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best breastfeeding chair

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Welcome to our guide to the best nursing chairs available to purchase in the UK. Whether you are (or plan to) breastfeed or formula feed your baby, having a comfortable nursing chair will make your feeding experience far more comfortable for both you and your baby. Whether you are fortunate enough to have a nursery room for your little one or if they are sleeping in your room, a nursing chair will be a welcome addition to make you comfortable whilst feeding in the middle of the night and especially at the start where it can be tougher.

There are so many different styles of nursing chairs available: there are traditional rocking chair styles, recliner armchairs and glider chairs with a matching footstool. It is also worth considering the features that are important to you such as: padded armrests, a wide seat, wipe clean material and pockets. We have selected 5 of the best nursing chairs on the market, covering all of the styles and features listed above, so we hope you can find the perfect seat for you and your little one. 

Best Nursing Chairs Reviews


1. Serenity Nursing Glider Chair with matching Footstool

Serenity Nursing Glider Chair with matching Footstool

Overall, the best chair for nursing is the Serenity glider chair that comes with a matching footstool. We love the neutral aesthetics of the nursing chair: the natural wood finish goes so well with the luxurious cream corduroy cushions and would fit in well with any nursery decor. Don’t be put off by the thought of a baby and cream cushions… you can sponge clean the fabric to withstand day to day stains. This is the deluxe model glider chair with 7 recline positions and luxury cushions has a safe, smooth gliding motion which rocks both parent and child; it is wonderful both pre- and post-natal. The traditional spindle back design of a classic rocking chair has been modernised with the addition of the soft cushions across the back, base and arms of the chair to make rocking your baby to sleep even more comfortable. 

The ergonomic arm height of this glider chair has been designed to assist your nursing position; being in a comfortable position can make a huge impact to yours and your baby’s breastfeeding experiences. We love the arm cushions for easy storage too; at least you can have essentials close at hand when your baby falls asleep on you!  Not only is the chair comfortable for nursing, it makes a relaxing seat for bedtime stories as your baby grows.  We love that these nursing chairs by Serenity come with matching footstools: raising your feet helps to reduce fluid retention and swelling which is beneficial in pregnancy but also when sitting nursing for long periods of time whilst breastfeeding. When it comes to furniture around your baby – safety features are paramount: all edges of the chair and footstool are smooth, safe and round and all materials conform to Fire and Furnishing Regulations. Both the glider chair and matching footstool are supplied semi assembled with the back, arm and cushions to attach for the chair and the top to fit onto the footstool. 

2. SoBuy Relax Rocking Chair

SoBuy Relax Rocking Chair

Another of the best nursing chairs available is this comfortable and relaxing rocking chair by SoBuy.  Although this chair hasn’t been designed specifically as a nursing chair: the rocking motion will be relaxing for your and your baby and the cushions of the SoBuy nursery chairs are available in 5 colours with cream and grey being neutral enough to fit in nicely with your nursery decor. The cushion covers are removable and can be washed, which is a great feature considering the amount of mess a baby can cause! There are no recline positions available for the back of the chair itself but within the chair is an integrated footrest that can be adjusted to 5 positions to suit your demands and allow you to get comfortable whilst feeding and bonding with your baby. The birch veneer frame of the chair has self-adhesive mats at the base of the legs where they meet the floor to prevent scratching and damage. The chair arrives flat packed so will require you to assemble the parts together yourself, according to the Amazon reviews this chair is easy to assemble and sturdy once it has been put together. As nursing chairs go, this is a simple recliner chair with rocking motion; it is great value for money but doesn’t have the additional features like padded armrests and pockets that you might be looking for in breast feeding chairs. 

3. Yaheetech Recliner Armchair

Yaheetech Recliner Armchair

This recliner armchair by Yaheetech is comfortable, stylish and will fit into your nursery or living room beautifully. This certainly isn’t a traditional nursing chair: it looks at first glance like a typical faux leather armchair that you’d find in someone’s living room –  but we actually think many of the features make this one of the best nursing chairs. Firstly, the material used is PU and PVC leather which means not only is it soft with a luxurious appearance but it is waterproof and stain-resistant which is best when it comes to a baby. So if your baby is sick, you spill their milk or their nappy leaks then you can wipe the chair clean with a damp cloth and mild cleanser and it will be like new again. The chair is available in black, brown and beige- the PU leather reclining chair would fit in well in any corner of the house; the non-marking pads on the base of the four sturdy feet mean that hardwood flooring would be protected while moving the chair into place. 

The chair comes with three recline positions so you can choose between sitting up straight, or with your legs up or lying flat; thanks to the cushioned material there is lumbar support at each position. By simply pushing at the backrest, the footrest pops up and stops at any angle between 0 to 90 degrees; we think this is a particularly useful feature whilst holding your baby as it can be done handsfree. This isn’t a traditional nursing chair: there is no gliding motion or specific extras within the chair for a baby; however the high-density foam seat, recliner feature and soft wipe-clean material make this armchair a comfortable and stylish option for you and your baby. We think this is the best option if you’re looking for a chair that can fit into any room and be used long after your baby is nursing. 

4. Woltu Rocking Chair

Woltu Rocking Chair

We love the modern take on the classic rocking chair by Woltu. When it comes to rocking chairs for nursery, many of us are limited in the space available, this option is best as it provides a wonderful rocking motion whilst being ergonomic in design. This comfortable and relaxing upholstered chair is available in three colours: cream white, dark grey and light grey and two materials so you can choose either linen or velvet. The modern design and classic colours make this chair a beautiful piece of furniture with whatever color and material options you select. The soft padded seat and solid steel frame create a comfortable rocking chair for you and your baby: you can feed your baby, rock them to sleep or read them a story whilst being supported yourself by the chair. The Woltu chair arrives in flat packaging but is easy to assemble in minutes with the clear instructions provided; many of the reviews praise that it took a very small amount of time to put together. The well padded seat of ergonomic shape with backrest and armrest provides an exceptionally comfortable and relaxing place to sit; we think this chair is best if you are limited on space but still want the rocking motion. 

What chair is best for breastfeeding?

The Serenity nursing chair has been designed with breastfeeding at the forefront and we would say it is the best chair for breastfeeding. The glider chair offers upper back and lumbar support and the ergonomic arm height has been designed to comfortably assist nursing positions: supporting you in being in the best position possible will allow you to sit for a longer period of time which is especially helpful when your baby is cluster feeding and not sleeping well. We also love that the gliding motion can actually help your baby to feed! Nursing while in motion (walking, rocking and even the gliding motion) can help your baby to focus better at nursing so this chair could become even more helpful than you first thought. 

How do I choose a nursing chair?

There are several things to consider when searching for a seat for you and your little one: 

  • Material – a wipe-clean or removable fabric material will allow you to remove and prevent stains created by your baby. 
  • Aesthetic – consider whether you want to invest in a piece of furniture that can be used in other rooms once your baby grows up or whether you want the piece specifically for their nursery. 
  • Additional features – pockets, footrests and padded armrests are all extras that may add to your comfort levels if you are feeding or holding your baby while they sleep. 


There are many different types of nursing chairs available: from glider chairs with a matching separate footstool to a traditional armchair with recliner features. It is best to consider the location for your chair and the space you have available and then consider how you will be using the seat. When searching for the right nursing chair UK it is also worth considering the material used: a wipe-clean or removable material is best around a baby. We hope you find the best option to suit you and your little one: if you have any feedback on the chairs listed or any additional suggestions then we would love to hear from you below. 

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