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A newborn pram is one of the parenting life’s essentials despite it being one of the most expensive purchases. With a pram or pushchair parents can give themselves a break and give their newborn baby a breath of fresh air at the same time. A decent pram may be purchased for the newborn but it could be used extensively even when they’re toddlers – if you make sure you buy quality then you could find yourself using the same pram or pushchair for several children in the future.

The range of newborn prams and pushchairs isn’t infinite in the UK, but there are a few variants to cater for budgets, how they can be configured and of course colours and patterns.

But, because of how important we feel a decent pram is; getting the ‘right’ one which ticks as many boxes as possible is really important. This is something you might find yourself using multiple times a day, everyday.

With this in mind, we have taken months to come up with a short list of the best prams and travel systems for a newborn and beyond to help you make an informed decision and hopefully find the perfect pushchair.

Prams for Newborns Reviews


Cosatto Wow 2 Flat Pram Seat Bundle

Cosatto Wow 2 Flat Pram Seat Bundle

The Cosatto Wow 2 is one of the most impressive travel systems we’ve been fortunate enough to test and certainly deserves the attention of any expectant parent researching which pram to get. You don’t necessarily need to get a bundle but what many will find that you will eventually realise you need them all so you may as well save some money and get it all done in one order.

With the Cosatto Wow 2 bundle you will get a sleek design pram which offers plenty of space for your baby in the exceptionally comfortable and airy lie flat carrycot which comes with a UPF-50 rated cover for all season walking, a brilliant ISOFIX car seat if you want to use it as a travel system in the early days and a configurable chair for when they’re a little older and want to see the world just as much as they want to sleep. With all of this included, this pram could last you until your child is 5 years old if you really wanted to. Raincover also included.

The seat is perhaps the most important part and they are all expertly put together with strong seams and resistant materials – they won’t start tearing after a few months of use. They’re easy to take off and wash if you need to and are somewhat water resistant but not waterproof. Cosatto offer a wide variety of colours and patterns so we encourage you to click the button and see what’s on offer.

All of the car seats and carrycots are reversible which means they can face forwards or backwards, and it’s lightweight enough to be able to do it on the go. The car seat itself is worth the price tag and once it’s too small for the travel system it can just be used permanently in the car. That’s what we did.

The frame is solid and strong and doesn’t bend to the will of turns during a walk, the fram absorbs a lot of the jerking from the ride which is reduced greatly by the fantastic chunky and grippy tyres of the Wow 2 model. The tyres have ridges and treads to be able to wade through water and some mud so you don’t get stuck or accidentally slip.

This is a superb pram for the ages and certainly a contender as one of the best prams and pushchairs that is made in the UK. It’s not the cheapest, nor the more expensive but it’s quality means it has the longevity to put a lot of the cheaper ones to shame.

Hauck Pushchair Travel System with Storage Basket

Hauck Pushchair Travel System with Storage Basket

The Hauck puschair and travel system is one of our favourite budget buys and available for under £200 with well over 3,000 reviews. If you came to this website expecting us only to list to most expensive ones then think again. Comes with a stroller, car seat travel system and a buggy which will last you well beyond the newborn phase.

All of the seats are comfortable and lined with soft foam for your little one, the car seat travel system keeps them in an ergonomic position and safe using the easy to use locks and clips. Additional blankets are needed but this is the case with all prams for newborns. Sun hood accompanies the carrycot to keep them protected on sunny days.

The frame is sturdy enough but it can struggle a little with a heavy load and a sharp turn, but remember this is a budget option so this was to be expected. The wheels are doubled up and zoom smoothy although they are thin. They will easily cope with urban life but this travel system should be nowhere near places with mud or large rocks/pebbles. As the rubber is thin this is not recommended for heavy use or for running with the pram.

Changing one seat to another is easy and they can be front facing or back facing depending on yours and their preferences. The additional accessories are great such as the cup holder and very generous shopping basket which enough to fit a decent shop. The instructions can be a little hard to follow and there are a lot of clicking into place, like IKEA furniture. It isn’t as smooth as some of the more expensive brands and there is a risk of improper installation which can lead to damage, so bare that in mind.

Overall, if you’re on a budget this is a fantastic purchase despite some of the drawbacks. A perfect travel system for light urban strolling with a great car seat and even better quality of life accessories.

