Best Rocking Horse For 1 Year Old

best rocking horses for 1 year olds

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A rocking horse used to be a staple in many British homes in days gone by, back when there was limited or no electricity, no video games and access to books and other toys were not as easy or affordable. However, rocking horses still prove to be a fantastic toy that can provide a small burst of enjoyment and physical exercise for your 1-year-old.

1-year-olds come in many shapes and sizes – some may be early walkers, others still crawling. With this in mind, we’ve gathered a list of recommended rocking horses for the home which are safe to use for their size and provide an adequate level of challenge and enjoyment to make it one of their favourite past time and set them up for the bigger toys later in life.

Rocking Horse For 1 Year Old Reviews


Labebe Baby Rocking Horse

Labebe Baby Rocking Horse

Labebe makes more than just the Unicorn rocker design so doesn’t worry if that one isn’t for you, just click the link to view the fox, swan or llama – all made with a wooden base covered in soft plush. This plush baby rocking horse is created with fine craftsmanship which allows the 1-year-old to sit comfortably and safely (has straps in the chair) with an ergonomic set of handles on the front to help them rock it back and forth in a smooth motion. It’s made with a MDF wooden construction throughout which is cheap and lightweight and the ability to flex a little which improves longevity.

There are also some nice additions to the horse which are sounds that can be played when the ears and tail are squeezed which are also made with plush. But, the best additional feature which is the reason this rocking horse is so well-reviewed is that it can be used as a pushchair as it comes with wheels. No tools required to put together.

It has a super-strong load-bearing structure that could handle an adult sitting on it (which we obviously don’t recommend). That should put you at ease about unforeseen accidents. It does need some putting together which should take an experienced adult no more than 20-30 minutes total.

All in all, this is a fantastic first rocking horse for babies 1 and above.

Little Tikes Rocking Horse

Little Tikes Rocking Horse

If you want the most basic but functional rocking horse on the UK market then here it is; the Little Tikes rocking horse in blue or pink. Made entirely of moulded non-toxic plastic with the perfect 35 degrees angled rocking base, ergonomically designed seat with feet rest sill and handles for your little one’s hands.

If you’ve been to any toddler groups or indoor soft play areas then you may have already seen one or two of these rocking horses. If your child used it and some fun then here’s where you can buy the exact version for your home.

Perfect for little ones aged 12 months to 3 years this will provide simple rocking and swaying enjoyment at the cheapest price possible.

If you’re thinking this is just too basic for your needs then consider this – all rocking horses should sway at the same angle (35 degrees) all have a seat, a place to put feet down and of course handles. The Little Tikes rocking horse does all that whilst costing a fraction of the price and the easiest to clean rocking horses we’ve reviewed as it has no holes, nooks or non-plastic parts.

The cheapest rocking horse you’re likely to find.

Birtech Baby Rocking Horse

Birtech Baby Rocking Horse

The Birtech baby rocking horse is a fantastic three in one solution that can be used as a baby rocking horse, a scooter for when they’re a little older and a simple stroller. It’s budget-conscious and functional made entirely of durable HDPE non-toxic plastic which is easy to clean and tough. It can also withstand the elements quite well if it ends up being ‘abandoned’ outside – a wooden rocking horse would quickly succumb to mother nature.

It’s got a friendly horse shape and the rocking motion is made with a board under the wheels (which detach) and provides a smooth rocking movement with a curve that doesn’t encourage topping (35-degree maximum). The seat is ergonomic but it is hard plastic so not as comfortable as a plush rocker but its design does allow your baby to put their feet flat for an orthopaedic seating position.

It’s ergonomically friendly and one of the best rocking horses for those who want a multi-use toddler rocking horse but don’t want to spend a large sum. It’s quality but basic but it’s not the biggest toy in the world so won’t take up a massive amount of space – it’s moulded plastic construction means there are very few loose bits that can be broken off and ruin the look of it.

We really like this rocking horse and recommend it as an entry-level product.

HOMCOM Children Kids Wooden Rocking Horse

HOMCOM Children Kids Wooden Rocking Horse

The Homcom children’s plush rocker is designed for parents who want their child to rock back and forth in total comfort as Homcom have put extra effort into the soft plush seat and in fact the entire rocking animal. The elephant design is complete covered in soft plush which makes the rocker warm and soft to the touch and provides an extra buffer for collisions.

On top of the obvious plush rocking Elephant, it also comes with a staggering 32 nursery rhyme songs which are activated when the Elephant’s hands are pressed which is a nice bonus and adds to the soft, toddler-friendly design. Despite being made with a wood frame and a lot of plush, this is a lightweight model which is easy to take up and down the stairs.

