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We’ve all used a bubble wand at some point in our life to make bubbles one at a time for our children, when they see bubbles floating around they are amazed and full of wonder at how they float and want nothing more than to watch them and catch them. However, bubble wands can be tedious and their performance can be dubious at times which can be disappointing for kids and frustrating for parents. This is where an automatic bubble machine can change everything.

Bubble machines are messy but if you’ve ever owned one and used one with your child in the spring and summer then you know that the mess is absolutely worth it. If you’ve never owned one and your just wondering whether they’re worth it then worry no more – yes they absolutely are! Does your child love bubbles but you are tired of seeing them unable to use a wand and tired of having to do one bubble after another to keep them interested?

There are a LOT of bubble machines on the UK market, some are cheap and cheerful and others are much more powerful capable of hundreds of bubbles a minute. We’ve gathered a short list of what feel are the best bubble machines for kids to help you find the right one for you.

Kids Bubble Machines Reviews


Betheaces Frog Bubble Machine

Betheaces Frog Bubble Machine

This animal shaped bubble machine is the best starting point for parents who are not replacing an existing one and just want to try it out. It’s cheap and it does the trick by blowing up to 500 bubbles small per minute (8.3 per second) pretty consistently and in a forward facing direction.

It needs 4 AA batteries to work and it’s easy to operate by simply putting in the mixture in the front (two bottles are supplied) and then turning it on – even a child could operate (recommended for 3 years and up for self operation). The spinning wands will operate automatically with no intervention needed. It has a lightweight design that can stand on its own and fairly durable although if it is knocked down then bubble solution will get everywhere.

Ideal for one or two toddlers in small settings such as bath times and in the garden, doesn’t quite have the power for parties. Probably wouldn’t get for a baby as its front facing and the 500 bubbles a minute is excessive at that age. Cost less than £15 and an excellent place to start.

balnore Whale Bubble Machine for kids

balnore Whale Bubble Machine for kids

If you’re looking for a great bubble machine to use with a baby we recommend this cute whale shape bubble maker from Balnore, although it can still be suitable for toddlers. The reason we think this is great is because it’s smaller in size, doesn’t blow a massive amount of bubbles and the bubble maker is aimed upwards which means the bubbles will be in the air and not in their face.

It’s cheap to buy, easy to operate and provides a lot of enjoyment for kids not just with the bubbles but with the lights as well. Comes with bubble solution but not batteries (4x AA batteries). A best buy for bath time fun along with their other toys.

AONCO Bubble Machine With Led Lights For Kids Parties

AONCO Bubble Machine With Led Lights For Kids Parties

The AONCO bubble machine for kids is a serious piece of kit and ideal for parents who want to host a party or a larger get together with toddlers and older kids. It can still equally do bath times or entertain a single child but the power will be wasted somewhat and it’s a little expensive when compared to some of the other models for that purpose.

The biggest difference with this is the size of the bubbles and the bubbles per minute it can output. It has a more powerful motor and can be plugged into the mains – this creates an awesome display of bubbles that will mesmerise and entertain several kids at once.

On top of the bubbles, this bubble machine also has a wide array of LED lights to create a disco effect, it has a fancy LED operation screen to adjust settings and turning it on and a remote control – you get a lot of value for money here. It’s even portable if you needed as it does have a place for batteries, although it does go through batteries very quick as it is powerful so we wouldn’t recommend this bubble maker for that purpose.

As you can see, this bubble machine doesn’t have a fun case or any colour to it as it’s designed to be hidden away somewhat for the bubble solution to get to work and put on a show.

Baztoy Portable Bubble Machine

Baztoy Portable Bubble Machine

For a lightweight, wearable and highly portable bubble machine that doesn’t need to sit on a flat surface to work then try this bubble machine camera which can hand on a child’s neck with a lanyard that they can run around and blow bubbles wherever they are. Great for solo play for kids or in parties where they can run around creating bubbles everywhere.

