How to Descale Tommee Tippee Prep Machine

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The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine is indispensable for formula preparation. It’s quick and easy and often gives consistently brilliant results. However, the build-up of limescale could compromise that stellar performance. 

Here’s how to descale Tommee Tippee Prep machine and keep it running like clockwork. 

Why Does a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Need Descaling?

Any machine that uses water to function eventually needs descaling. That’s because the dissolved minerals in the water, namely calcium and magnesium, accumulate on the inner surfaces of the machine. 

Additionally, formula milk can build up and clog up in very small particles. This would affect both the hygiene of the internal parts and the efficiency of the machine as a whole. Too much limescale can make the prep machine unsafe.

Thus, it’s normal for formula prep machines to require routine cleaning and descaling. That should guarantee that they would function optimally. 

What Is ‘Descaling’

Descaling is a metal cleaning process to remove the limescale build-up by using suitable solvents. 

Limescale is a chalky white layer made from calcium and magnesium salts. It often forms around the heating elements of kettles, water heaters, coffee machines, and even showerheads. 

The white deposit comes from the minerals that are already present in tap water or bottled water. Heating catalyzes the scaling process significantly, and that’s why the limescale is usually found all around the coil or heating plate. 

To descale any machine you need to rinse it with an acidic solution that dissolves the limescale layer, then, wash it off thoroughly with clean water.  

What Happens if I Don’t descale the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine?

A heavy build-up of limescale eventually degrades the output and performance of any machine. Here’s how: 

  • The heater is isolated from the surrounding water by the thick layer of limescale.
  • Reaching the required temperature takes much longer.
  • The hot water flow would be erratic and would not follow the preset program.   
  • The prepared formula might not get the right temperature and amount of water.  
  • The taste of the water and the prepared formula would be strongly affected.
  • If the limescale is left for too long, the machine would eventually malfunction or break down.   

How Do I Descale a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine?

The process of descaling a Perfect Prep machine is pretty straightforward: 

  • Step 1: Remove the lid, then take out the water hopper and the filter.
  • Step 2: Handle the filter with care. Only touch the top, and set it aside on a clean cloth.  
  • Step 3: Remove the bottle stand. 
  • Step 4: Pour one litre of pure vinegar or a lemon solution into the water chamber. 
  • Step 5: Top that with boiling water till the water chamber is filled completely.
  • Step 6: Place a receiving container or jug under the dispensing spout. 
  • Step 7: Press the cleaning button for 2 seconds. This will start the cleaning and descaling cycle. 
  • Step 8: When the cycle ends, discard the water. 
  • Step 9: Return the water hopper into its place, then refill the water chamber with boiling water. 
  • Step 10: Restart the cleaning cycle, and make sure that there is an empty container under the dispensing spout. 
  • Step 11: At the end of the cleaning cycle, discard the output water, and put the remaining parts back into place. Refit the filter, add fresh cold water into the hopper, and replace the lid. 
  • Step 12: Prime the machine by setting the dial to 4oz and press the start /stop button, to dispense a volume of hot water. Then, press the start/ stop button again to finish the cycle.

The Tommee Tippee prep machine should be descaled, cleaned and ready now. 

How Will I Know if It Needs Descaling?

It’s hard to know when exactly a machine needs descaling, hence, why it should be cleaned every 4 weeks. 

Generally, limescale is not that much of an issue with a perfect prep. It’s more of a problem with coffee machines, but descaling it regularly is a good practice that keeps it going in tip-top condition!


The Tommee Tippee formula prep machine is a mum’s best friend when there’s a baby in the house. That’s a very good reason to keep the machine well maintained.

Additionally, the build-up of minerals and limescale inside the machine seriously compromises the taste of the formula. If you have a coffee maker, then you’d realize that change in flavour right away. It’s never a good thing.  

Regular descaling of the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep is essential to make sure that its performance remains predictable and reliable. The descaling process is so easy and doesn’t take much time, so let’s make it a part of the periodic cleaning routine.