Places to Walk with a Pram in St. Helens

Places to Walk with a Pram in St. Helens

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Located in the southwest of Lancashire, St. Helens is a metropolitan borough well-known for coal mining and glassmaking. Later, in the 20th century, the coal mines closed, and the town started shifting into an urban place with loads of parks and grassland. 

Places to walk with a pram in St. Helens


Below, we’ll be listing a bunch of places where you can walk with a pram in St. Helens to enjoy a day in nature with your little ones. 

Taylor Park

Taylor park st helens

On top of the list is St. Helen’s famous Taylor Park, a beautiful blend of scenery and fun activities that you and your kids would enjoy.

Taylor features two vast playgrounds, a climbing net for children, and a beautiful picnic area, alongside a couple of dams that serve as boating and paddling pools. 

The majority of the park is pram-friendly. Strolling your little ones won’t be a problem. They’ll probably enjoy the ducks, geese, and squirrels.

Victoria Park

victoria park st helens

Don’t be fooled by the old Victorian Mansion house you’ll see when you go there; Victoria Park is one of the most welcoming parks for children in St. Helens. 

The park extends over 14 hectares with a one-mile path around its perimeter, perfect for walking with a pram. Victoria Park is known for its events, ranging from concerts and festivals to football events. 

You can enjoy a walk with your kids around the park or let them have fun at one of the two playgrounds there; one of them is designed specifically for younger children. 

You will often find Ronnie and his kids in this park as they live around the corner.

Sherdley Park

sherdley park st helens

If you’re aiming for a park that’ll put your kids’ needs first, Sherdley Park is probably the place to go. Extending over 336 acres, the park has a formal well-maintained garden, a wide woodland, and an impressive golf course. Overall, the terrain is suitable for prams.

Being the most popular destination in St. Helens, Sherdley Park hosts an annual three-day music festival with a different theme each year. 

Carr Mill Dam/Sankey Valley Route

carr mill dam st helens

Fancy some peace of mind? Carr Mill Dam might be what you’re looking for.

Although it’s not targeted specifically at the younger generation, Carr Mill Dam is one of the most relaxing routes to have a walk along safely with your kid’s pram.

The loop trail extends over 2.9 kilometres and takes about 50 minutes to complete. People go there to enjoy the bluebell woods, the nice lake, and the famous boathouse. However, you’ve got to take care; it’s almost always muddy around the dam itself. 

Queen’s Park

queens park st helens

Queen’s Park is more on the traditional side of things, mainly composed of ornamental gardens with kid-friendly zones like a sandpit, a play park, and a nice maze. 

The recreation park features four tennis courts with coaching programs for kids and adults. Queen’s park is regularly maintained and complies with safety restrictions, so it’s both safe and suitable for prams. 

The Duckeries

the duckeries st helens

A favourite of ducks and geese, The Duckeries Park was named after waterfowls attracted to the place!

Originally a colliery flash site, The Duckeries, or the Ashtons Green Colliery, used to be primarily a mining site. The place turned into a local park as per the residents’ requests, and in the late nineties, it bloomed into a fantastic woodland that attracted visitors. The new woodland is pram-friendly, as well. 

At The Duckeries, there’s a wetland, woodland, a rough grassland, amenity grassland, and a wildflower meadow. The place is peaceful and convenient for a day out with the kids, with benches, playgrounds, and car parking. 

Thatto Heath Park

thatto heath park st helens

Thatto Heath Park looks like it came straight out of a kid’s film; lush grassland, vibrant wildflower, and plenty of enclosed playgrounds. 

The terrain is well-rendered for prams and disability chairs, so there’s no need to worry about strolling your little ones while getting a hint of fresh air. 

Sutton Park

sutton park st helens

Sutton Park is the oldest park in Sutton. Located between Marine Avenue, Robins Lane, and Marshalls Cross Road, the small park is a quiet open area where you can stroll with your kids or walk your dog.

Lately, the park has gone some improvements in terms of its pathways and facilities. The paths are convenient for prams, and there’s a cycle path in addition to the main trail. You can also find a youth shelter and a fitness centre for adults.

Mesnes Park

mesnes park st helens

Complying with safety and national environmental standards, Mesnes Park was awarded a Green Flag award in 2015. The urban park sports a nice layout with loads of children-friendly facilities, including ball courts, a play area, bowling greens, a skatepark, and tennis courts. 

As for walking, you can enjoy meadows, wetlands, or woodland. All are prepared for children’s prams.