The Difference Between Pram and Stroller

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A large part of expecting is spent trying to figure out what necessities to buy.

However, when people start using terms like “pram” and “stroller” interchangeably, that’s when it gets a bit confusing.

To clear things up, we go over the difference between pram and strollers before you decide which one to commit to, if at all.

What Is a Pram?

A pram (short for perambulator – did you know?) is a wheeled carry cot where the newborn babies lie on their back while their parents move them around.

The canopy above the pram helps protect the baby from light, creating a nice atmosphere for a peaceful nap.

What Is a Stroller?

A Stroller is a folding carriage chair with wheels. Instead of lying down, the baby sits upright inside the stroller.

However, some strollers are convertible models that can turn to recline mode so it turns from chain to cot mode when needed.

Parents sometimes call it a pushchair, and it comes in various designs and shapes.

What Is the Difference Between Pram and Stroller?

Before you decide which toddler carriage is best for your needs, let’s take a look at the main factors at play:

Safety Design

Prams are missing the harness and safety belt that you find in strollers, but that’s okay since the baby lays back in it anyway.

Plus, at this age, it’s very unlikely that your kid will twist and try to get out of it. Just make sure there are no choking hazards around.

By default, prams set your child on a high bed facing you. That’s an added safety feature, as opposed to strollers where you push the kid from behind.


Most strollers are foldable, so you can easily carry them around in a car till you need to take them out.

They also come with storage space, giving them an edge over prams for parents who travel or walk their children for long distances, especially since their frames are lightweight.

Meanwhile, prams are usually bulky and not as travel-friendly.

Age Compatibility

Getting a pram is a good fit if your baby is still a newborn or you’re even still expecting. However, it’ll stay a useful gadget for only about six months or so.

Once your kid can hold their head up, it might be time to consider a stroller. Although it’s expensive, it’s an overall better investment since you’ll get to use it for a longer period.

Should I Use a Pram or a Stroller?

For all the mentioned differences, strollers are typically more expensive than the average pram, but they tend to fit your toddler for longer than six months.

Moreover, strollers are sometimes designed to carry two kids at the same time. You might not find a similar option that’s suitable for twins if you decide to go with prams. Some people start with a pram and then go to a stroller.


Now that you know the difference between pram and stroller rollers, it should be easier to decide which is a best pram and best stroller for you.

Remember to only buy baby gadgets that comply with the safety standards!