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Kids love to emulate their parents and often it’s how they learn to do things as they get older. Once they get passed toddlerhood and become infants they are more eager to do ‘adult’ things such as dress themselves and put on makeup. For parents of kids who like to get themselves dolled up either imaginary or for real then a dressing table can be a fantastic gift for them so that they can do what they enjoy proper.

We’ve handpicked some of the best dressing tables and vanity tables from UK retailers to liven up your child’s bedroom and let them truly express their creativity in their own little space.

Best Kids Dressing Tables Reviews


WOLTU Wooden Kids Dressing Table

WOLTU Wooden Kids Dressing Table

By far one of the most well-reviewed wooden kids dressing tables online is this one from WOLTU. It features a large 42x53cm vanity mirror which can swivel to get different angles, a spacious 74.5cm wide desk area and 4 drawers in total to keep their brushes, makeup and other paraphernalia.

A matching decorative stool (44cm in height) comes with the dressing table which is the perfect height for most children of an age which would be interested in this sort of thing.

Made with quality and cost-effective pine with a white glossy neutral finish which can suit both boys and girls. Easy to assemble in 20 minutes for a parent or guardian.

Deluxe Girls Pink Musical Dressing Table

Deluxe Girls Pink Musical Dressing Table

For a dressing table for much younger infants (ages 3+) for imagination play rather than real dressing up then the Deluxe pink musical dressing table is probably one of the best on the UK market. Despite its modest price and small stature, this plastic dressing table comes with a three-way folding mirror, a drawer and loads of pretend make up, jewellery and so on. There’s a lot of value for money here!

Comes in a box and can be put together by an adult in 10 minutes. It can even be stored away much easier than many more grown-up vanity tables for children. One drawback is that it has been made in over-the-top pink to attract girls which totally makes sense but could annoy parents who are trying to swerve traditional ‘sexist’ toys and games.

For under £25 you can’t go wrong with this.

Liberty House Toys White Wooden Dressing Table & Stool Set

Liberty House Toys White Wooden Dressing Table & Stool Set

For something that can be used as a traditional desk as well as a dressing table why not give this little cracker by Liverpool based company Liberty House a go. Featuring a small but functional heart-shaped mirror and a very spacious desk this can enable your child to pretend to ‘get ready’ and do a spot of writing, colouring-in and arts and crafts if they wanted. Some of the others can do the same but often the desk is smaller and space is taken up by drawers and so on.

Perfect for kids who do like to sit down and colour in but also interested in ‘dressing up’. A fraction of the price of some other models but it is missing a lot of elements so perfect for those looking for a balance between the two.

Disney Girls Hairdresser Table and Stool

Disney Girls Hairdresser Table and Stool

For girls who are into the Disney brand, especially Frozen then nothing will make them happier than this luxurious plastic vanity table and dresser. Comes with a gloriously detailed mirror and accessories are included which includes imitation combs, bottles and jewellery so they can get started straight away.

Easy to assemble as its molded plastic and the contrasting colours are quite unique and there aren’t any other dressing tables for kids like it, and that says a lot. The stool is sturdiest than most with the Frozen characters on the seat. However, the table area of the product is rather small and outside of pretending dressing up there isn’t much space for anything else.

But, the branding is key and that alone may be why they enjoy playing with it as much. As a Disney product, it is much more expensive than most comparable plastic kids dressing tables.

Janod – P’tite Miss Wooden Dressing Table for Children

Janod - P'tite Miss Wooden Dressing Table for Children

Another dressing table which strikes a balance between pretend play and practicality is this wooden dressing table for girls and boys from Janod. Features raised side panels to keep their pretend (or real) makeup, jewellery and perfume on and a large round mirror so they can see themselves. Accessories are included.

This is designed for girls and boys aged 3+, easy to install and comes with a matching stool which is the right size for young children. The difference with this and some of the others is that it is made out of wood and multi-coloured with feminine pink. The single drawer is also massive and can store a lot more than just the included accessories, can help a great deal to de clutter the play room.

Easy to assemble and a modest price for a quality wooden product and great for kids to take their first step in learning how to dress and present themselves like their parents.

Are dressing tables good presents?

This is a really tricky question to answer – if your child is interested in make up, dressing up and wearing jewellery then this can be a great gift for them to enhance their enjoyment. This is something two year olds and up would like. On the other hand, teaching children to ‘make themselves look good’ gives could give them the idea that people only look their best with makeup and so on. This could lead to your children seeing make up as something they have to do to look good and ‘fit in’.

Therefore, we’d urge some caution with these types of gifts and ensure your messaging to them is that people look great with or without enhancements.

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