Silver Cross Wayfarer Compact Pram with Carrycot

Silver Cross Wayfarer Compact Pram with Carrycot

Silver Cross’s reputation certainly precedes them with most parents at least aware of their existence as a luxury manufacturer of newborn pushchair and carrycot systems. If Silver Cross is a brand you’re interested in then you want to consider their Wayfarer compact fold pushchair.

Out of all their models, we feel the Wayfarer has the best overall appeal to the most amount of parents. The frame is very well designed and finished which offers a strong and smooth ride which can withstand tricky bends and uneven roads with its chunky tires. It is a 2-in-1 which is a front facing and parent facing carrycot and plenty of storage space underneath.

The materials are warm and airy which will keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter with some blankets. The sun protection hood has also been designed to keep harmful UV rays from getting to them. It is the comfort that really stands out with Silver Cross and you get plenty of it here.

The Wayfarer is closest to the entry level models from the brand but it is by no means a budget option as they retail in the region of £300 to £400. However, what separates this from low end brands is the ability for a one handed fold which makes it fit into smaller boots and the ease of putting it together and then configuring it on the go. If you decide to switch from front to parent facing mid walk then it can be done easily.

Maxi-Cosi Adorra Baby Pushchair

Maxi-Cosi Adorra Baby Pushchair

The Maxi-Cosi Adorra is a lightweight urban stroller designed for those who aren’t going to explore in the wilderness and don’t have a massive car to put it in. Designed for newborn babies up to a weight of 15kg this is a pram designed for busy parents who don’t want get bog down with a travel system which is just too heavy duty to be practically. It’s not cheap, however, because it’s strung together professionally with quality materials throughout.

Perhaps then most impressive feature is the ‘cocooning seat’ which is a gloriously padded lie flat seat to create a seriously smooth ride for your baby. The cocoon seat helps your baby sleep, protects them from wind and the sun and it’s darker than many other brands’ offerings. The lightweight frame, seat unit and quality tyres do keep the ride smooth for a peaceful nap.

We touched on the lightweight aspect but we wanted to offer a few benefits to why this is a key feature, it’s lightweight design makes it easier for smaller parents to manage a pram, helps parents use public transport a little more, makes it easier to push up hills and the compact fold makes it easier to fit into smaller cars. There are a lot of benefits to this.

This is Maxi-Cosi travel system compatible. If you have any other Maxi-Cosi products such as a car seat then they fit in seamlessly so this is yet another benefit for parents who may have already invested in this brand already.

Overall, the Maxi-Cosi carrycot and seat this is a fantastic lightweight stroller which is suitable from birth and designed and presented for those who want a pram to be as light and breezy as possible but still want a little bit of luxury quality which can be found in the UK.

iCandy Peach Satin Damson Pushchair & Carrycot Set

iCandy Peach Satin Damson Pushchair & Carrycot Set

The iCandy peach is a modern and economical choice for parents who want a mid range travel system compatible with both urban strolling and being used on public transport. The frame is lightweight, the tyres are functional and grippy and it’s easy to push around with a fantastic shopping basket underneath.

What makes it stand out? For us, it was the overall smooth ride and the value for money in the bundle. You get the buggy for daily walks and naps and a carrycot which is suitable for overnight sleeping with a sleep design and very vibrant colours which perhaps many of their competitors lacks.

Easy to fold, easy to put in the car and easy to shove in the back of the boot which is everything you would possibly need. The X design of the frame is modern and you’ll certainly feel the benefits of this as it’s a cinch to put together and take apart again. The X design is something we note in the best pushchairs because it spreads the weight of the little one through the frame so it feels like you’re pushing thin air and the added wheel suspension softens rough pavements but not quite rough terrain.

iCandy as a brand is also readily available and one of the very few travel systems which have next day delivery available and often on a special offer so a fantastic last minute deal for parents who love to leave things to the last minute. Accessories sold separately.

Hauck Tandem Double Stroller Duett 2

Hauck Tandem Double Stroller Duett 2

For parents of a toddler with another on the way then a double pram might need to be considered. Your existing pram may not be configurable leaving you with a bit of a headache if you need to take the both of them out at once. Out of all the double buggy models out there we think Hauck’s is one of the best pushchairs for this purpose. Here’s why.

The toddler element is so much more spacious than a single pram would be with them in it, this is a huge upgrade for them and really lets them stretch their legs. However, their view is a little obscured but this is unavoidable when you want to take two bays in one pram.

