Teething rash on bum

Teething rash on bum

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Teething causes all sorts of problems when it strikes, which is usually summed up in a very grumpy household. Some things teething causes are direct, such as the pain and swelling and the gums and other things are myths such as as a runny nose or a loss of appetite.

Another thing which is linked to teething is a rash on the bum, which seems like a nappy rush to many. But, does teething cause rashes on a baby’s bum, is it a myth or it caused indirectly? Let’s explore.

Does teething cause nappy rash?

No, not directly. Teething doesn’t cause any sort of rash anywhere on the body, the only kind of skin discolouration it may cause is flushed cheeks, but this looks a lot different to nappy rash.

Teething is often used by many to explain almost every ailment they can have during the time they are teething, which is quite a long time. Perhaps it’s to help them cope with the stress of a grumpy baby. However, a rash on the bum can be cause indirectly from teething.

One of the more obvious causes is if your baby gets diarrhea from the teething process (not that common) this can cause a nappy rash if it happens too regularly or they are left in their dirty nappy for too long.

The more likely explanation for this nappy rash is that your baby is suffering with a cold, bacterial infection or a bug and just so happens to be teething as it happens. When your baby is feeling under the weather, they can have excess drool and bile which they’ll swallow which can slow down the digestive process leading to harsher stools with a darker colour, these stools can sometimes seem like diarrhea.

Whilst teething, your baby may have open wounds which can ramp up their immune system and bring more blood to their cheeks and gums (this is why they look flushed) to deal with it leaving them more vulnerable than usual to sickness and other symptoms. During this time, it’s important to give them plenty of cuddles, milk and sleep (as hard as that can be). Perhaps time to invest in a comforter and if you’re breastfeeding – nipple cream!

Aside from that, there is nothing else about teething which could cause a rash on the bum.

Dealing with bum rashes

Bum rashes, nappy rashes or whatever you want to call them are treated first by keeping the skin of the area clean, don’t just rely on baby wipes if they already have a nappy rash. Gently clean with warm water and dry with a clean soft towel.

Then apply whatever cream or ointment you have on hand such as bepanthen to moisturise and treat the area.

Change their nappy as soon as they have done their business and rinse and repeat the process again to keep the rash at bay.

If it seems to persist beyond the common symptoms and irritation then there’s no harm for parents to speak with a Doctor, health visitor or midwife.


Teething babies are the bane of many parents but the effects of it can be often exaggerated since they can be teething for so long that they will inevitably get under the weather by other causes multiple times before all the teeth are in. One of the symptoms that teething in babies does NOT cause is nappy rash on their bum. The likelihood is diarrhea which is either indirectly caused or caused by a cold, virus, bug or even antibiotics designed to treat something else.

Still, the guidance to treat and prevent the nappy rash is the same – clean gently with warm water, wait to dry and apply some moisture cream before putting on a well fitting nappy.