Fisher Price Multi Storey Car Park Review

Fisher Price Multi Storey Car Park Review

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An unconventional toy that’s equally stimulating for your toddler, Fisher Price released a newer version of its ‘garage’ named the multi storey car park.

The toy isn’t just for car enthusiasts, but it simulates a little happy environment, where your neighbours ask your kids to help them fix their cars, fuel them, and send them down a ramp.

We’re talking about a good old-fashioned toy that’ll help your kid have fun and learn at the same time. Reducing screen time for kids? We’re all for it.

You might ask yourself, “Why would my kid want a multi storey car garage?” 

We’ll answer this question in this review.


Fisher Price Multi Storey Car Park Review

Fisher Price Multi Storey Car Park comes with two “wheelievehicles” that your kid can use to play straight out of the box. The vehicles have built-in characters. You have the option of getting additional cars, but they’re sold separately. 

A real metal bell ring makes a ‘ding’ sound when you use the turn crank to lift the elevator up to the pretend charging station or down to the pretend gas pump. For an added touch of fun, your kid can place the car on the mechanic’s platform and look under the hood to examine for defects.

When the kids are done fixing their neighbour’s cars and fueling them, they can let the wheelievehicles go down the spiral ramp to go on a new adventure. 

The set doesn’t take much space, as it measures 34.29 x 13.41 x 31.8 cm. It’s made of plastic and pretty lightweight (100 grams). That’s both a pro and a con; it’s easy to carry around, but some parents found it slightly flimsy. 

Is It Good?

Fisher Price’s car park has been a hit among kids for years. The colourful garage looks delightful, and it packs a lot for it its price. It’ll take a while for your kid to get bored with this toy. 

Reviewers loved how improved this version was over its predecessor, where it’s easier to carry, and the bell feature appealed to their kids. After all, the set is small but does everything that the bigger one does. Who wants a cumbersome toy? 

Another reviewer loved how interactive the set was, but they noted that when you use the turn handle, you might lift the whole thing instead of the lift itself. Almost all reviewers complimented the little vehicles and how easy to grab they are by the little hands of their toddlers.

You can use it on the floor or place it on a table. No safety hazards, and its size will fit. The build quality is above average, and some people said that they saved the garage in pristine condition and even passed it to younger siblings.

Besides, this type of toy helps develop your kid’s sensory abilities, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive function. So, they’ll be benefiting from the set while having fun.

Overall, Fisher Price multi storey car park is a nice to have kid’s toy that provides good value for money. 

Fisher Price Multi Storey

What Age Is This Suitable For?

Fisher Price car park is suitable for kids ranging between 18 months and five years. However, it won’t be convenient for the younger crowd because its small parts might pose safety hazards. 

You can use this toy to spend quality time with your kids, interacting with them and asking them to fuel up and fix the cars. They might learn a thing or two about responsibility this way!

The game is also imaginative and will get your kids to interact with their imaginary neighbours, which can enhance their creativity at such a young age. 

Can I Use Hot Wheels/Matchbox Cars for This?

Depending on their size, you can try and fit other small cars in the Fisher Price park. Matchbox cars specifically fit in perfectly within both the ramp and the lift.

If the car’s size is fine but gets stuck on the spiral ramp, you might want to wipe the ramp with a damp cloth. Even the wheelievehicles that come with the set might get stuck inside the ramp sometimes. 


Fisher Price multi storey car park is a nice game that’ll help stimulate your kid’s sensory skills and enhance their eye-hand coordination. On top of that, it’s fun for kids and super easy to carry around.

If you’re looking for a toy to get your kids off those iPad screens, this might be the one for you.