For the newborns you get a standard lie flat (which can be angled) bed but not a car seat or carrycot, so bare that in mind. However, it does the trick without imposing on a toddler and it’s important to remember that the key of a double pram is to be lightweight and strong enough to accommodate two children at once. Both the toddler and the baby can enjoy the built in sun canopy.

The frame is still an X but modified to adapt to house the pram and the lie flat newborn bed. It can fold pretty well but not quite easy enough for a one handed fold. The wheels look thin but work well enough for urban roads and pavements but our advice is to steer clear of grass, mud and rough and rocky pathways as the weight will bog it down a bit.

However, if you have an ISOFIX car seat, you can use that instead for the newborn with an adapter (sold separately). Highly recommended.

Overall, this is one of the best double prams on the market and offers a cheap, lightweight solution to the tricky situation of getting out and about with a toddler and your baby.

Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger

Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger

Getting a pram for twin newborn babies suitable from birth can be tough, and expensive but it doesn’t need to be. This is why we recommend this one from Red Kite. The biggest reason we love it is because the width of the pushchair is about the same as a normal pushchair so you don’t take up any extra space on pavements and on public transport. The lightweight frame also makes it possible to not feel the extra weight when pushing despite there being double the payload in the pushchair.

The rest of the pushchair is pretty basic but functional. Two identical lie flat seats sharing a single sun canopy and a decent shopping basket underneath, they are not parent facing but they do face each other. They can be configured independently for each other. There’s no bells and whistles with this pushchair and that’s exactly why we recommend it. But, it still comes with a rain cover for both and two footmuffs. It is definitely not suitable for overnight sleeping and a not car seat travel system compatible.

Having twins is expensive enough, and after six months you may not even need one anymore anyway so having an economical pushchair like this you may thank us later.

Hauck Runner 3-Wheeler Jogger Style

Hauck Runner 3-Wheeler Jogger Style

If you’re into fitness and you don’t want the arrival of a baby and to bring that to a screeching halt then a lightweight and flexible jogger travel system can be a godsend. Growing families who are keen on fitness may want to consider one of these as it lets you be able to go for a run and take your newborn baby out with you, even on rough terrain as it is easy to manoeuvre and used from birth.

The Hauck runner is certainly one that we’d recommend and bare in mind, we aren’t suggesting that running travel systems be your only pram, we’re suggesting this product in addition to your regular pram as it does lack features such as a car seat and it isn’t travel system compatible, in general. Instead, the Hauck brings everything that’s needed to make running and exercise not just possible but easy and indeed one of the best pushchairs for this specific task.

First, it’s a three wheeled design which makes turnings a little easier to the point where it can be glided left and right with one hand – something prams with four wheels struggle with. This pushchair only has one wheel at the front and two at the back but the wheel suspension and the fact that they are air filled wheels rather than solid rubber means they can adjust to rough pavements, grass and generally the beaten path much easier.

In terms of the seating area, it’s not a full on deep carrycot but there is a lie flat seat feature if you want them to nap, there’s also the five point buckle and a sun canopy to keep them safe.Don’t expect an expensive pram quality bed but it has been bolstered with extra sponge to make the inevitable bumps not filter through to the baby. Underneath, there’s a considerable amount of storage space, comparable to any other pram on the market. Definitely not suitable for overnight sleeping. Lastly, the seat can not be made parent facing as it is set in its way.

Lastly, the Hauck Jogger can be folded flat easily and will fit into most boots and can be accommodating on public transport.

Overall, if you’re an active mum or dad and want to go running with a newborn, six months old baby and well beyond that then the Hauck Jogger really is one of the best on the UK market and all things considered we’d call this a cheap purchase.

Prams for Newborns Buyer’s Guide

Prams are expensive but they are necessary, in our opinion. Making the right choice can make all the difference in a long lasting pleasant experience going out with a newborn and beyond. In our buyer’s guide we take a look at some of the key features and benefits too look out for when making your decision on which to buy.

