How Often Should You Wash Baby’s Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Baby’s Hair?

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How often should you wash a baby’s hair? You might have gotten tons of answers to this simple question, which can be quite confusing. 

There are several myths about a baby’s bath. Some people don’t even know how or when to do it. Read on for more about when and how to wash and dry your baby’s hair.

Does Baby Hair Get Dirty?


Baby’s hair doesn’t get dirty as much or as often as ours. It might take up to several days for the oils to accumulate. 

However, a toddler usually gets dirty all over faster. Having that in mind, an acceptable cleaning routine for adults doesn’t apply to your baby or even your toddler.

How Often Should I Wash My Baby’s Hair?

According to most paediatricians, you shouldn’t wash your baby’s hair on a daily basis. Babies, generally, don’t need a bath this often. You should do it only twice a week, unless they are particularly filthy such as after a poonami

Some babies have naturally oily hair. You may feel that your baby’s hair needs some cleansing in between washes. In this case, you can use a wet washcloth to gently wipe it. This will do just fine until the following regular wash.

What Should I Use to Wash My Baby’s Hair

The short answer to this question is never to wash your baby’s hair with the shampoo you use. 

Your baby’s hair oil or shampoo should be free of paraffin, fragrance, and latex. This doesn’t expose the child to chemicals that cause eyes and skin irritation. 

It’s also recommended to use a tear-free shampoo. Some babies dislike hair washing, so don’t add eye irritation to the package. 

Last but not least, use a shampoo with a pH of 4.5-6. Higher pH levels can cause hair tangling. 

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How to Wash Your Baby’s Hair

Washing your baby’s hair doesn’t necessarily have to be during a bath. However, if you do it during a bath, make sure it’s the last step because wet hair can make it easier for your kid to catch a cold.

Whether you do it during a bath or wash it under a faucet, follow the steps below for a smooth experience.

Wet Your Baby’s Hair 

You can use your hand, a cup, or a washcloth to wet the baby’s hair a little. However, you need to make sure that the water doesn’t drop over the baby’s face.

Add Shampoo or hair oil

Simply, lather a small amount onto your little munchkin’s hair. Remember that a baby’s scalp is delicate, so rub it gently. 

Rinse the Shampoo

Again use your hand, a cup, or a washcloth to rinse out the shampoo. You need to be thorough and careful at the same time. One of the best ways to do it is to pour water while sweeping front to back with your hand.

How to Wash Babies’ Hair When They Have a Cradle Cap?

Known scientifically as infantile seborrheic dermatitis, cradle cap is a dandruff condition that’s common among babies. It appears as white, brown, yellow, or red flakes on your baby’s scalp. 

The good news is that it’s neither contagious nor harmful to your baby. However, in severe cases, it can spread to your baby’s face and body.

It’s recommended to wash the hair of babies with cradle caps more often. Cleaning the hair and scalp can help get rid of this oily rash. Some paediatricians advise a daily wash for an entire week.

Follow these steps to wash your baby’s hair if diagnosed with cradle cap:

  1. Apply some olive oil, baby oil, baby hair oil or petroleum jelly to the scalp before washing to loosen dry skin. 
  2. Use a soft brush or a washcloth to gently rub the oil into the scalp to release the flakes.
  3. Wash your child’s hair with a gentle shampoo that’s formulated for babies. 

Can You Wash Your Baby’s Hair Too Much?

Yes, there’s such a thing as washing your baby’s hair too often. It can be harmful to the baby. Overwashing your baby’s hair can lead to dry skin and discomfort.

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to wash your baby’s hair no more than twice a week. 

How to Dry Your Baby’s Hair?

It’s not necessary to dry your baby’s hair right after a bath. While some leave it to dry naturally, others do it right away, especially in cold weather. 

Babies naturally lose or gain much body heat through their heads. A hooded towel comes to the rescue here. It’s the safest way to take your baby out of the bathing area without risking a cold.

If your baby has thin hair, pat it with a towel, and stroke it a couple of times to remove the extra water. However, this method won’t work if your kid has more hair on his scalp.

For babies with thicker hair, if you choose not to leave it to dry naturally, you can simply use a soft towel to stroke your baby’s hair gently.

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“How often should you wash a baby’s hair?” seems like a simple question. However, you might hear several contradictory answers to it.

Experts say that you should only wash it twice a week with a special shampoo that doesn’t hurt your baby’s sensitive skin. 

With the tips shared in this post, you should be able to wash your baby’s hair without a problem.