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As children get older and older their interest in toys and games changes, this in part with their own physical and mental development. As their speech improves many little performers began to sing along and dance which is a delight for them and for parents alike!

For parents with children who have taken an interest in signing getting the best kids microphone is essential as it helps them enjoy their passion much more and get truly engaged in singing and dancing. Who knows, maybe with healthy encouragement and the right wireless karaoke microphone they could grow up to be a big star one day!

Best Kids Microphone Reviews


1. Ankuka Wireless Kids Karaoke Wireless Microphone

Ankuka Wireless Kids Karaoke Wireless Microphone

The Ankuka microphone is one of the best-rated products online with over 300 positive reviews. This is a 4 in 1 karaoke microphone which works as a microphone, Bluetooth speaker, loudspeaker and voice recorder woth voice changing technology. Therefore, it can connect to another device to play whatever song they want for a fantastic sing along.

The audio quality is great in this microphone so they can hear their favourite music crystal clear as well as their own voice. The microphone functionality makes their own voice much louder and they’ll really feel like a popstar on stage. For added fun, there is a simple voice changer with children’s voice, female and make voice and an old make voice.

For the parents out there, you’ll be pleased to know they won’t ask you to charge it constantly as it has a decent 2400mAh battery which will last for around 8 years.

As closing comments, this is an electronic device and therefore not indestructible so just be aware that younger children who may drop it can break it.

2. TOSING Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

TOSING Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

It may not look as glossy or exciting as some of the other models we’ve reviewed but this one really is up there with the best of the best. Has superior stereo drivers which produce class-leading output audio both from the songs it plays and the live audio. To play songs connect with either via Bluetooth chip or the 3.5mm audio jack which lets you play from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and so on – your kids will literally be able to sing and dance to all of their favourite tunes.

Perhaps the crowning feature of the TOSING Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone is the eliminating original voice feature which can strip the singer’s voice and just leave the music so your kids can truly experience what it’s like to a performer on stage! No need to find voiceless tracks!

All in all, this is one of the best microphones for kids for parents who want them to have something serious. It’s probably not great for toddlers messing around but older children who are really into their performing will absolutely love this.

3. VTech Kidi Super Star Kids Microphone And Stand

VTech Kidi Super Star Kids Microphone And Stand

For the aspiring singer aged 5 and over who wants to be able to be hands-free then why not consider a kids microphone with a stand. Our pick of the best is the VTech Kidi Super Star Kids Microphone And Stand. The biggest benefit for this microphone isn’t just the fact that their hands are free and several children can use it at once with ease but it’s the fact that we feel it’s the safest.

The audio quality is very good but not quite as powerful as the portable ones, this is down to the power source which is 4 AA batteries rather than a rechargeable lithium-ion cell. However, the main control unit does have 9 different games as well as a greater array of lights

With the VTech Kidi Super Star Kids Microphone And Stand they should be firmly planted in once place and unlikely to knock over any objects on furniture etc. On top of that, there’s a stand where they can place a piece of paper with lyrics if they haven’t mastered their songs yet.

This may not look like a watered-down version and the extra cost is pure because of the stand but that would be totally unfair on this superb karaoke machine with a stand.

4. ION Audio Party Rocker Express karaoke machine and microphone for kids

ION Audio Party Rocker Express karaoke machine and microphone for kids

This is an ideal gift for kids who may have already had kids microphones and now they’re ready for something a big bigger with more power. The ION audio party rocker express is a beast and takes the sound quality to the next level and perfect for children’s parties where a DJ isn’t wanted.

The speaker size is 4 inch and the subwoofer packs 40 watts which is far and beyond the solo kids microphones. It is powered by either 8 C cell batteries or via an AC port, the AC port is best. This means it can be portable or infinitely powered so your kids can take it away with them in the garden or it can be used without worrying about going flat during a party. A monster LED display is also in the box which has to be seen to be believed.

There is no mistaking that the audio quality both in and out is superior to any other kids microphones on the UK market and it can connect to any Bluetooth enabled music playing device and access their library. They will be singing to their favourite songs for hours on end. Be warned, this thing can be very loud and children often do not think of the anti-social impact it can have.

5. Popstar Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone 

Popstar Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

The Popstar Bluetooth wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone has a more classical look than its competitors but no less quality. It connects to any Bluetooth device which can playback music to a high standard as the speaker at the bottom of the tube is larger which creates a stadium sound which will appeal to children who regularly watch their favourite singers on stage in front of large crowds.

ToyStar has done away with a lot of the flashing LED lights some of the others used in exchange for something that offers more practicality, for example, a kickstand is bundled in with the mic. It is not without any features though as an echo control button is offered for an enhanced live performance feel.

