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Toy garages offer an awful lot of fun for children of varying ages as well as their parents while playing with them. Like many toys, they may seem simplistic at first glance with little education value but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Children learn through play and a toy garage gives them plenty of opportunity to flex their motor skills as well as a basic understanding of physics.

Toy garages are great for rainy days but can also be used outside and can be played simultaneously by up to 4 people in most cases. Some toy garages can be small and made of wood and others can be gigantic and made out of moulded plastic. The main difference between them is how complex the garage is and how long and varied the road/track is.

We’ve researched the best toy garages available to buy in the UK to help you find the best one for your children.

Best Toy Garages Reviews


VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Garage

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Garage

According to a fake poll a 100% of parents have at least one product from the V-Tech Toot-Toot drivers range. They are cheap to buy and easy to get a hold of and always share similar aesthetics between products so you should know what to expect. This one in particular is an excellent starting point for younger toddlers with chunky roads and chunky cars which makes grabbing easier. Our toddler was able to easily get the basics of how the toy works and got some genuine excitement straight away.

There are 9 different touch points with plenty of audio visual feedback for your child. Our own child doesn’t seem to be bothered about the sounds but your child may be different. As parents we find the general Toot-Toot drivers noises irritating but it’s not us who will be using it at the end of the day. A warning for mums and dads, though, it can be a little fiddly to put together and the stickers in the image need to be manually applied. This is the case with most toy garages, though.

This is an ideal toy garage for kids aged between 12 months and 6 but our recommendation would be for 12 months of age to 2 years from personal experience. But, as far as entry level and cheap toy garages go this really is one of the best.

Fisher-Price Little People Helpful Neighbor’s Garage

Fisher-Price Little People Helpful Neighbor's Garage

The Little People helpful neighbours is an excellent entry level toy car garage which can be played by children aged 18 months and above. This garage playset has three floors with two cars (wheelies) with built in characters which are big enough to be grasped by little hands to push their fine motor skills. There are plenty of zooming around using the chunky and colourful ramps and parking garages. Despite being entry level it still features a fully working elevator (works with a crank).

All in all, this would be a fantastic first garage for your child to get them into imaginative play and begin an interest in cars and playing out real life scenarios. Price is very competitive and Fisher-Price is a reliable brand.

Hot Wheels City Garage with Loops and Shark

Hot Wheels City Garage with Loops and Shark

For something more advanced for older toddlers and infants, look no further than the global brand Hot Wheels. This beast does come complete with parking spaces, multi level garage, service station, gas station, but it is the track sets that sets it apart. The orange coloured spiral ramp is a sight to behold and takes the fun to the next level which could provide hours of enjoyment rather than minutes with some of the more basic toy garages.

The images can be misleading, if this is your first Hot Wheels set then you will get two cars included with it and not several like the images show. However, Hot Wheels tracks are fairly compatible with most toys cars that aren’t wooden cars.

This is a rather significant purchase but it is among the best toy garages money can buy, provided you have a child who has an existing interest in toys like this. If your child is timid and into subtle and passive toys then this isn’t for them.

Theo Klein Bosch Car Service Multi-Storey Car Park

Theo Klein Bosch Car Service Multi-Storey Car Park

For a mid range toy garage that provides one of the best value for money then take a look at the Bosch multi storey garage. Comes with plenty of ramps and roads for cars to travel for 20-30 seconds, a fully working elevator, parking garage on the sides and basic service garage at the bottom. They’ll definitely spend more time racing their cars rather than using the garage, car wash or the station. This works more like a toy car ramp more than a garage but for less than £40 you get a lot of product for your money.

It’s a significant product and taller than most toddlers which can amaze them when it’s fully made up. This increased height also makes it a little easier to play with with less crouching to get going. Cars are included but it’s also compatible with most metal toy cars but not so much with wooden cars.

My biggest complaint is with how fiddly the assemble is, all stickers need to be applied manually and the plastic parts need to be put in exact with little wiggle room. However, this is nitpicking as this is a glorious toy garage that will blow your mind with how big it is for such a low price.

Melissa & Doug Keys & Cars Rescue Garage

Melissa & Doug Keys & Cars Rescue Garage

We’ve gone for something a little bit different with this one – it caters for young toddlers and not flamboyant like some of the others. This service station garage playset tries to emphasise fine motor skills and imaginative play as children aim to lock and open the garages to let the cars out. It’s small single level garage design, wooden frame and wooden cars really slow things down which helps to create a more relaxing atmosphere on a table top. No big messes and loud noises for mum and dad!

This set can also introduce your child to emergency services such as an ambulance, police and fire service, just don’t expect them to race!

The Melissa & Doug set is also relatively cheap and won’t cost the earth to posses which is ideal for parents on a budget. All on all, this is a fantastic product and easily one of the best toy garages on the UK market.

Matchbox Large-Scale 4-Level Garage Play Set and Tow Truck

Matchbox Large-Scale 4-Level Garage Play Set and Tow Truck

Matchbox (Mattel) are an endearing kids toy brand and still going strong in 2021. Out of their lineup, we think the 4 level garage and tow truck is the best of the bunch. Featuring spiral ramps, parking station, car wash and a tow truck this is both exciting and slow paced at the same time which will improve fine motor skills and imaginative play.

This set is more wide than it is high which can make the toy seem larger than it is, it looks super realistic and very little fiddling around with stickers and liveries across the station. It’s one of the most fun models due to the layout being stretched so cars take a little more time to get around than usual.

The standout feature for us when we tested it with our little boy is how many different activities they’ve managed to fit in a small space and a decent price point.

Toy Garages FAQs

No one can buy every single toy on the UK market for their children so when it comes to a birthday or Christmas time it can be a little bit stressful to know what to buy. We’ve bought so many toys for our little boy and he plays with about half of them, the other half is just money down the drain. With this in mind, this little section will help you figure out for yourself if a toy garage is a toy worth buying, will your child get much out of it and of course which is the best in our opinion.

Are toy garages good sets to play with?

A garage playset, like any toy, provides fun and kids learn by having fun provided the toy can stimulate them and provide a challenge. A good garage toy should provide a little more than just a ramp so look for one that promoted imaginative play through the use of a lift, helicopter helipad, car wash, petrol station with pump and more than one level garage if possible.

Are toy garages safe for young children?

Garages can be a great gift provided they meet the above criteria and they are built sturdy. Avoid purchasing a very tall track for short infants or models with vehicles which could be a choking hazard. Garages which are complex and hard to assemble should also be avoided for younger kids who may accidentally break the set periodically creating a lot of frustration. Sometimes, more features aren’t necessarily a good thing. Don’t race to buy the ones with the most bells and whistles, buy to suit the intended child.

Plastic or wood?

Plastic is more durable and colorful but wood is more warm to the touch. Plastic racing sets also allow cars to move faster down the ramps. Wooden toy parking and ramp yours are perhaps better for younger children with plastic car park sets better to stack higher levels without being too heavy.

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