Do Babies Fart In The Womb?

do babies fart in the womb

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Babies can do an awful lot in the womb that a lot of people don’t realise, even the mothers! They don’t just sit there quietly and grow for 9 months before they’re born. We all know they can turn, kick and even hear noises from the outside world. But, babies can do an awful lot more and they also don’t do a lot of things that many people may expect which includes normal bodily functions such as burping, weeing and pooing. A lot of people also wonder if babies can pass wind in the womb and this quick article gives the answer as well as a brief explanation.

Do babies fart and pass wind in the womb?

No! Babies can’t fart or pass wind in the womb. There are two reasons why humans far and that is because of air they’ve ingested or because of the food they are digesting and babies don’t do either of these things. Fetuses in the womb do not breathe air because they get their oxygen from the placenta and directly into the bloodstream, plus, there’s no air to breathe inside the amniotic sac, anyway.

Secondly, babies inside the womb don’t digest their food in their stomachs, through the colon and out the other end because they get all their needs from the placenta via the umbilical cord, therefore there’s nothing to digest to create gas which ends up as a fart.

Do babies do any bowel movements in the womb?

A growing baby’s digestive system is pretty much on standby during the entire pregnancy because there is nothing for it to do. But of course, it is constantly growing to be ready to take colostrum/formula milk when it is born. However, even after birth, their digestive system is incredibly juvenile hence why they do not start to devour takeaways straight away. You can expect a whole lot of bowel movements from day 1, whether they’re breastfed or not, which does include some smelly farts!

I’ve felt bubbles in my tummy – are these not farts?

Almost all pregnant women will have felt what feels like a baby fart during pregnancy, you can feel the air bubbles move around what feels like the womb. But, the reality is the air bubbles you feel are either the swishing inside the amniotic sac or your own bubbles around the womb. Sadly, those feelings you get are not farts.

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