Singing Games for Kids

Singing Games for Kids

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Games that involve singing are always enjoyable. They’re not only entertaining, but can also help your child develop musical skills.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 7 singing games for kids that they’ll love. Let’s take a look.

7 Singing Games for Kids


Whether they’re solo or in a group, singing games are always fun. Below is a delightful collection we hope your kids will enjoy.

Traditional Games

To start the list, we opted for some traditional singing games. They’re great for groups of kids and could work well in a classroom setting.


Ring-a-ring-a-roses dates back to 1881. While singing the popular nursery rhyme, children move in a circle.

While the children are moving in a circle, they should move while jumping or swimming motions. Then, during the song’s last line, the kids can do anything they want, like hopping on one foot.

Another variation of the song is when the children drop down to the ground in the last line.

Sally Go Round the Sun

Sally Go Round the Sun is a well-known nursery rhyme with many different music and game versions. We’ve found that this one is the most enjoyable to play:

  1. The children stand in a circle and hold hands.
  2. One child is chosen to stand inside the circle.
  3. The child in the centre then acts out the song.
  4. When the song is finished, whoever is in the middle picks someone else to take their turn.

Bluebird, Bluebird

Bluebird is a popular singing game that kids may play in various ways. This is one of the ways to play it:

  1. First, the children sing the song while standing in a circle and holding hands.
  2. Then, they decide who’ll be the bluebird.
  3. The kids raise their hands in the air, making windows for the bluebird.
  4. The bluebird moves in and out of the windows as they walk around the circle as the song is playing.
  5. Yet, when they hear “Johnny,” they shut their windows to capture the bluebird either in or out of the circle.
  6. Finally, whoever was the bluebird selects another child for the next turn as everyone sings the song’s chorus.

Toy Microphones

child singing

If your child enjoys singing solo, a toy microphone is an excellent idea. They’re portable and don’t need to be connected to a speaker.

Some toy microphones have a feature that adds voice effects. Also, some mics have pre-installed songs for sing-alongs. This could come in handy if you’re camping or on the road without access to musical devices. It can also be used as they watch films that have singing sections.

Furthermore, certain toy microphones can record and playback your child’s singing. It’s a great way for your kids to be more creative and artistic.

Singing in the Car

If you’re travelling by car, a traditional singing game might not be possible. Fortunately, there are a few singing games that your child will love!

Musical Alphabet

The musical alphabet is great to play during a car trip. This game requires you to sing a song that begins with a letter of the alphabet based on items seen on the road. 

If your child sees a billboard, for example, they point it out, then sing a song with the title that begins with the letter B.

To keep the game from becoming too long and unpleasant, you can limit the tune to only one verse. Yet, if it’s a song everyone enjoys, then, by all means, belt out the entire song.

Show Tunes

Singing show tunes is pretty similar to the ‘musical alphabet’ game. Yet, instead of selecting a letter, your child chooses a film soundtrack to sing along with.

To keep it exciting, make sure your child sings the songs in order as they appear in the film. So, if your child chooses the movie Encanto, they have to sing “The Family Madrigal,” then “Surface Pressure,” then “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” and so on.

Turning Normal Voices Into Signing Voices

This is a pretty basic game that children of all ages will enjoy. In addition, you can play pretty much anywhere, and it’s really easy too. All your kid has to do is sing instead of speak.

Kids can play the game in several ways, but the one that works best is for your youngster to sing what they observe. For example, instead of pointing out a dog playing in the park, they can sing about it and create a song out of it.

Not only is it fun to sing, but it also boosts their imagination and brings out their artistic side.


Singing games help kids learn music, foster creativity, and provide hours of entertainment. 

There are many singing games for kids that you can enjoy with your child. Even better, why not introduce them to traditional nursery rhyme games that they can play with friends.

Whichever singing game your child chooses, the important thing is they have a blast showing off their musical talents!