Best Toddler Floaties

best toddler floaties

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A floatie is an inflatable toy that children can use in paddling pools, swimming pools and the sea. Generally, they’re made for fun and not as a safety product (they should still be using armbands and so on). However, swim floaties definitely make swimming a lot more fun which can keep them occupied and exercising for longer.

Here’s our recommended list of the best floaties for toddlers.

Best Floating Swim Aids For Toddlers Reviews


Flyboo Sunshade Shark Floating Toy and Pool Ring

Flyboo Sunshade Shark Floating Toy and Pool Ring

We think this is a really good toddler floatie which will delight many parents because it does more than one important task at once. For starters, it acts like a flotation device which keeps their heads above water and makes learning to swim fun. Second, it has a half canopy at the top which offers a little sun protection (on their back).

Underneath the swim ring are two holes for their legs that they won’t be able to slip through, a comfortable seat and safety handles for the parents who may need to grab and steer it quickly.

Overall, this is highly recommended for children aged from 6 months to 36 months to be used in a swimming pool or a pool with enough depth for water clearance under their feet.

Myir Baby Float

Now this is a fantastic flotation device which helps children (toddlers) learn to swim without ‘throwing them in at the deep end’ (pun intended). It works well because the floatie enables kids to feel comfortable and safe whilst resting on their back which encourages them to begin to swim in front crawl and to use their back legs to kick.

Coastguard approved thanks to the new design which adds to round floats to the back which prevents it collapsing going backwards. This is available for less than £20 and does a lot more than most floaties we think.

Intex Deluxe Baby Float Beach Toys

Intex Deluxe Baby Float Beach Toys

This is a cheap and cheerful coast guard approved flotation device will seat babies and toddlers safely so they can enjoy the experience of a swimming pool or an ocean without needing to keep themselves afloat. It is perfect for toddlers who are not adept at swimming or have not had any formal swimming classes yet.

It’s available for less than £10 but just remember to put on plenty of sun cream as it does not come with a canopy. Intex are specialist in water play.

Konfidence Float Suit

Although not strictly a floatie, the Konfidence float suit enables toddlers to enjoy being in the pool safely without having arm bands which can come off or a flotation device they are always stuck to. It works by having the same material as arm floaties but they are attached around the waist which will help them float and keep them warm thanks to the suit itself. Sizes range from 1 years to 4 years – not for a baby.

It isn’t coast guard approved as it works as a helping hand and won’t keep them afloat without some effort from the kids who are using it so bare that in mind, it is not suitable as a life jacket. With that in mind, we recommend this float suit is used in conjunction with formal or informal swimming classes where the instructor/slash parents wants them to have a bit more independence and slightly less reliance on them manually keeping them above water.

An added benefit is the area the swim suit covers is protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

A really good product from Konfidence ideal for swim schools and summer holidays but it is not a life jacket.

Intex Floating Hoop Game

Intex Floating Hoop Game

We think the best floatie that’s recommended for children and is FUN is this simple floating hoop game. Most of the recommended floaties online are designed just to keep kids afloat such as arm bands and seated rings but kids can quite easily get bored of just swimming round and round. So, why not mix things up and introduce a fun game while they learn to swim?

Available for under a tenner and provides a healthy dose of enjoyment and exercise as they try and get the ball in the hoop and then swim around to retrieve the ball to do it all over again.

Zoggs Kid’s Float Bands Water Wings

Zoggs Kid's Float Bands Water Wings

If arm floaties are what you’re after then we can’t recommend Zogg’s enough. The most important aspect is that comfort comes first before style with a contoured gusset to reduce rubbing and extend how long kids can use them before complaining of soreness. The fit is superb and doesn’t suffer from slipping off all the time with heavy duty use in the water. Swim aids can be boring and many parents feel they need to buy into a gimmick to get their kids to use them but that can be a mistake.

Zogg’s kids safe arm band is one of the best swim aids on the market and can cater for kids aged 1 all the way to 12 to help them be safe in the water.

Sevylor Arm Bands Puddle Jumper

Sevylor Arm Bands Puddle Jumper

A Sevylor puddle jumper is a hybrid flotation device between a float suit and arm bands. A puddle jumper helps keep them safe in the water but also promotes them to try to swim (front crawl) due to the extra flotation devices on the chest area.

This particular puddle jumper is suitable for kids and toddlers aged 2-5 but it is a little more expensive than many other flotation devices but the quality of the product does justify that price tag. Being a hybrid type of arm floaties this is just as suitable in a paddling pool, swimming pool and even the sea with supervision. One of the best swim aids on the UK market for those who don’t want to mollycoddle their child with a full on floating ring which can often hinder the progression of learning to swim independently.

TWF Kids 100N Approved Life Jacket Childs Children 

TWF Kids 100N Approved Life Jacket Childs Children

There are many products, even some of the best swim products for toddlers listed online, that use the word life jacket or claim to be good enough to be a life jacket but it simply isn’t the case. Out of all the flotation devices online we’ve seen and used there aren’t many who can get anywhere near as safe as the TWF life jackets. TWF life jackets are EN, CE & ISO Approved which makes them suitable to be worn in any water related scenario including boating in open seas.

It isn’t cheap but you can’t put a price on your child’s safety when near an open body of water and that’s why we think this is the best toddler life jacket.

Toddler Floaties FAQs

The best swim products for toddlers but the safety of the child first, then make sure they are comfortable and work well before adding gimmicks and colours afterwards. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to toddler floaties to help you make an informed decision on which of our great recommendations to get for your children so everyone has a happy time in the water.

Should toddlers use floaties?

Toddlers should wear something that provides buoyancy whether they are sitting floaties, vest or arm floaties. Toddlers can be great swimmers for their age but they can easily drown by getting tired and it can happen quicker than you think. However, even if kids are wearing a floatie they need to be supervised at all times in an open body of water.

What do 2 year old toddlers wear in a pool?

Typically, 2 year olds toddlers would wear at the very least an arm band while swimming in a pool.

What is the best float for a 1 year old?

We feel Zogg’s arm bands are great in small bodies of water but some 1 year olds can be stronger and more capable in the pool than others. For 1 year olds who have never had any formal swimming classes we recommend something simple like a sitting float which will keep their heads above water without effort.

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