Of course, it’s also got a rocking element which is done with a 35-degree wooden base that has built-in safety measures to ensure it doesn’t rock too far forward or backwards resulting in an accident. This is arguably the most comfortable plush rocking horse for 1-year-olds on the market.

The downside, however, is that your 1-year-old should never eat whilst rocking on this as it can be a pain to keep clean.

EastSun Early Education 18 Months Olds Baby Rocker

EastSun Early Education 18 Months Olds Baby Rocker

The EastSun early education is a blend of music and electronic entertainment and of course a rocking horse. It is rather basic in terms of the rocking motion but it does come with a lot of bells and whistles which would be perfect for 1 year olds who are already into interactive electronic children’s games and that will help them take to this new best rocking horse.

The bells and whistles are a rolling picture story wheel as it’s turned and three music modes which teaches children basic shapes, numbers and ABCs – so there’s a lot more to do on this rocking horse toy than just going back and forward.

It’s made with non-toxic and flamboyant coloured plastic to make a great looking unicorn rocker ideal for babies 1 year old and above. Overall, we don’t think this is the best rocking horse on the UK market but it may cater for some children who find enjoyment in toys with lights and music.

Rocking Horse For Babies 1 Year’s old Buyer’s Guide and FAQs

There are so many toys and games for babies and toddlers on the UK market these days that parents simply don’t have space for them all and certainly not the budget for most households. If you’re in two minds about buying a rocking horse or perhaps you want to get one ‘big’ toy and wondering whether a rocking horse is the best choice then please read on.

Below we’ve answered the most common questions in relation to rocking horses which may help you make an informed decision about which one to buy or whether you really want to buy one at all.

What is the right age for a rocking horse?

Babies of all ages can enjoy a rocking horse provided they can hold the weight of their own head and their feet can reach the bottom of the rocker and they are able to reach and grasp the handles of the horse ‘head’. Typically, the best and most recommended age to buy a rocking horse is 1 but they can still enjoy it at ages 2 and ages 3.

The dangers of getting a rocking horse that is not age-appropriate are the risk of smacking their heads on the head of the horse, falling off the sides because they can’t stabilise themselves with the feet holders or handles or rolling it forwards or backwards if they’re too old for that particular rocking horse.

Are rocking horses good for babies?

Rocking horses are fantastic for babies (aged 1+) for a number of reasons. The first and most obvious benefit is to help them work their gross motor skills which are their large muscles which are used to rock the horseback and forth. If your baby isn’t walking yet, a wooden rocking horse or a plush rocking horse can help them strengthen their muscles to help on their walking journey and then on to a balance bike.
Secondly, a rocking horse also helps with fine motor skills when they grasp the handle of the rocking horse head. It is not the best toy for this skill but it can help it a little.
Thirdly, a great rocking horse will help your 1-year-old baby/toddler with their balance which is a key skill for walking and running. They will begin to understand how to balance themselves through the actions they need to take to make the horse rock back and forth.
Thirdly, a great rocking horse will help your 1-year-old baby/toddler with their balance which is a key skill for walking and running. They will begin to understand how to balance themselves through the actions they need to take to make the horse rock back and forth.
Lastly, a rocking horse helps children, at the most basic level we must admit, understand the basics of physics and cause and effect. 1-year-olds using a rocking horse will begin to learn that if they push in a certain direction the rocking horse will react. They may not understand why but they will understand that it does happen and can build a foundation of how children learn that things drop and fall if they throw it and so on.
All of that from just a simple wooden rocking horse!

Are rocking horses good for toddlers?

Toddlers can get more from a rocking horse toy than babies, because they will be a little bit stronger and more able to rock back and forth to the rocking horses full potential. But, as the best rocking horses are recommended from 1 years old and probably are a little too basic for children 3 years and older the best time to get is as close to 12 months as possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting a rocking horse for a toddler and then they’re bored of it after a year.
But, to answer the question – yes, a rocking horse is a good gift to get a toddler as long as it’s age appropriate to them.

Are rocking horses dangerous?

A rocking horse can be dangerous if it’s not made with UK children’s safety regulations in mind, if it’s used by children older than the recommended age or if it’s forcibly used to deliberately push the product above its limits. We’d also not that DIY rocking horses are a big risk as the angles of commercial a commercial rocking horse base is made specifically so that it doesn’t topple over. Another risk is when the rocking horses main plate/head is at the same height as the child’s head which can result in a collision.

How does a rocking horse work?

A rocking horse works by having a low centre of gravity and two bows as the base which are angled so that when the rocking horse has force applied forwards or backwards it sways and tilts back and forth and tied to the centre of gravity. The user can use the handles on the rocking horse head to apply the force in a direction. The best rocking horses provide a soft seat for the user to be comfortable and even more modern ones may have music or graphics as well.

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