Best Kids Wellies

best kids wellies

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When kids see puddles they will inevitably jump in and splash. If you think about it, jumping in puddles is the ultimate sensory activity: hearing the water splash, seeing the water and mud jump out at them and feeling the sensation of their feet hitting the water. They are drawn to puddles, the muddier the better, regardless of if they’re appropriately dressed for the event or not. Having a good pair of wellies for your little adventurer will allow them to explore the mud and the puddles without getting wet feet and flex their leg muscles. It will also prevent you from feeling trapped in the house on a rainy day; grab their puddlesuit and wellington boots and go and have an adventure.

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Welcome to our guide to the best kids wellies on the market.  When it comes to finding the perfect pair there are many features to consider: the outer and inner materials; the colours and design options available; the brand reputation and reviews; the sizing options as well as any additional features the wellies may have which are specific to that brand. We have reviewed many boots, with each of these features at the forefront, and this our list of the top 10 kids wellies in the UK market. We hope you find the perfect pair and your little one can enjoy jumping up and down in those muddy puddles.  

1. Wellies with Detachable Lining


Wellies with Detachable Lining

These are our best wellies in the list and have earned the number one spot thanks to the high quality outer material, the removable lining and the vast range of design options. These are the ideal boots for all year round; they are fully waterproof and resistent to heat, cold and UV light. The best feature for us is the removable lining allowing you to use or remove depending on the weather; the detachable warm lining will keep little ones warm on the coldest of days. Comfort has been  at the forefront of the design process with the comfortable and soft insole addition. Available in a range of colours, with various logos, you will find the perfect pair to suit your child. These wellies get our number one spot because they are the best wellies for keeping feet dry at a reasonable price; which is ultimately what we would want in a pair of kids wellies. 

2. Ladeheid Childrens Wellies

Ladeheid Childrens Wellies

These are the best wellies for the biggest puddles on the most rainy days. Not only are the Ladeheid wellies  made from a sturdy waterproof rubber material on the outside but the lining used is a waterproof textile material that extends over the top of the boots and can be tied with a toggle for maximum protection from the rain. The sole of these wellies is chunky and sturdy with deep lugs allowing for good traction against the ground.  Available in 5 colours and a range of dual sizes; you will find the perfect pair to suit your child. These wellies have an average rating of 4.6 on Amazon making them some of the best out there. 

3. Leopard Non-Slip Wellies

Leopard Non-Slip Wellies

These non-slip boots are the best wellies for toddlers that are just starting to explore.  The Leopard unisex boots have been made with a safe non-slip grip sole which is a good option if your toddler is new to walking as this will help to keep them from falling over too often. The wellington boots themselves are made from a breathable and waterproof material to keep little feet dry with a soft lining inside to make sure they’re comfortable. The kids’ wellies come in 6 vibrant colours and a broad range of sizes. They are affordable, come with free delivery and there are often promotions available on these boots when purchasing via Amazon. 

4. Trespass Unisex Kids’ Wellington Boots

Trespass Unisex Kids’ Wellington Boots

These wellington boots by Trespass are the best option if you’re looking for durability and sturdiness in a pair of boots.  Trespas are a brand you can trust; making high quality clothing and footwear for all ages to protect against the elements of the great outdoors. With a rubber outer material and a textile lining – those puddle jumpers will be protected from getting soggy feet. The slip-on boots also feature a pull-on tab at the back to make the process of getting the boots on and off easy. You will notice on the side of the boots there is a buckle that may earn you a few extra months out of the wellies for those growing legs. The only downside to these boots for us was the lack of colour options – however, if the aesthetic is not essential for you then these are a really great pair of boots. 

5. Crocs Handle It Boots

Crocs Handle It Boots

These are the best kids wellies for comfort and colour! The Crocs Handle It Boots are made to keep the classic Crocs comfort in the form of wellington boots to keep those little puddle-jumping feet cosy and dry. The material used to make the waterproof rain boots is light and comfortable; the handle will make it easy to get them on and off your kids feet.  These kids’ wellies are available in 10 bright and vibrant colours and range from size 6 infants up to size 3 junior so you can find the perfect pair to suit your little explorer. These boots contain no lining inside so you may wish to double up with an extra pair of socks to keep their feet warm and dry if you’re venturing out in especially cold conditions. 

