Best baby wipes for sensitive skin


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You’re going to get through an absolute ton of wipes with children. From cleaning their bums, getting ink and paint off of their hands to cleaning their face and everything they touch, wipes are an absolute essential for every parent. They are so important and used so often that making sure you get the right brand and type of wipes is more important than you think, especially when you consider babies and children who have sensitive skin or a chronic skin condition.

With this in mind, we’ve collected the best sensitive baby wipes you can get in the UK and briefly why you should get them.

The Best Baby Wipes Sensitive Skin Reviews


1. Water Wipes

Water Wipes

Water Wipes are our top choice and ones we’ve used for both of our babies through the years. They are as pure as they get as they are water-based with 99.9% of the material being water with the rest being plant-based with no artificial fragrances or colours.

The wipes are moist and thick and will easy wipe a bum fresh and clean as well as get food from around their mouth and cheeks without issue. They will also hydrate and cleanse the area per wipe. Don’t be discouraged by the high water content as these wipes can handle the dirt and the grime like the best of them.

The drawback for these wipes is that they are much more expensive than the name brands like Huggies and Pampers but when it comes to tackling sensitive skin they are right at the top.

2. Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Sensitive Unscented baby wipes

Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Sensitive Unscented baby wipes

If you want a no-frills unscented wipe which is budget conscious then look no further than Amazon’s own brand “mama bear” fragrance-free wipes. Perfect for babies with sensitive skin as they are fragrance-free with a lotion which is Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and pH balanced which won’t dry out, irritate or inflame your baby’s skin whether they have a skin condition or not.

They’ll easily clean even the most stubborn of poo and leave it smelling aloe vera fresh afterwards. The wipes are moist, soft and surprisingly strong. However, its best quality is the fact it’s the equivalent of 1.2p per wipe.

3. The Cheeky Panda baby wipes

The Cheeky Panda baby wipes

Next on our list is the Cheeky Panda bamboo baby wipes aimed for those who are environmentally conscious, want a product which is biodegradable and wants their wipes to be made with natural ingredients only. Definitely for the earth mothers out there.

Despite that, the baby wipes from Cheeky Panda themselves clean bums and faces effortlessly without the need to use loads of wipes which can be common in a plant-based baby wipe. The ingredients mean that they can clean skin without irritating it even if they have an active condition. What’s more, it will replenish and hydrate as it goes.

The drawbacks are that the boxes are somewhat small making bulk buying harder but also there is virtually no fragrance (which can be a good thing) which means smelly bums can still have a lingering smell after cleaning which can be annoying.

4. Huggies Pure Baby Wipes

Huggies Pure Baby Wipes

If you don’t care about wipes using natural products or even being vegan but just want a workhorse pack of wipes which are hypoallergenic and kind on sensitive skin then Huggies natural care is a great fit. They are heavily waterbased but do include 35% plastic – this is to make the wipes stronger (which you can tell) but it does mean they are not biodegradable or eco friendly, sadly.

That aside, they are seriously strong and approved by the British Skin Foundation and the National Eczema Association so they are perfectly fine to use on your sensitive baby’s skin.

The name brand and the use of plastic, however, has driven down the cost to 1p per wipe which is an extraordinary value for money for every UK mums and dads.

5. Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers are one of the UK’s most well-known brands so of course, they will have a sensitive range. Similar to Huggies, Pampers haven’t opted for bamboo or 99% water but instead, they wash their pH balanced lotion over their cotton-based wipe to create a pH neutral and gentle Pampers wipes. Contains no alcohol or perfumes.

What we would say about these wipes when we’ve used them is that they are very moist, very strong and leave bums and faces very clean with minimal wipes per sessions. They aren’t environmentally friendly and they do not use only plant-based ingredients but they are very effective, widely available and cheap in the United Kingdom. Perfectly fine on sensitive skin and perfectly fine on your bank balance, too.

6. Aveeno Baby Wipes

Aveeno Baby Wipes

Aveeno is a well-known brand when it comes to hygiene and sensitive skin as they make some of the best face creams on the market. Their best baby wipes are no exception and use a lot of the same ingredients which make their products so good. The ingredient in question is oat which does wonders for the skin, oats are packed into the fibres of the baby wipe to make it exceptionally kind to baby’s skin.

Aveeno baby wipes are perhaps best for babies with eczema as the colloidal oatmeal can help reduce inflammation and soreness as well as clean, they’re fragrance-free and pretty strong for even the toughest job. Not many brands of baby wipes can say that!

Not the cheapest brand of wipes out there and the bulk buy boxes aren’t the biggest but if you do have a baby with serious skin conditions and/or eczema then these wipes should definitely be considered.

Do you really need sensitive baby wipes?

If you have a baby who has sensitive skin or eczema then we highly recommend investing in one of our top picks because they can make a difference between having clean and soft skin and inflamed and itchy skin. Newborn skin is very delicate even for those without a skin condition and depending on how often they need a nappy change baby wipes do come into contact with them very often.

Often, baby wipes which have been made to be fragrance-free and eco friendly are not that much expensive than regular wipes so the difference in investment is very low to the point where you ‘may as well’ get these biodegradable wipes for delicate skin even if you only have a small suspicion it could make a difference.

Should I avoid wipes with fragrances?

Yes, 100%. Fragrances and perfumes are among the most likely causes of skin issues even in otherwise healthy babies. We recommend buying baby wipes that instead use fruit extract or aloe vera as their source of smells after a clean.


What are the most sensitive baby wipes?

Water Wipes are incredibly sensitive wipes because they are made with 99.9% water, no plastic or fragrances which makes them feel like cleaning with just water and a cloth. Otherwise, Aveeno wipes are great because they include colloidal oatmeal which is a god send for children with serious delicate skin such as eczema sufferers.

How do you make baby wipes for sensitive skin?

Parents should avoid making DIY products to treat or care for skin conditions. We recommend wipes made with purified water with aloe vera as the scent such as Water Wipes. Otherwise, we recommend Avenoo wipes or Huggies/Pampers to save money.

What are the best baby wipes UK?

The best wipes are the most cost effective and efficient for you – if your baby doesn’t have any skin issues then many of the above recommendations may be a little too much and in that case supermarket’s own brand would be more than enough. However, if your baby has delicate skin then Water Wipes or Aveeno are our recommendations.

What wipes to use on newborns?

Most wipes on the UK market are good enough for newborns but we would suggest using one of the above recommendations in the first couple of weeks.

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