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Before bringing home your bundle of joy one of the most exciting things is designing and planning the baby’s room which includes the changing station. What many parents may forget is how to properly dispose of the nappy so it doesn’t stink the house out.

The pitfall is underestimating how challenging a nappy change can be and parents can often feel so flustered that they forget the nappy in the room. Nappy bins offer a convenient place to dispose of the nappy so that once the nappy change is done you can get back to your day but which one do you choose and which bin offers the best odour protection and storage?

Best For Parents have done the research for you to come up with a top 10 list of the best nappy bins available to buy online in the UK.

Best Nappy Bins Reviews


1. Tommee Tippee Sangenic Twist and Click Advanced Nappy Disposal Tec Nappy Bin

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Twist and Click Advanced Nappy Disposal Tec Nappy Bin

Tommee Tippee is a UK giant in the world of baby products with decades of experience and tons of research and development and their best model is the Tommee Tippee sangenic tec. As a result of years of development, their sangenic tec twist and click nappy bin has been hailed as one of the best disposal system thanks to a strong odour protection system, massive capacity and subtle yet classic design.

The main feature is the twist and click which individually wraps each nappy which is placed in the bin to seal the smells, even if you forget to close the lid. The bags come in the cartridges and effortlessly put them away every single time. This also makes it much easier and cleaner to empty the whole bin when the capacity is reached. The bags themselves are antibacterial which keeps parents safe from bacteria contained in the poo and wee.

30 nappies are how much this nappy bin holds which is typically a week’s worth. This is roughly the same length of time your normal bin is emptied so it shouldn’t add that much extra work.

You will need to use specific Tommee Tippee sangenic tec cartridges to make it work, however, but they are not too expensive and you will use them less and less as your baby grows older. Ideally, you’d only need this bin in an area of the house which is far from the house bin such as a nursery.

Among the best nappy bins to get rid of disposable nappies.

2. Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

The Angelcare nappy disposal system is a fan favourite online thanks to its airtight seal technology and automatic nappy bags twist and lock system which keeps the odour from escaping and means that parents never need to touch the nappy again once it’s been put inside.

Angelcare nappy bins are a doddle to use and the dirty nappy goes in effortlessly – no shoving or pushing. The bin then grasp the nappy, twists the bag around it and air seals it away. With this nappy bin, you can safely get rid of even the fullest and smellies nappies quickly and leave your nursery smelling fresh and be able to get on with your day within seconds of finishing the nappy change.

As far as baby nappy bins go, the Angelcare nappy bucket has long reigned as a best seller as it’s typically cheaper than many other UK brand names and can hold much more – this system can offer a month’s worth of capacity which can be a godsend for parents of several nappy wearing children or parents of twins, triplets and so on.

For less than £20 and the ongoing cost of the cartridges and bags, this can be yours and will last you through all of your children. It’s one of the best all rounder nappy bins on the market. Not suitable for reusable nappies.

3. Korbell Nappy Bin

The Korbell Nappy Bin is a heavy-duty, strong and long-lasting bin designed for parents who are looking for large capacity options which won’t break easily. This is a mammoth bin with up to 3 months of capacity or the ability to cope with many children – suitable for nurseries, childminders and homes with a few nappy wearing children.

The biggest difference with this bin to many of the others is that it doesn’t do anything complicated such as a twist and click – instead, it has a set of loose liner bags. The other key difference is that the odour trapping is done by the bin itself with a double air seal module with the liners already twisted into a knot. The safety lock prevents children from being able to open the bin and cause all sorts of messes.

This is a sturdy bin that can take a knock and won’t crack or break under pressure and definitely designed for the practical parent. In saying that, Korbell have still made an effort with the design itself so it won’t look out of place in most nursery decors.

Korbell do offer smaller versions if this is a little too much for you, however we feel that the Plus model’s capacity makes this option unique whereas the smaller versions are not as great as the equivalent sizes by other brands.

4. Skip Hop Nappy Bin

Skip Hop Nappy Bin

This Skip Hop nappy bin is a serious piece of hardware that goes well beyond just being somewhere to dump dirty nappies and depending on where you are with designing the nursery could kill two birds with a single stone.

