Can I Dye My Hair When Breastfeeding?

can you dye your hair while breastfeeding

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Being a breastfeeding mum is a 24 hour task that leaves little time for you to take care or even pamper yourself. You may well be craving to feel like ‘you’ again and wondering if it’s safe to dye your hair whilst breastfeeding.

I breastfed my children as did Ronnie’s wife so we know the feeling of craving of having some me time. Equally, we know the effects of a lack of sleep and having so little time to wash hair properly can have on its look. If you haven’t got the time to visit a hairdresser then the second best thing is to dye it at home. I know that feeling as my grays started to really become obvious after a birth.

In this article we will explore whether the process of having your hair dyed is safe when breastfeeding your baby and whether the chemicals from the dye infiltrate into your breast milk. We know that breastfed babies can feed around the clock so we will also explore whether it is okay to breastfeed your baby during the process of having your hair coloured. Finally, we look at the steps to take to safely dye your hair whilst breastfeeding; as well as some safe and natural alternatives. 

Can I use hair dye when breastfeeding? 


According to the NHS, you can dye your hair when breastfeeding as the amount of chemicals entering your bloodstream from the hair dying process is so small that it is so unlikely that a significant amount would ever be transferred through your milk. Research and information into the area of hair dye and breastfeeding but many women have used hair dye and breastfed with no known negative repercussions to this. The breastfeeding network also offers reassuring information when it comes to dying your hair whilst breastfeeding.  They explain that whilst breastfeeding you can safely have your hair coloured, permed, straightened or bleached because the chemical levels reaching your breast milk after these treatments would be insignificant.  

What does the expert say?
Salena Zanotti, MD from the Cleveland Clinic has looked into this in detail, and agrees with our assessment. She says “You can safely colour your hair if you’re breastfeeding, just keep your baby out of the room when you’re coloring so the smells don’t irritate them. And you should still wear gloves and do it in a well-ventilated area.”

Can I breastfeed my baby whilst having my hair dyed? 

Whether you plan to dye your hair at home or at a salon, you may be wondering if it is okay to breastfeed your baby during the process. Although you can rest assured that any chemicals from the hair dye won’t be affecting your baby via your breast milk; you may want to avoid having your baby breathe in the chemicals from the hair dying process. If you’re getting your hair dyed at a salon, perhaps consider expressing a bottle for your baby to allow you to go to for your treatment in peace and keep your baby away from the strong smell of the chemicals. If you are planning on dying your hair at home with your baby around then open windows and keep the space well ventilated to reduce the amount of dye chemicals that your baby will breathe in. 

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How to safely dye hair while breastfeeding?

The process of dying your hair whilst breastfeeding is safe: the chemicals entering your bloodstream are so insignificant that it will not negatively impact your breastmilk.  Ideally, it is best to dye your hair away from your baby to prevent them from inhaling the chemicals from the dye. If you are going to dye your hair at home with your baby around; open all windows to create a well ventilated space or use an air purifier. Alternatively, Healthline has 7 natural hair dye recipes: from carrot juice to lemon juice and from coffee to camomile tea. These natural hair dyes could be a safer replacement to a standard hair dye. Secondly, you might enjoy the process of creating and making your own hair dye from the natural ingredients. 

Dying your hair whilst breastfeeding

Now that you know it is perfectly safe to get your hair dyed whilst breastfeeding we hope you can confidently book your appointment and go and enjoy some time to yourself. If you are dying your hair at home with your baby around; create a well ventilated space. If you’re unable to get to the salon and don’t feel comfortable having those chemicals around your baby then why not try out some of the natural alternatives? We’d love to hear what option you go for. 

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