Can You Take Gaviscon With Omeprazole

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Indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux are very common side effects during pregnancy. It’s caused the tidal wave of hormones and later down the line by the pressure of the growing baby pressing on your stomach.

In the UK, Gaviscon is probably the leading brand of medicine widely available (if you Google pregnancy heartburn they will have ads on) but it is not the only one. Omeprazole can also be prescribed to treat the same thing, sometimes under the brands Losec or Pyrocalm.

Can You Take Gaviscon With Omeprazole at the same time?

Gaviscon and Omeprazole are both safe to take unless you are taking prescription drugs or suffering with stomach ulcers. This is verified from the NHS and the manufacturers themselves.

When it comes to taking them both at the same time, the answer is yes you can but with a caveat. Since they do the same thing and end up in the same place it is not advised to ingest them at the same time – there is a risk that they will cancel each other out and end up not helping with the heart burn at all.

If you’ve been using one so far and it doesn’t seem to have helped, then there is no point carrying on using it and then use the other. Gaviscon is not going to make Omeprazole work better and vice versa. Lifestyle changes can make a bigger difference than medicine in a lot of cases.

If you are adamant on using both then we advise to space the doses apart by around 4 hours, that is the length of time Gaviscon lasts on average.

Can You Take Gaviscon With Omeprazole at the same time while pregnant?

Gaviscon and Omeprazole can be taken while pregnant, but like previous advice they should be spaced out and not ingested simultaneously. Some studies have found that minor levels of Gaviscon/Omeprazole does enter the placenta but it is not absorbed by the baby.

However, no one can say that taking anything while pregnant is 100% safe. Studies involving pregnant women are scarce for obvious reasons which leads us to advise that it is much better to try and combat heartburn and indigestion yourself by eating smaller meals, resting and avoiding spicy foods.

If you absolutely must take it when pregnant then try and take smaller doses, further spread apart and never exceed the recommended dose.

Can You Take Gaviscon With Omeprazole at the same time while breastfeeding?

Gaviscon and Omeprazole are generally safe to take while pregnant, there are even versions of Gaviscon you can give to a baby. However, much like its use while pregnant it is best to try and treat without medicine and if the need is urgent then take smaller doses, spread apart and never exceed the recommended dose.

Gaviscon is poorly absorbed from the gut and minimal measurements will ever get into your milk. But, nothing in life is 100% safe so it’s always best to use with caution.


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