First, let’s talk about the nappy disposal system. It’s made with steel which is easy to clean and doesn’t attract bad smells. The mechanism uses regular household bin liners with an airlock between the lid and the disposal bin which traps the odour from the dirty nappies. The capacity is hard to guess but it’s closer to a month’s worth depending on the liner. We would still recommend a weekly empty, though.

It’s easy to work and has a child-proof lock to keep curious hands from causing a smelly mess. They’ve made a good job making something so big look good, too.

Next is the stand out storage compartment at the top which can hold the nappies, wipes, creams and so on. This means that this nappy bin is the perfect addition tom stand next to a changing table. Everything will be within grabbing distance.

Lastly, this is an expensive bin – steel is more expensive than plastic, it’s big with a large capacity and it has the storage compartments so the price is justified in our opinion and it is one of the best.

5. Rotho Babydesign TOP Nappy Bin

Rotho Babydesign TOP Nappy Bin

Not everyone wants a fancy bin, some people want a basic bin with a nice design that just keeps the smell away. For those people, we recommend the Rotho nappies bin. There’s not much to say about the way it works as it just needs to have a standard bin liner in there.

What can be said is the mesmerising amount of colours this bin is available in and how it can literally fit into any paint job in the nursery.

The Rotho nappy bin is relatively small but because of that it is lightweight and easy carry out to the main bin to be emptied. At 15 litres it most certainly isn’t the biggest but it will easily last 3-4 day before the bags become full.

It may not have any fancy gizmos but it does keep the smell away because the plastic is thick and the lid is thicker and airtight. Unless it’s left open you will not get the smell of poo hanging in the air. For under £15 this will do the job easily and cheaply with no need for cartridges or the fear of a jamming mechanism. One of the best nappy buckets.

6. Wham Casa 16 Litre Nappy Bucket

For the utilitarians out there who just want the best nappy bucket then it’s Wham Casa who offer that. When used with a tots bots bin liner can offer a cheap and large capacity nappy bin which can also double up as just a normal bucket. Perhaps it’s most common use is with reusable nappies as the handle and frame can hold a decent amount of weight.

With reusable nappies, there’s no need for bin bags because you have no intention of chucking them away whereas most of the other best nappy bins literally bag them away.

It’s cheap and cheerful and does the job well. But, we must add – it really is just a bucket with a lid that just happens to be ideal to be used as a nappy disposal bin. It’s the best nappy buckets for parents who use reusable nappies.

7. vital baby HYGIENE Odour-Trap Nappy Disposal System

Aesthetically, the vital baby bin is one of the best looking nappy disposal bins on the UK market. This nappy bin doesn’t need any specific cartridges to keep going and can be used with any normal refuse sack. It also operates in a smooth and modern way with a turn of the handle and in goes the nappy at the top. You can use this with just one hand which is often all you have during a nappy change.

It’s shaped and made in such a way that odour gets out because there are no seals and the entrance has a good amount of distance between it and the actual bin down below.

Because you use your own bin liner and the nappy bin itself is made with mostly recycled plastic this is both eco friendly and can save you money over time over cartridge-based bins.

8. Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Bin

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Bin

This is the second Tommee Sangenic nappy bin on the list and this one is much simpler and cheaper to use but still uses the same Tippee sangenic tec nappy bagger underneath. The key benefits of this model is that end users can save a bit of money on a more small factor bin which still twists and locks each nappy individually. It shares the very same cartridges as the bigger models so there’s no drop in quality.

The capacity is reduced, of course, so this is a great little nappy disposal bin for parents of children who longer produce as many dirty nappies. Or alternatively, as we did, we had two of these bins in the house – one upstairs in the nursery and one downstairs. You never know when and where a dirty nappy is needed!

For less than £20 you can get this really nice looking nappy bin which uses the technology of much more expensive models!

9. Munchkin BagIt Portable Disposable Nappy Bins

Munchkin BagIt Portable Disposable Nappy Bins

For parents who want to travel and have a good place to store dirty nappies then look no further than Muchkin’s disposable nappy bin. It’s made using soft fabric which extends to be opened and can hold up to 30 nappies and they come in a pack of 5 which is 150 total nappies.

This nappy disposal system is as it’s described – disposable. Which means when you’re done with you can throw the whole thing away along with all of the nappies.