Benefits of buying a pram

  • Exercise – To us, the biggest benefit of a pram is the ability for a parent to get some exercise whilst still being with your newborn. If you’re a parent who’s alone or a single parent then you might be housebound without a pram at your disposal. Exercise is a really crucial part of the recovery following birth and a pram is a godsend which allows you to get that time and less pressure than a carrier for the first time.
  • A break – Same as above but with the added benefit of having a break! Newborns can often nap during pram time so you can not only exercise but get some peace and quiet while doing so.
  • Get from A To B – If you want to get out of the house and run some errands but there’s no one who can watch your child then a pram can help you do both and faster. A pram leaves both of your hands free and offers some extra space as a shopping basket if they’re not old enough to sit in a trolley.

Will any pram do?

In the UK, so long as they comply with the The Wheeled Child Conveyances (Safety) Regulations 1997 and British Standard BS 7409:1996 then they are deemed safe enough to use and offer the minimum safety and performance levels expected by the law. But, the debate on which pram is right for you does come from how comfortable and convenient it is. Simply put, some prams are just better than others and offer better comfort for your baby as they lie and sit, better manoeuvrability through the wheels and the frame as well as additional features such as a comfortable handle, extra carrying capacity and the ability to fold flat to save space.

When is the best time to buy a pram?

Some people believe it’s best to buy a pram before the baby is born or it will bring bad luck, others believe you just shouldn’t have a new pram in the house before they are born. Many specialist pram shops will even hold your pram for you until you need it so those who are superstitious can still get it early and avoid ‘bad luck’.

In our opinion, buying a pram should be a fun and special experience for the parents and they should take their time with their decision. But, a secret tip for us to you is to try out and decide which pram you’d like as early as possible after the reassurance scan and then wait for as long as possible in case the pram you want comes on offer before the birth.

What you don’t want is a pram sitting in a relatives house gathering dust and then you spot it’s on offer for 10% or 20% a couple of months later. It’s also a good idea to have a short list of three prams which are suitable from birth and then keep an eye on them for any deals which could come up.

Prams are expensive so even just a 5% discount can save you quite a lot of money.

Are newborn prams expensive?

Prams, pushchairs, buggies and strollers can range wildly in price from as low as £100 all the way to over £1,000. The difference between them, despite performing the same task, can be staggering. Prams can be both cheap and expensive so it’s important that you make sure you are getting what you’re paying for, don’t look at the most expensive and assume it has everything you’s like or that it would be the best. To put the cost of a pram into more context:

Prams and any travel system are products of a decent size made with a blend of metal, plastic and rubber. Most will have multiple seats such as a lie flat bed and a car seat. Lastly, most will have some kind of compact fold mechanism when they’re not in use. Generally, as the price goes up so should the comfort, ease of use and how many accessories and different parts you’ll get.

What makes the best newborn pram?

Before you buy a Here are some pointers that you can use to make a checklist that your potential purchase has everything included

Comes in a bundle – The best prams for newborns come in bundles with multiple types of seats – an additional carrycot, car seat and a buggy. Having them all means you can use one depending on the situation. The car seat is perhaps the key one that some may not include, and you can buy this separately but it may not be compatible with the pram. The carrycot should be suitable for overnight sleeping and all seats should be suitable from birth.

Compact fold – Any pram you get should fold flat so that you can easily put it in a car boot, bring your pushchair without issue on public transport and tuck away nicely in your home. Most do fold flat but you should double check before purchase. You’d be amazed how little space a flat pram takes. Additional points for a pushchair that can be folded one handed.

Decent set of tyres – Any decent pushchair should have a good set of tyres when used with newborn babies. But what is a decent set of tyres? Well for us its simple – thick rubber (or air), non flimsy front wheels, treads and a strong connection to the frame of the pushchair.

Parent facing option – With the exception of specialist pushchairs such as ones designed to go jogging with, the best pushchairs for newborns should have a parent facing option. Don’t buy a travel system without checking if it can do this because you should always keep an eye on a newborn when out and about.

Sun guard and a rain cover – Do not buy a travel pushchair if it doesn’t come with a sun guard on every seat which will be used, especially the carrycot. We’ve covered the damage sun can cause to a baby’s skin in several articles and being in a pushchair carrycot is one of the places where they could be at most risk. A rain cover is necessary for obvious reasons. You can buy these separately but often they don’t quite fit perfectly and can be a bit fiddly.

Accessories – Additional accessories make a big difference in the enjoyment of your new suitable from birth pushchair. Things like, a large extendable storage space, a buggy board, lining for the carry cot, foot muffs and a changing bag give enormous value for money. When making direct comparisons please make sure to look at what’s included in the box.

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