What age is babybjorn bouncer suitable for

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You’ve probably heard of the excellent Babybjorn products and how enduring they are, especially their quality Babybjorn Bouncer, which flaunts a simple yet smart and sturdy design. 

I have to say, though, its price made me pause and wonder, what age is the Babybjorn Bouncer suitable for? After all, you don’t want to pay this much money only to find that it’s designed for a specific and short age range. 

If you had the same question in mind, this post is for you, so keep reading. 

What Is the Babybjorn Bouncer?

The Babybjorn Bouncer helps keep your baby entertained while you do some house chores. It’s basically a chair with an ergonomic design that features soft padding and round forms. 

babybjorn bouncer

This design gives your baby the sensation of being snugged, which soothes them. It’s also very light, making it simple to store and transport wherever you go.

If your baby has some moves, they’ll have a blast as the chair bounces back and forth with their movements. You can also adjust this bouncer to suit your little one’s needs. 

When it’s playtime, you can set the chair upright, which is the highest position. And if your child needs to rest after a day of invading planets with his mate, Buzz Lightyear, you can moderately incline the chair. Lastly, for sleep mode, you can set the bouncer to the lowest inclining level. However, it is still not safe to keep them in this for a long period of time.

There’s always the chair’s safety harness, which gently holds your baby against the chair in all of its modes.

However, to call it a bouncer is somewhat cheeky, it’s completely tame in comparison to a jumper or a door bouncer.

How Is It Different From Other Bouncers?

Unlike other bouncers, the Babybjorn Bouncer doesn’t bounce hard. Regardless of how much the child moves, the bouncer will balance these movements and ensure a somewhat laid-back, playful experience.

Also, this bouncer doesn’t have your baby’s tiny feet dangling from it and touching the floor. 

What Age Can Babies Use the Babybjorn Bouncer?

The bouncer is designed to fit your child from the time they’re born, with a minimum weight of 3.5kg (7.7 lbs, a typical newborn weight), until they’re two years old. 

But, you’d be hard pressed finding a 1-2 year old who will gladly sit in this.

Its ergonomic design provides the needed support for your baby’s delicate neck and spine. In fact, the bouncer’s sleep mode is recommended for newborns until their necks are developed enough to hold their heads up.

When your child is old enough to sit up unaided, this bouncer will make an excellent chair. You can easily convert the bouncer to a chair by raising it to the highest level, removing its harness, and turning the seat fabric around.

The modes I mentioned earlier depend on the baby’s weight and age. You can always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for weights appropriate for each position.

Is It a Good Bouncer?

The Babybjorn Bouncer is considered an excellent bouncer until your baby can sit up. Since most children begin sitting by the age of 9 months, it will mostly be used as a chair after that. 

An expensive chair you won’t want to get dirty.

In addition, the Babybjorn doesn’t provide any type of exercise to your little one. It doesn’t require your baby to use any muscles and can bounce on very little body movement.


The Babybjorn Bouncer is designed to accommodate babies from the day they’re born up to the age of two years old, with a minimum weight of 3.5kg (7.7 lbs). 

All in all, it’s an excellent bouncer that will keep your baby safely entertained while you go about your daily tasks, so it’s definitely worth considering.