It is rechargeable using USB which can be used even during use so they can literally sing and dance forever.

It may be a little plain in comparison to the flamboyant models we’ve listed but for parents of children who are fans of classical singers as opposed to pop stars, they may well prefer this aesthetic.

6. Beschoi Wireless Karaoke Microphone with phone stand

Beschoi Wireless Karaoke Microphone with phone stand

Every product in this category tries to be different and the Beschoi microphone does that by including a seriously handy mobile phone stand with the microphone so kids can watch or read while they are singing.

The microphone itself is really good which allows kids to sing along to the tunes sent via bluetooth as well as record their own voice with sound effects. This may look like a carbon copy of most of the others on this best list but it isn’t – if you don’t want to stream music via Bluetooth enabled connection you can use a TF card or a flash drive which is much more convenient and saves a lot of battery over time.

The sound quality is crisp and as good as most portable speaker systems and entry-level microphone kits. Also included is the option to mute the vocals played in the music to create an authentic karaoke experience.

This is a microphone which offers a few minor differences from the pack but those minor differences make a big impact on the experience for both the kids and parents and well worth a look.

7. ZealSound Kids Microphone

ZealSound Kids Microphone

The Zealsound kids microphone is a colourful and ergonomically designed microphone which connects via Bluetooth and enables your children to enjoy singing and dancing to any song they want so long as it plays on the paired device. It’s very light to hold and grip for small hands so you can rest that they won’t drop it because of its weight.

The microphone’s audio output is quality and you can hear the music crystal clear which makes it easy to follow for the singer. This done as the box in the middle has a processor and tuning system. Secondly, with the use of an echo function, the output from the sung voice is fantastic and really makes the child feel like they are a real popstar.

The battery life is between 6-8 hours which is excellent and would only need to be charged at most once a week.

Overall, if you want something a bit more colourful and bright but still want a little more than just a microphone then you can’t go wrong with.

8. The X Factor Kids Karaoke Machine and Microphone

The X Factor Kids Karaoke Machine and Microphone

If you want to get serious or perhaps organising a part and want a machine which can provide enough sound to fill a room then the X-Factor kids microphone is one of the best UK market leaders without a doubt. It connects via Bluetooth which allows this machine to play virtually any song accessible on the internet.

Despite the way it looks this is not a box which needs to be plugged into the mains, it has a rechargeable battery and is completely portable. The battery life is 5 hours which is a lot less than the handheld microphones but the sacrifice is made in exchange to increased sound quality.

Echo function is added to make the sung voices sound like a real performance and the LED lights on top can turn a normal living room into a disco party. The bass turns the music and the voices sound like a live gig and is not exaggerated! Even if you don’t want to sing then you can still use it as a music player.

To conclude, this is a great karaoke microphone for kids who are very serious about learning their craft or for parents who are arranging a part for like-minded children!

9. ShinePick 4in1 Karaoke Wireless Microphone

ShinePick 4in1 Karaoke Wireless Microphone

The ShinePick 4in1 karaoke microphone is a runaway best seller thanks to a low price and a choice of colour which can offer your child the option get it in their favourite colour which may not seem like a big deal to us parents but to the child it’s the biggest deal.

The 4in1 refers to the core features it has which includes the Bluetooth enabled microphone, portable LED display, portable speaker and voice recorder for a variety of sing-along moments. This gives it a tremendous edge over its competitors as it can be really useful even when it’s not being used as a karaoke microphone over a song.

Better yet, the ShinePick allows the user to be able to skip songs with ease, as well as adjust the volume, remix and adjust input volume setting. If you as a parent connect and put on a long playlist they could be occupied for hours on end.

It’s lightweight, easy to grip and control for both parent and child and along with the choice of colours makes it a really strong contender as the best.

10. DC Super Hero Portable Karaoke Machine Speaker System and Microphone

DC Super Hero Portable Karaoke Machine Speaker System and Microphone

This final entry is the best microphone for really young children who just want to shout around and dance without a serious interest in sound quality or recording. It’s a tough little box with only the most basic of features – for example, the microphone comes with an on/off switch only and no voice changing – but it is the ideal first microphone. It is by no means featureless but you won’t get any stadium echo effects or voice recording playback.

Despite it’s basic introduction, it still streams via Bluetooth so they can still sing along to their favourite tunes and bop around with the flashing lights. The box is near indestructible as it lacks a lot of complex features – the mics themselves are cabled and can survive a couple of drops which is why its ideal for very young children.

The one disappointing point is the fact that it’s powered by batteries and does not recharge. But, it makes up for it by being able to play both CDs and CD-Gs! (discs which display the lyrics). How old school is that?