This is not the most powerful of bubble makers as it would be impossible to make a gazillion bubbles of a decent size and be as portable as this, instead it just offers a different kind of fun which encourages exercise and surprising people with bubbles. The number of bubbles it makes is massive but the sizes are much smaller due to smaller wands which do not spin. Often, bubbles can fail to be made but it’s perfect for active older toddlers.

Requires 3*AA batteries (not included) which is one less than most models so that should save some money. Includes bubble solution. A fantastic product but can suffer from leakage if it’s handled roughly.

Gazillion Bubbles Gazillion Tornado Bubble Toy

Gazillion Bubbles Gazillion Tornado Bubble Toy

Gazillion Bubbles are a fairly well known brand who specialist in making the best bubble machines that make a lot more bubbles than most – and blows them in spectacular fashion. This one makes a tornado going upwards which is a sight to behold as it’s up to a whopping 4,500 bubbles per minute (75 per second) which is almost double most models and ten times the basic models for a baby.

If you’re expecting a hefty price for the privilege of having the brand name then think again as these bubble makers cost the same as any other, really. So…what’s the catch? Well, the catch is that the performance can be overhwhelming and it’s not gentle at all – definitely not suitable for babies or anxious kids. A high performance level also means it goes through bubble solution quickly as well as the batteries so be prepared!

It’s easy to operate, just put the bubble solution in the reservoir, press the button and off you go! Definitely one of the best bubble machines for kids who love a thrill. Even more spectacular outdoor when there’s a bit of wind.

JOYIN 2 Bubble Guns Toys with 2 Bottles

JOYIN 2 Bubble Guns Toys with 2 Bottles

Following on from the bubble camera we’ve reviewed, here’s a fantastic bubble machine for two children to use at once and add a different spin where there’s more of a competitive feel to their use. These bubble blowing guns have 5 wands inside and create a small amount of forward facing bubbles which can be used as very friendly imaginary bullets.

They aren’t overly powerful but they are light and enticing for children to use with their siblings and friends on the move in the garden in the spring or summer. They will probably cause quite a bit of a mess if they’re used inside the house as every bubble they blow will create slippery residue wherever the mixture lands.

The guns have an ergonomic design which makes play more fun and last longer, they’re easy to top up, don’t burn through their batteries (requires AA batteries) and mixture too quickly and are quite cheap to buy. One of the best bubble guns for parents of multiple similarly aged children or for kids with friends who are into the same things – running around!

Bubble Machines for Kids FAQs

Are bubble machines a good toy for children?

Bubble machines provide an enjoyable distraction for children of all ages from a baby to a pre-teen by blowing bubbles in the air which can be caught for exercise or simply observed as they float in the air. They can work both indoor and outdoor but perhaps best to be used outdoor as bubble solution can leave very slippery residue which can ruin carpets and be a hazard on tiles.

Is bubble solution child friendly and safe?

Bubble mixture designed for a machine are non-toxic and won’t cause any distress on the skin or eyes of children but parents should try to avoid direct contact and consumption regardless. Children should not be left alone to play with either the machine or solution alone if they are under 3. Never let a child suck on the wands which may have residue solution. In the event your child consumes any of the solution then encourage them to drink extra water, if they get any in the eyes then rinse with warm water.

Bubble solution has a bitter flavour design to discourage consumption, too. It won’t kill them so don’t worry too much.

What’s included with a bubble machine?

Bubble machines have wands and some solution included but rarely a battery so ensure you have the right ones before it arrives or you might have a disappointed child!

What is the best bubble blowing machine for the home?

Bubble blowing devices can create a bit of a wet mess in the home which can be problematic for homes no matter what type of floor you have. It can wreck carpets and it can make tile and laminate very slippery. We feel the best ones to use in the house are static tabletop machines which blow a low number of bubbles in a single direction – such as the balnore and Betheaces models. They are perfect to be used in a single room where the mess can be monitored and cleaned up and will get the best of both worlds in terms of enjoyment in the home.

Therefore, we don’t recommend using machines that blows a lot of bubbles to be used in the home and instead they’re best to be used in the garden. Devices with a lot of wands and includes a large motor can be a disaster in your house so be warned!

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