6. Hunter Original Wellington Boots 

Hunter Original Wellington Boots

The best wellies for kids with an eye for fashion. If your little one is already brand aware – it’s likely they will be over the moon with a pair of these trendy wellies. With a textile lining, rubber sole and outer material: the Hunter original wellington boots will keep those little feet dry whilst looking stylish in the puddles. You’ll notice that the design of these Hunters is different to the adult version; they have been made to keep little feet comfortable. The flatter sole ensures that these boots are easy to walk in while the wider upper leg offers your little one more freedom of movement whilst also making it easy to take these boots off and get them on. The Hunter kids wellies are available in a range of colours and a wider range of sizes so you can find the best boots to suit your taste. 

7. Mountain Warehouse Kids Wellies

Mountain Warehouse Kids Wellies

These are the best kids wellies for little adventurers.  The Mountain Warehouse wellies immediately look like a strong and sturdy pair that will be best suited to kids that are off on a good adventure in the rain as these wellies will definitely keep their feet dry. You can see from the image that the lugs are deep so the traction on the sole is good for grip and stability. The outer rubber material of the wellies will keep kids feet dry whilst also being easy to clean and wipe down ready for the next adventure. There is no lining to these wellies: kids will need to double up on their socks if it is particularly cold. The wellies come in a vast range of colours; most have a contrasting colour on the sole of the boots which is a really nice look. Mountain Warehouse is a brand you can trust for your kids: they specialise in creating the best outdoor clothing and equipment so you can rest assured these will be some of the best kids wellies available. 

8. Abstract Print Wellington Boots

Abstract Print Wellington Boots

These are the best kids wellies with a unique and quirky aesthetic. These wellies may earn the title of the trendiest pair of kids’ boots thanks to the colourful geometric print and fixed zip detail. The chunky sole and textile lining will add to the comfort, the pull-on tabs at the ankle allow for easy dressing whilst keeping those little toes dry.  The bold, clashing colours make for a fabulous look that kids will love and the yellow, orange and blue tones will be easy to coordinate with most kids wardrobes.  These kids’ wellies are part of the graduate fashion week collection in partnership with Sainsbury’s; Michaella Knight’s collection has been inspired by the British seaside with a chaotic twist. Both practical and fun – these wellies will be the best addition to your puddle jumping walks. 

9. Space Crystal Wellies

Space Crystal Wellies

These wellies are out of this world! We have to say these have the best, most creative design of all the wellies on our list – we were blown away by them when we saw these boots. Scattered Crystals create beautiful personalised products using crystals and rhinestones; each design is a one off so these boots will be completely unique for your little one. The price point is high – costing just under £40 we know they are expensive boots but you’re paying for the unique design. The colours used on these particular rain boots are phenomenal. If your little one is space obsessed or perhaps you’re looking for a gift for a special birthday then we totally recommend this unique and quirky pair. 

10. Personalised Wellington Boots

These are the best kids wellies if you are looking to get a personalised product. Once you have selected your kids wellie size, you then choose from pink or purple for the main colour of the boots. You then have the choice of 10 colours for the design symbol. In the text box you write the name that you would like to feature across the boots, the font you like and the design image (either a star, heart or cloud).  Your boots will then be created and sent out to you. The wellies themselves are a simple model to keep their little feet dry during a walk in the rain. These would be a good pair of wellies if your child attends nursery as the personalisation will make them easy to identify and prevent any mix-ups occurring amongst all the other kids’ wellies. 


From faux fur lined boots to a personalised pair; from those with a sole suitable for trekking up a mountain to those decorated with crystals – this has been our guide to the best kids wellies on the UK market. We have  tried to include a wide variety of wellies to help you find the perfect pair to suit your little one. For those at nursery then a personalised pair can help to ensure your child returns home with their own pair. Whereas for those families that enjoy longer walks then the Trespass or Mountain Warehouse pairs, with a thick and sturdy sole, can  help ensure your kids feet are not only protected from the rain but also supported on uneven terrain. 

If you have ordered a pair from our list, we’d love to hear your experience of the product and the purchasing so do get in touch below. Alternatively, if your little one has a pair of boots that you love and would recommend but that hasnt made our top 10 then do comment with the name below and you’re experience of them. 

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