How to Make Baby Formula When Out Of The House

How to Make Baby Formula When Out Of The House

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Unlike adults, babies have smaller tummies and weaker immune systems, so you need to give your baby frequent, small hygienically prepared feeds throughout the day. While easily done at home, this can be quite challenging if you’re on the road.

Let’s discuss how to make baby formula when out!

Buy Pre-Made Formula

A pre-made liquid formula is the best option to provide your little one with a nutritious and hygienically prepared feed. 

All you have to pack with you are a few clean bottles, teats, and the appropriate sterilizing equipment. 

Using a ready-to-feed baby formula, also known as pre-made formula, is quick and easy, but it can be costly. This is why many parents resort to baby powders.

Pre-Make Bottles and Keep Them in a Thermos

While making fresh feeds is ideal to reduce bacterial growth, which would harm your baby, this isn’t always possible.

You can prepare feeds at home and store them at the back of a fridge where it’s coolest. Take the bottles out immediately before going out and put them in a cool bag with ice or a thermos.

You can refrigerate feeds for a day, but once out, use them within 4 hours if they were stored in a cool bag and within 2 hours if kept at room temperature.

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Pre-Plan Stops Along the Route With Bottle Preparation Facilities

Plan scheduled feeds to keep your little one well-fed and calm throughout your trip. Aim for small feeds every couple of hours.

Preplan stopping places where you can wash your hands and get a cup of freshly boiled clean tap water to prepare your baby’s feed.

You should make sure to have all the equipment you need to feed your baby on the road ready. Use this list as a guide:

  • Bottles, teats, and bottle covers
  • ready-to-feed liquid formula or baby powder formula (see here for formula for breastfed babies)
  • Cold water or steam sterilizer
  • Vacuum thermos containing freshly boiled tap water.
  • Appropriately sized bottle and teat brushes
  • Soap and disinfectant

Once you’re at the place you planned to prepare your baby’s feed, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Step 1: Wash Your Hands and Disinfect the Surface

Wash your hands using soapy water. Thereafter, clean and disinfect the surface on which you’ll prepare the feed.

Step 2: Wash the Bottle and Teats

Wash the bottle, teats, and covers using hot soapy water and a brush before rinsing them with cold tap water.

Step 3: Sterilize the Equipment

You can sterilize the equipment using steam or a cold water sterilizer. Whichever you choose, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

When using a steam sterilizer, place the bottles and teats facing down.

If you’re using a cold water sterilizer, you have to replace the sterilizing solution every day. You should also use a cover to keep the bottles and teats immersed in the sterilizing water or milton

Finally, shake off any remaining sterilizing fluid from the bottle before using it.

Boiling can damage bottles and teats faster, so you better leave it as a final resort.

Step 4: Preparing the Feed

To prepare your baby’s powder feed, add the recommended amount of boiling water from a thermos into the bottle first, then cool it down.

Next, add the formula powder using the scoop provided with the container. Lastly, cover the bottle carefully and shake it to mix the formula well.

Step 5: Checking the Feed’s Temperature

Test the feed’s temperature on the inside of your wrist. The right temperature should feel cool or warm. If it’s hot, firmly close the bottle’s cap and place it under cold running water.

To Conclude

After you’ve gone through our article highlighting how to make baby formula when out, you’re now ready to plan and prepare healthy frequent feeds for your little one on the road.

Good luck!