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best first walker wellies

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Wellies will be an essential type of footwear for your toddler as they grow up. It lets them get out of the house in the rain and enjoy jumping in puddles without getting soggy feet, we’ve covered kids wellies but what’s out there for new walkers?

We’ve gone through several pairs of wellies with our kids and we have seen first hand the gulf in quality. But, you will need them and you the experience is better when they fit well and made with good quality materials.

For toddlers who have just learned to walk or those still learning the ropes it can be tricky to find the perfect first pair of wellies that will be both easy to walk in and functional at keeping their feet warm and dry.

Here, we’ll show you some of the best first walker wellies we’ve found and a guide on what to look for before buying a pair. There’s no need to stay in when it’s wet and cold!

First Walker Wellies Reviews


Crocs Unisex Early Walker Handle It Rain Boots

Crocs Unisex Early Walker Handle It Rain Boots

Who doesn’t know the brand Crocs? These lovely waterproof rain boots start from UK size 3, they are made with nice feeling rubber and have a handy handle to carry them about and store them away. They fit really well and have a heel for extra grip which is great for rainy days.

The colours are bright and fun and great even if your child’s not quite there with the walking. They are a bit expensive, though, but they should last a full autumn/winter.

Ladeheid Children’s EVA Wellington Boots

Ladeheid Children's EVA Wellington Boots

These are bordering on full size kids wellies at size 5.5, but they are a good option for children who may be late walkers. Ladeheid are a Polish brand. Waterproof thanks to the inner fleece (pictured), great fit and have a nice chunky heel for stable walking. Not many wellington boots have features but the handle is a nice bonus.

Easy on the wallet too and significantly cheaper than some of the other brands we’ve reviewed which make them potentially the best first walker welly if the size is right for you.

Playshoes Unisex Baby Waterproof Rain Footies 

Playshoes Unisex Baby Waterproof Rain Footies 

For parents who don’t want the wellies but do want their babies feet to stay warm then why not consider rain “footies”. These waterproof covers go over the shoes and legs to keep them warm and dry without the need to buy wellies.

These are best for children who can’t walk yet or at the very early stages of learning. The fleece lining will keep their little feet nice and toasty and there’s plenty of room to fit multiple sizes which will give you a few years of wear. Great for parents who don’t avoid bad weather.

Toddler Rubber Wellingtons

Toddler Rubber Wellingtons

A slightly cheaper option are these rubber wellington boots. Waterproof, very flexible and a bright colour. The sole is very flat but they will keep your early walker’s feet nice and dry. We recommend packing them up with some thick fluffy socks to reduce any play inside. Size starts at 4.5.


Are wellies good for new walkers?

New walkers are unsteady and they have flat feet which means they are susceptible to falling over when walking. Wellies in general do not fit as well as shows and there can be some play around the ankle and calves. But, as long as they only use wellies sparingly on rainy days they will be more than good enough.
As long as they practice the majority of the time in shoes then the odd rainy day out in wellies will cause no harm.

What’s the best fit for a first walker welly?

To make sure there’s plenty of room to grow and to potentially fit thick socks in we advise to go up 1 size from whatever fitted show they are used to. If there’s a little bit more play than usual then put another pair of socks on.

When can a toddler first have their first wellies?

From what we’ve gathered, wellies start at around size 3. So rather than look at their age look at their fit instead. But, don’t try and guess their size – always get them measured at a reputable UK shoe shop first such as Clarks. Ill fitting shoes can lead to accidents and a miserable experience both if they’re too small and too big.

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