Nappies for 8 year olds

nappies for 8 year old

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An 8 year old child wearing nappies again can be a difficult thing for both the child and parents.

It might seem that nappies are no longer necessary, but there are several reasons why nappies may be needed once more.

One of these is disability, which means the child cannot control their bladder or bowel movements. This leads to regular accidents where the child is simply unable to stop it.

The next reason could be spontaneous incontinence or potty training regression, which is when someone leaks urine or faeces without any warning signs or subconsciously during the day or night.

This article will also mention bedwetting as another cause for nappy use in children aged 8 years old and above. This means that the incontinence may only happen during the night where there are no issues in the day.

Finally, this article will give advice on how to avoid having your child wear nappies if it’s not medically required as sometimes nappies can cause more problems than it solves.

What is the best nappy for an 8 year old?


For bedwetting

Huggies DryNites are great for 8 year old boys or girls who are weeing themselves at night but otherwise dry during the day. They fit comfortable with pyjamas and are hard to make leak. Perfect for late potty trainers, kids who are going through a bedwetting phase and autistic children.

Huggies DryNites

For disabilities

For 8 year olds who may soil and wet themselves then we recommend the Abena Abri-Form Premium Junior XS2. These are much larger, more absorbent and cost effective than most brands and should be more than adequate for kids who are doubly-incontinent.

When you don’t really need a nappy

For 8 year olds who may just be going through a normal phase then consider a Washable Bed Protector such as this from Lynmark. They add comfort, absorb plenty of wee and easily washable. Comes in a pack of 2 so one can be in the wash while the other is being used.


When an 8 Year Old Needs to Wear Nappies Again: Causes and Solutions


Disability is the most common reason for an 8 year old to wear nappies again. A child could have a physical disability, which means they are unable to control their bladder or bowel movements. This may have been a known thing and you are just looking for bigger sizes or this may have been a result of a recent life changing accident.

With physical disabilities, nappies are most likely the only solution but it may be short term or long term based on the severity and possible recovery.

A second cause of nappies for an eight year old who previously didn’t need them may be due to learning disabilities. Learning difficulties can be caused by a number of reasons, including dyslexia, autism and ADHD. Learning difficulties can make many things challenging and potty training can be just one of them.

In time, they can learn to use the potty so you may want to consider mattress protectors if the problem is wee and not poo as using nappies can become more of a long term problem as it trains them to relieve themselves into nappies again.

Spontaneous incontinence

Sometimes, a child can regress in terms of their potty training which can be triggered by many things including a big change in the family such as a new sibling. Although it is rare in 8 year olds it can still happen.

If there have been only a couple of instances of it happening, such as bedwetting then perhaps a nappy isn’t the option as this can train them back into using nappies, instead consider waterproof mattress protectors.

Sometimes, when 8 year olds wear nappies when they aren’t medically required they do not feel the consequence of wetting themselves which removes the incentive to stop doing it.

However, you may be worried about going on holiday with your eight year old who is going through a bedwetting phase, in that case a nappy might be a good option.

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