Editorial Policy

Parenting is a serious subject which operates in many areas such as healthy and development. As such, we consider our responsibility to potential readers with every article we write no matter how trivial the subject.

As such, we our writers follow strict policies:

Do not write what you do not know

We will never write an article where we do not know the answer or truly believe that the answer is not correct or appropriate. Our writing team consists of real parents, midwives and lactation consultants which covers a lot go ground but we don’t know everything there is to know, especially the science. If we make a claim, we will usually refer to an expert.

Treat readers as humans

We understand that the readers will be humans looking for human answers, this is why we provide answers in a digestible way and with respect.

Give the truth

We don’t beat around the bush or provide false hope – we will straight up answer honestly no matter how hard it might be to read. This is a policy that is close to our heart as we have been given plenty of lies on our time as parents which we may have followed in our naïvety. In fact, that journey is one of the reasons Best For Parents was made in the first place.

Be accountable

Our articles have comment sections, we have social media profiles and we have an email. When readers give us feedback, constructive or not, we will always put ourselves in their shoes and decide if the content could be updated or is just plain wrong.

Trust the parents

We trust ourselves and we ultimately trust the parents visiting our site to make the best judgement based on what they’ve read.

High technical standards

We openly disclose that sometimes we may earn commissions based on clicks as well as through adverts in our affiliate disclosure. We have a privacy policy which states how your data is used and lastly we have our terms and conditions which clearly state how this website is meant to be used.