How Long Can Baby Sleep in a Swing?

How Long Can Baby Sleep in a Swing?

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Using a swing to put your baby to sleep is safe within moderation. Short naps under your supervision are okay, but it’s extremely risky to let them spend the night in the swing while you sleep. This article will highlight how long can baby sleep in a swing.

My Child Has Fallen Asleep in a Swing – Do I Take Them Out?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should remove your child from the swing to a crib or bassinet. This applies to other sitting devices like car seats.

It’s dangerous to let a baby sleep in a seated position because its neck muscles aren’t entirely developed at that age, especially with swings for older children. The baby can slump over due to the weight of its head, which is placed on the neck in an upright position. Some babies can suffocate from slumping.

Additionally, your baby needs to practice other motor skills to strengthen their stomach and limb muscles. Spending too much time in an upright position limits their movement.

My Child Likes to Fall Asleep in a Swing – How Can I Replicate It?

Infants sleep easier in environments that mimic their experience inside the womb. Try to recreate the warmth, subtle noise, and gentle motion of the womb.

To mimic the motion, rock your baby in their crib or on your lap. You can also carry your baby and walk around till it sleeps. If it needs to cuddle, try rocking it on your lap.

If you have a small vibrating massage device, you can place it on the crib until your baby sleeps. Some babies become calm when massaged with light presses or gentle skin rubbing. 

To replicate the calm noise, use a device that creates white noise or simply use a fan. If you’re beside your baby, use your own voice to make a humming noise. 

How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Playground Swing?

Expert paediatrics advise parents to limit the time their babies spend in a swing to an hour or less per day. If a baby falls asleep in the swing, you should remove them to a flat sleeping surface (pram, bassinet, crib, or play yard) as soon as possible. 

Swings are generally safe to use once your child is able to sit up and have reasonable control over their head (nearly six months).

Safe Sleeping Positions

The safest position for a baby to sleep is on their back on a flat surface such as a crib or bassinet. Avoid putting a child on its front or side because these positions increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

How to Transition From the Swing to the Crib?

Putting your baby to sleep is a skill that you need to teach your child, like eating on their own. Many parents resort to moving devices such as swings or door bouncers because they make babies fall asleep quickly. 

However, there are severe risks to this caretaking shortcut. 

If the parents are tired, risky devices can be used temporarily. Sleep-deprived parents can’t take proper care of their children.


In this article, we explained how long can a baby sleep in a swing. It’s generally safe to let your baby in a swing for under an hour per day. However, teaching them to sleep without the swing would be safer in the long run.