Can You Put Calpol In Juice?

can you put calpol in juice

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Calpol and other paracetamol based medicines is a staple in British households for helping their little ones get over minor illnesses such as colds, flu and taking the edge off teething. These days, Calpol is provided with a syringe which makes it quick easy to get exact measurements down their mouths without fuss, but even with that some parents find their kids will simply not take it and either hate the flavour or hate the texture of it.

This can be a nightmare since Calpol is there to make their lives a little easier and it seems daft not to take it. But, kids are kids and this is just another obstacle for parents to get past or go around.

A common question we get is whether or not Calpol can be diluted in a liquid that they do like to help them get it down, such as juice, squash or cordial.

Putting Calpol in juice – the lowdown

kids juice calpol

Yes, putting Calpol in juice can be done and it would mean that they will get the medicine provided they drink all the juice, but there are some issues to consider when using this method:

  • They may not take it all – If they don’t drink the whole drink then they won’t have taken the full dose. This won’t cause any harm but the effect will not be as strong, for example if you want to give them 10ml of Calpol but they drink half their drink then it’s hard to know how much of the Calpol they had. This can lead to some people overcompensating and trying to give them more than the recommended dose. Make sure to not over-dilute and make a small juice.
  • It doesn’t mix well – Calpol has a different consistency to water/juice which means it doesn’t mix well and can separate if left standing. To combat this, stir it vigorously and offer it to them as soon as its been stirred.
  • It affects the taste – Calpol is flavoured which changes the flavour of the juice – they may end up not even liking the drink at all.
  • They won’t feel the effect – Calpol and other painkilling medicines such as ibuprofen are designed to be taken in one go so that it all enters the bloodstream to numb the pain. If your child sips on their Calpol filled juice casually over time then they may not get the benefits at all because it will enter the blood stream slowly.
  • It’s too diluted –

The above are all things to consider but they do not mean you can’t put Calpol in juice and that it won’t work.

If using a syringe doesn’t work and neither does putting it in their favourite juice then why not consider: