you can download onto your phone to allow you to watch your baby grow and monitor their developments easily. You will need 3 AAA batteries which are included with the purchase of the scale. The weight is displayed on the digital scales in pounds kilograms or ounces and can be easily changed to suit your preferences. The scale measures upto 20kg making it a suitable baby toddler scale for your child as they grow. The Beurer baby scale is a great option if you’re looking for a simple and comfortable scale to measure your baby and/or child, you can also connect the scale to an App so that you can keep a track of their weight on your phone. 

5. WALLY Smart Weigh Baby Digital Scale

WALLY Smart Weigh Baby Digital Scale

The WALLY (by AGU) Smart Weigh models are the best baby scales if you’re looking for a digital scale that links up with your phone for the ultimate tech experience as you weigh your baby. The WALLY scale works in coordination with the AGU app to give you all of the relevant stats of your baby in one place.  You will get an precise weight reading with this baby scale with 5g gradients upto 25kg making it a suitable toddler scale too.  To use the baby scales begin by placing the scales on a smooth surface, turn the scales on and place down a blanket or changing pad for your baby, then press the tare button to reset the digital scale back to zero before gently placing your baby onto the scales, you can then press the hold function to make sure the weight stays on the LCD screen while you pick up your baby. For additional ease of use, when you press this button – not only does the weight remain on the screen but it is also sent to your phone to allow you to track and monitor your baby’s weight efficiently.

The digital baby scale measures your baby’s height as well as their thanks to the adjustable growth chart: using the overhead board and base handle you place your baby onto the changing pad with their head just touching the board, you then adjust the base handle to touch your baby’s feet once their legs are straight. This data is also sent to the AGU app.  You can then analyse and review the data from your digital baby scales on your phone to ensure your baby is gaining weight in line with their centile.  If you’re breastfeeding your baby then a feature that will appeal to you is the digital breastfeeding scale which is synced with an AGU app which allows you to graph your baby’s weight and height over time and compare them with WHO recommendations.  The scales require 4 AAA batteries which are provided with your purchase; these are inserted into the base of the baby scales. This multi function digital scale is fantastic if you want an advanced, accurate and high tech piece of equipment to monitor your baby: the WALLY scale and AGU app work together to give you clarity and reassurance over the height and weight of your toddler and/or baby. 

What is the best baby scale?

The best scale overall, and our number one baby scale, is the Chicco digital baby scale: it is comfortable for your baby and convenient for you to use and store away. It has all of the features you would want from a baby scale to measure your baby’s weight accurately every time. If you’re looking for a more advanced piece of equipment for at home weigh ins then we would recommend the WALLY smart weigh baby scales which connect to the AGU app on your phone allowing you to monitor your baby’s height and weight easily without having to write anything down. Another brilliant feature of the WALLY baby scale is that it measures the height of your baby accurately if you use the head board and pull-out tray; again this data is sent to your phone via the App. 

Are home baby scales accurate?

Home baby scales are incredibly accurate, as long as you use them correctly. The baby scale should be placed on a flat surface such as a table or the floor. Ensure that the scale is fully charged or has batteries in depending on the power source. Your baby will need to without their clothes or nappy when you place them onto the scale- you may want to place a blanket or towel down for them so do this and press the Tare feature button before you place your baby down. Don’t worry about your baby moving around on the scale, as long as their whole body is on the scale then you will get the correct weight reading. Either press the hold button or write down the number that appears before getting your baby off the scale.  

Can you weigh a baby on regular scales?

If you are keen to work out the weight of your baby and you don’t have baby scales in the house then it is an option to use regular scales. Begin by stepping onto the scale and weighing yourself, then (without altering any your own clothing) pick up your baby and step back onto the scales. The difference between the two weights recorded is the weight of your baby. Whenever you are weighing your little one they should be out of their clothes and nappy for a precise measurement. 

What scales are most accurate?

All of the baby scales listed above will give you a precise and correct measurement of your baby. Digital scales (which all of the above are) will be more accurate than mechanical ones. If you are concerned about the accuracy of your baby scales then you may want to test them by using a weighted item and measuring it on the scale to see if the same measurement is given on the screen. 

How often should I weigh my baby?

According to the NHS guidelines on baby measurements, after the first 2 weeks your baby should be weighed: no more often than once a month upto 6 months; no more often than once every 2 months from 6-12 months and no more than once every 3 months over the age of one year old. If you or a medical professional have any concerns about their growth or health then your baby may be weighed more often than this. 

Knowing the weight of your baby helps to find out when you can start using a carrier, when you can start using baby seats properly and so on.

How do I weigh my baby?

Begin by setting up your scales on a flat and even surface, check them by pressing the on button. Place a changing pad down next to the scale and gather a blanket, fresh nappy and a change of clothes. Place your baby down on the changing pad and remove their clothes and nappy. Carefully lay your baby down on the tray, supporting their head as you do so. Press ‘hold’ to allow the measurement to stay on the screen while you pick your baby up and get them dressed. If you have smart weigh baby scales then the measurement will already be sent to the app on your phone. If not, make a note of the measurement to allow you to monitor your baby grow. 


Having baby scales in the house can give parents peace of mind and reassurance when it comes to their infant’s growth and development. With a basic baby scale you will be able to lay your baby down and know their heaviness instantly; with a more advanced one you will also be able to measure their height, have the data sent to your phone via an app and even transition the scale to measure the heaviness of yourself, older children and even pets! Of course, we recommend taking advantage of the NHS weighing sessions with your GP and health visitor where possible as this can be a great opportunity to discuss your baby’s health and development. But for some reassurance at home then having a set of baby scales at home can offer reassurance quickly; we hope you can find the right one for you and your family. 

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