Kids Doll House Games

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So, your children have been going on and on about purchasing one of those giant dollhouses at the hops, and you thought, “Why not?”

Now, it’s resting in the corner of your kids’ bedroom, waiting for them to approach it with excitement. If you’re ready to join the fun, why don’t you take a look at the following kids dollhouse games to get some ideas?

Re-enacting a Story

This is one of the most enjoyable games to pair with a dollhouse. Simply, choose a story that your kids love and use the little house’s characters, accessories, and pieces of furniture to act it out.

You could borrow plots from your children’s favourite storybook, animated movie, or even a timeless classic!

Re-enacting a Real-Life Event

Another cool idea to use as a dollhouse game is to play out a real-life event that you or your children have gone through. It could be a special memory like a birthday party or the day when your kids invited a few friends for a sleepover!

You could also re-enact an outdoor activity that you all enjoy. The fun here lies in trying to imagine or transform the dollhouse into another place where the events take place.

Moving the Furniture Around

This is a dollhouse game that requires some creativity and a sense of organisation, much like building blocks.

Here, your kids can remove the pre-existing furniture in the dollhouse and rearrange it, giving each tiny room a whole new appearance. This can also spark more ideas for future games.

Decorating the House

Give your kids the chance to bring their decorative skills to life and work to enhance the appearance of their dollhouse. Grab some coloured paper, glue, glitter, lights, beads, and the like and let them give their house a nice touch.

This game should be even more enjoyable during the holidays when your kids can add small Christmas trees or tiny, orange Halloween pumpkins around the house.

Transforming the House Into Another Place

Children love a challenge, and you can direct their energy towards something that’s both fun and productive. Just grab a few small pieces of paper and a pen, write a place on each piece, and drop them all inside a bowl.

You could write anything from “Hospital” to “School,” and let your kids pick a tiny card. Whatever shows up is what the house will become; so your children should start arranging furniture accordingly and playing with this new location.

Adding New Features

One of the best ways you could play with a dollhouse is by applying modifications to it and around it. Using cardboard, coloured paper, miniature furniture, and more, you can build new rooms or even a garden surrounding the house.

Children can also make an entire city or neighbourhood around the house, peppering the streets with trees, benches, stores, parks, and more. Just leave it to them to get out all of their creativity and you’ll be surprised at what they’re capable of!

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