Microphone for kids buyer’s guide

Children learn through playing and having fun and as parents, we should encourage them to do what they love as much as possible. If your child loves to sing and dance then you can let them watch their favourite singers, take them to dance and singing classes and help them be able to do it at home. With a good karaoke microphone, their passion can be enhanced as they can join in with their favourite singers and start to listen to their own voice.

As we researched the best kids mics we also looked into children’s studies as to why it’s such a positive thing to do. The results of our research are right here and can help parents on the fence whether or not it’s worth parting with their money in exchange for something that is likely to create a lot of noise at home.

What is a kids microphone and how are they different?

Microphones for kids focus on the novelty, portability, fun features and Bluetooth enabled connectivity over anything else. The younger the kids are the less they will enjoy just the singing aspect and will be drawn in by flashing lights, voice changing features and the ability to playback their favourite music. They can also use the microphone just as a speaker.

The core features of a kids microphone are:

  • Ability to stream music from a compatible device and play it back through the microphone itself
  • Portability and not have cables attached, may have a rechargeable battery
  • Voice changing features an echo effect built into the microphone
  • Built-in speakers which can be used standalone even when the microphone is turned off
  • LED Lights

Traditional microphones will be more about crystal clear output of their voice and this alone is not going to keep young children occupied for long.

A kid’s microphone is a brilliant product and any child with a passion for singing would love one as a gift.

How can a microphone for kids benefit them?

Singing is an exceptional activity for young children for many reasons

  • Singing releases endorphins – Singing with or without a karaoke machine releases endorphins and serotonin which are otherwise known as the love hormone. This can actively reduce stress and anxiety and give your child a method to de-stress and have fun while doing it. Not only that, but CBeebies also highlight that music stimulates the sacculus inside the year which releases more of these hormones when they hear music they like.
  • Singing improves speech – Singing not only helps to improve speech by making them try and pronounce new words as well as master ones they know but it has also been found to reverse neurological problems, too. It has been known that kids who sing regularly are able to learn and say new words much quickly that kids who don’t.
  • Singing improves memory – Singing will inevitably involve memorising the words of a song. Kids who love to sing will regularly be using their brains to write new memories and retrieve old ones and the effects of this can be significant for their entire lives.
  • Exercise – Whether they’re standing up, dancing or sitting down to sing it is some form of physical exercise. On rainy days it could be the best they’re going to get and great for parents who are worried they won’t be tired enough to go to sleep in the night.

What are the best features of wireless karaoke microphones for kids?

During our research and extensive testing of the best kids karaoke machines in the UK there were certain features that really stood out as essential.

  • Rechargeable – We found that microphones which are able to be recharged without the need of batteries to be a more beneficial feature than the sound effects. Microphones which need batteries have a monetary commitment over time which make the product much more expensive than the initial cost over time. Plus, they can drain quite quickly.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – The best kids microphones needs to have Bluetooth enabled. If they don’t have this feature we wouldn’t recommend buying one as it really restricts the music your kids can listen to.
  • Echo/stadium effect – Without an echo or stadium effect, the output voice sound can sound flat and underwhelming. This is essential for kids who want to emulate their favouring singing sensations.
  • Portability – The best microphone should be portable and able to move around freely away from cables. This is for a few reasons but mainly for convenience and safety. A portable microphone can be used anywhere in the home and beyond. Secondly, a portable and wireless microphone is safer as it doesn’t create a dangerous trail of cable which can cause all sorts of hazards.

Summary – should you buy a best kids karaoke machine of microphone for your kids?

Not every child will be into singing, we get that. And parents should never push a child into any particular hobby unless they want to. That being said, considering the above benefits and the relatively cheap cost of kids karaoke machines they are an excellent toy to consider.

If your child likes to sing and dance you can expect their speech development to improve much quicker than if they didn’t along with significant boosts to their mental health which cannot be understated. Secondly, a karaoke machine can give children to exercise indoors which can be a major advantage for parents during a grey and rainy day.

Having reviewed and researched over 100 models which are available in the UK we hope that we’ve been able to list at least one product which is perfect for your child’s age and how far along with their singing career they are.


What is the best kids karaoke machine and microphone?

The best microphone for kids is the Ankuka as a solo microphone, the VTech Kidi Super Star Kids for a microphone with a stand and the ION Audio Party Rocker Express for group parties and the DC Super Hero Portable Karaoke Machine for really young children.

What age can kids start to use microphones?

Kids don’t tend to be interested in singing until age 22-24 months. Therefore, the best time to start thinking about a karaoke machine for a sing-along is aged 2.

Are karaoke machines safe for kids?

Children should never be allowed to use electrical devices unsupervised and this is especially true the younger they are. Despite that, most kids karaoke machines are safe so long as they are purchased from a reputable seller.

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