Can you get lip fillers while pregnant?


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Many people see pregnancy as the end of many luxuries and nice to haves such as alcohol, caffeine, fake tan and certain pharmaceuticals and some beauty products. Towards the last decade, cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers became more and more accessible and affordable making them increasingly popular for women. But, are lip fillers safe to have when pregnant?

This article helps to answer that question and provide guidance over the procedure whilst expecting.

Are lip fillers safe for pregnant women?


Lip and dermal fillers have not officially been labelled by anyone certified medical professional or body as safe. This is because there have not been any clinical studies over a long period to verify the effects on cases. Pregnant women are unlikely to be queuing up to take part in a clinical study which could potentially harm them and their baby, so the prospects of a future study are low.

That being said, lip fillers are unlikely to cause a problem because the substance surgeons will use is hyaluronic acid (juvederm) which is a naturally occurring substance which absorbs a tremendous amount of water to achieve that plump look. The fillers do not enter the bloodstream and would not impact the fetus in any way, that we know of.

Despite this, injecting lip fillers is still a medical procedure and with any invasive treatment, anything can go wrong. Anything you can do deliberately and which is unnecessary should be avoided. So, to get off the fence – are lip fillers safe for pregnant women? No. Getting lip fillers may be low-risk but to say they are perfectly safe is not true.

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Are lip fillers safe for the baby?

Because injecting lip fillers when pregnant isn’t safe then it can’t be safe for the baby either. Anything that puts the mother at risk can put the baby at risk. However, lip fillers while pregnant are low-risk as the hyaluronic acid doesn’t go anywhere near the baby physically or through the bloodstream. There have been no clinical trials done with a fetus at any age so no one can say with certainty that it is safe.

At the end of the day, it is legal to get lip fillers while pregnant and low-risk, so it is up to the mother whether lip fillers are worth that risk.

Are lip fillers safe while breastfeeding?

Generally, Juvederm lip injections are low risk to use while breastfeeding as the substances which are injected to do not affect the breastmilk much. However, they could be present in the breastmilk so they can’t be classed as ‘safe’.

Again, there are very little trials surrounding nursing and lip fillers to be able to confirm one way or another. It is classed as a low risk so it is the mother’s choice whether to go ahead with lip injections.

Can you get lip fillers while pregnant?

It is not illegal to get lip fillers if you’re pregnant and it is the choice of the mother and the medical professional to provide the service. Some beauticians may not offer the service to pregnant women thanks to the unknown side effects and lack of clinical trials. As with most private health and beauty services you should be required to sign a waiver accepting the risks which will include something about pregnancy and breastfeeding so it’s important to be honest with them as you’re accepting all risks should something go wrong.

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