How To Make Tomato Soup For Baby

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Soups are great for babies to eat as they require limited chewing and are quite healthy on the whole, especially vegetable derived soups. Tomato soups are not different but do take a little extra care to ensure the salt and sugar levels aren’t too high but it is still tasty enough for them to want to eat.

Are tomatoes good for baby?

Tomatoes are generally fine for babies to eat from 6 months of age, but smaller versions such as baby plum and cherry are a choking hazard, so they’ll need to be chopped up. As far as soups are concerned, they are nutritious with plenty of vitamin C, carotenoids and have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities.

That being said, tomatoes can be harsh on young tums due to their acidic contents (they are fruits after all), which is why we offer tips to counter the acid in our baby tomato soup.

How to prepare baby tomato soup

Tomato soup can become something with little to no risk of allergies as it can be made without dairy, gluten or nuts.


Tomato soup for babies is best served creamy and pureed. To do this you can use a slow cooker or a blender and heating up in a pan. Heating up in a pan can take up to 25 minutes for all the ingredients to be absorbed into a liquid.


  • Tinned chopped tomatoes are the most common to use as they are ready to be poured into the pan
  • If you want to do it yourself – Elegance (British), Roma and Plum tomatoes work best to make soups
  • Onions – To make it sweeter and zingy
  • Carrots – Add depth and fibre to the soup and counter the acidity of the tomatoes and onions
  • Garlic – Added flavour
  • Vegetable stock – To add depth to the flavour and to reduce the bitterness from onions and tomatoes


  • Cream – Some people like adding cream to tomato soup to “take the edge off” but dairy is tricky with babies
  • Basil – Add some flavour but your baby would never notice
  • Butternut Squash – Thickens the soup and adds loads of fibre, has a bland flavour which doesn’t take away from the tomatoes
  • Grated cheese – Same as cream, adds some neutral texture and strong flavour

That’s it!

How to cook

Tomato soup for babies is a cinch. The onions and carrots will need to be sauted separately before the rest of the chopped ingredients are thrown in to simmer for 25 minutes in a pan or longer in a slow cooker.

If you do not have a blender, chop the pieces smaller, keep it cooking and stir frequently.

Batch cooking is easy with this kind of soup which can then be refrigerated or frozen to eat more later.

How to serve

Tomato soup can be served onto a child friendly bowl once it has cooled down, or you can store in a thermos to eat on the go. For older children, consider offering small pieces of bread to dip or even breadsticks.

Example Recipes and Ingredients List

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