Setting Up a Breastfeeding Room

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Whether you want to create a proper environment for nursing your newborn or you’re a business owner who wants to create a breastfeeding room in their workplace or business, this guide is for you!

Today, we’ll walk you through some of the best tips and steps you need to take while setting up a breastfeeding room. Let’s dive right in!

How to Make a Breastfeeding Room or Lactation Room Comfortable

Setting up a nursing room is all about providing the mothers and their babies with comfort, privacy, and accessibility. In this section, we’ll walk you through some of the best tips to do so:

The Room Must Have Comfortable Chairs for Mothers

For starters, you need to take extra care while choosing the chairs in the room. The breastfeeding room chairs need to be comfortable for mothers. Ideally, they would be purpose made breastfeeding chairs.

Additionally, the chairs need to be ergonomic and designed to help mums soothe their babies while breastfeeding. For example, they should be rocking chairs with proper armrests and headrests.

This has a couple of benefits – it helps mothers feel comfortable and helps babies feel calm so that breastfeeding sessions successful and quicker. Just be careful not to fall asleep.

Make Sure That the Room Is Quiet

Noise is one of the major triggering factors for babies. Since a lot of mothers rely on breastfeeding to calm down their babies or help them sleep, it’s quite essential that the room has proper sound insulation.

This can be achieved using various items, such as acoustic foam and weatherstripping tape on the doors and windows. You can also leave a speaker that mums can use to play comforting music or lullabies. A white noise machine is desirable.

Air Conditioning/Central Heating Is Essential

If you want to make the room truly comfortable, you should take care of the ambient temperature of the room. 

Depending on the temperatures in your area, make sure that you install either air conditioning or central heating in the room if necessary.

Provide the Room with Proper Amenities

Providing all the necessary amenities is always a sign of a good breastfeeding room. This includes essential for changing and washing up like a sink, and a nappy bin

However, you shouldn’t install a toilet in the room as this opens the room to be abused by many people and can end up making the room quite unhygienic. 

A Changing Table Improves the Room’s Usability

a changing table

While you don’t need excessive furniture in the breastfeeding room, you might want to invest in a reliable changing table and changing mat.

In addition to making it much easier for moms to give their baby a quick change before or after breastfeeding, it makes the room suitable for various needs.

Adjust the Lights So That They’re Dimmable

While setting up the electricity in the room, make sure that you install dimming switches that allow you to dim the light when necessary. Dimmable lights help mothers and babies to calm down and put babies to sleep more easily.

Although these lights might be a little costly to install, these lights will end up helping you save a lot of money on electricity bills, so it’s an excellent form of long-term investment as well!

Alternatively, you could just add a dimmable lamp.

Install Charging Ports for Devices in Different Corners

In addition to lights, you also need to make sure that there are plenty of wall outlets and charging ports for devices. 

This isn’t only ideal for keeping the mothers entertained without worrying about the battery level of their devices, but it’s also ideal for various portable and chargeable devices that mothers may have on them, such as rechargeable and electric breast pumps. 

The Room Must Have Access to the Internet

breastfeeding at work

It’s no surprise that sitting in a room to breastfeed your baby can be quite boring with time. Luckily, you don’t have to set a TV in the room like in the old days.

Instead, you need to make sure that the room has a proper WiFi signal and make sure that you leave a clear sign with the WiFi password on the wall.

Internet access isn’t only ideal for watching Netflix or listening to podcasts while breastfeeding to pass the time, but it can also be incredibly helpful as mothers may use the internet for new mum tutorials or to browser

Avoid Making the Room Tucked Away

A breastfeeding room is no use if breastfeeding/nursing mothers are having a hard time getting to them.

Since breastfeeding mums are usually exhausted from carrying their babies all day long, it’s essential that you make the room accessible and avoid setting it up on top floors, especially when there are no elevators or escalators to reach the area.

The room should also be close to other necessary amenities like toilets and also have proper ventilation to keep humidity within comfortable levels.

The Room Should Be Big Enough to Move Around

Of course, the breastfeeding room doesn’t have to be the size of a mansion, but it shouldn’t be too small that it triggers claustrophobia as well!

A good rule here is to make the room big enough for moms to move around comfortably and without having to awkwardly avoid obstacles in the way.

Make the Room a Multi-Purpose Haven for Mums to Be

Last but not least, if you don’t have enough space in your business to dedicate resting rooms for pregnant women, you can always make this breastfeeding room a multipurpose one for all mothers-to-be as well.

This actually helps pregnant women to converse with new mums and share experiences and tricks to make their babies’ lives easier!

What Are The Legal Requirements For Breastfeeding/Pregnant Mothers At Work?

In the UK, there are no restrictions on new mothers breastfeeding at work as long as they provide written notice of their intention to do so. 

You can also contact the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers in the UK for more information about your legal rights as a breastfeeding worker


This wraps it up for today’s guide for setting up a breastfeeding room! Setting up such a room is an excellent way to make your services or workplace much more inviting and approachable by new mums!

Luckily, once you’ve emptied a room in your business for a nursing mother, most of the previously mentioned tips should be incredibly easy to apply!