The most important bit is despite being made out of lighter material than permanent nappy disposal bins it is still able to trap the odour and wetness in so it can still be carried around in a car on a long journey and keep your car smelling fresh.

For £10 you get a pack of 5 which is good value for money and cheap enough that you can use in the home if you don’t want to go for a permanent model.

10. Whitefurze Bucket with Lid

Whitefurze Bucket with Lid

Last on the list is the best bucket with lid we’ve been able to find and it’s by Whitefurze that can double as a nappy bin. It costs as little as £7 and has a airtight lid to keep the smell out. It holds 1.5 gallons and is easy to wipe down. You won’t need to use any liners with this and you can easily pour out into the general waste bin when it needs emptying.

It’s the most cost-effective option for those on ultra tight budgets.

Nappy Bin Buyer’s Guide

Thanks for reading through our top 10 best nappy disposal bin list. As is customary with our product roundup article we also write supplementary content around the product to explore more about their purpose, benefits and tips to find the right one for you and your baby.

What is a nappy bin?

A nappy bin is a place to put dirty nappies after a chance which keeps them locked away and offers a more hygienic method than regular bins. Nappy bins are not just normal bins with a different paint job – they often have air seal features or an individual nappy bag mechanism.

Some nappy bins need specific cassettes to work which hold the individual nappy bags, if you purchase one of these kinds of bins then you’ll need to continuously buy new cartridges when they run out. Other bins use your regular household bin liner to keep all the dirty nappies in one bin. Both have their pros and cons and really comes down to whether you want to spend more for convenience.

Do I need a nappy bin?

No, definitely not. The best nappy bin is most certainly a product of luxury. The majority of parents out there won’t be using one of these and they’ll just chuck the dirty nappy in with the regular trash before they start to cry. However, this is not to say that a nappy bin doesn’t offer a lot of conveniences such as odour neutralization and segregation of your nappies from your other rubbish in the bin. Plus, a nappy bin is quite handy to have in the nursery when a regular bin would just look out place and make the room smelly if it’s not empty.

What is the proper way to dispose of a nappy?

Some parents can be rightfully confused with how to bin a nappy because many manufacturers have put the recycling logo on it and use the word disposable. The correct way to dispose of a used nappy is in with your general rubbish and not in any form of recycling. This has become such a problem that a campaign called Bin Your Nappy was created.

One of the reasons why nappies need to be in general waste is because they contain biological material and can have harmful bugs such as E.Coli, salmonella, listeria and norovirus. Waste management centers have often discarded entire loads because some nappies were included.

If you use a nappy bin and need to empty the liner or a cartridge then be sure to put them all in your general waste bin every time!

Benefits of buying nappy bins

Odour neutralising – The biggest selling point of the best nappy bin is the ability to trap and sometimes neutralise the smell which naturally comes from a dirty poo filled diaper. A decent nappy bin will trap the smell away as soon as it’s placed inside – they do this by making the bins thick, by making the inner bin separate from the hatch, by individually wrapping nappies in their own knotted bag or by using an airlock. Each bin may have a different way of achieving this but at the end of the day, this is the main reason why people buy nappy bins because putting dirty diapers into the household bin will cause a stink.

Hygiene – Having a nappy bin close to the area where the baby is changed means the nappy can be disposed of quickly and reduce the risk of releasing bacteria – Salmonella, listeria, norovirus and E.Coli being just some of the nasty bugs which can hide in a soiled nappy according to MSU.

Convenience – It’s not nice having to change a nappy and having nowhere to put it, especially when you’re rushing and need to get out quicky. Often, you might have to just leave it out and deal with it later which is a pain and can make the house smell. A nappy disposal system can get rid of this problem and offer a convenient place to bin them.


Can you use reusable nappies with a nappy bin?

Models such as the Tommee Tippee sangenic tec are built to individually bag nappies which are put in which means you’d need to tear them up to get them out. However, if you use reusable nappies then we recommend the nappy bucket as they do not need a liner or individual bags.

Do nappy bins smell?

The best nappy bins on the market trap smell in either through being airtight or by wrapping the nappies in a bag when they’re pushed through. The whole point of nappy bins is the neutralise odours and the main reason why it’s recommended to use one of these over a regular trash bin.

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