What causes blisters on baby bum

What causes blisters on baby bum

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Blisters are essential in the healing process but really awkward to have on your skin, especially the bum which we sit on. For babies it can become worse and create a really fussy baby, 24 hours a day depending on the area.

Blisters on a baby’s bum are rare as the causes of them are rare: friction, heat, freezing, chemicals or an infection. Blisters are designed to provide a cushion between the outer layer and the wound so that it can heal without being interrupted but they the area is still quite sensitive until it’s finished.

What could cause a blister on my baby’s bum?


Here are the most common causes of bum blisters

Nappy Rash

Nappy rash can be caused when they have been in a wet or soiled nappy for too long. However, most incidents of nappy rash starts and ends with a red bum and nothing else. Nappy rash which isn’t looked after can continue to stay red and hot and may even cause open sores which can get infected by the poo and lead to blisters.

Dirty nappies should be changed ideally as soon as they’ve had their poo. A wet nappy is not as bad as a poo-y nappy.

Clean your baby’s bum regularly with skin friendly wipes and bathe them everyday with baby wash.

Chafing nappy

A nappy which has been incorrectly put on or has been wrapped too tightly can cause friction burns as they move in it – the heat caused by the friction can lead to blisters forming to protect the area which has been burned.

Try to get your baby weighed again to find out which size nappies are appropriate (or use home scales), and practice putting them on again for a great fit.

Friction burns

Friction burns can cause blisters if your baby is constantly rubbing on a surface, over and over again such as a baby seat, bouncer, tight clothes or a nappy as we previously mentioned. They may not feel it at the time which is why they don’t stop.

Keep an eye on your baby if they seem to be energetic on a surface and try to reduce direct skin contact on these surfaces. Looser fitting clothes can help prevent is as well as making sure they don’t spend too much time on things like bouncers.

Harmful chemicals

Harsh and harmful chemicals can cause blisters to appear on the skin but how they would get on the bum is a mystery. Never leave harsh chemicals anywhere near children and do not spray aerosols, detergents or other cleaning products in the same room as them.

You’ve found a blister on your baby’s bum – what next?

Blisters are annoying but the wound underneath would not heal without it, so it’s important to never burst a baby’s blister on their bum or anywhere else.

Keep the area clean and dry and apply a soft plater on top – the ones with a soft sponge on the middle to add some cushion between the blister and the outer layer.

Dress them in loose clothing and avoid planting them on the blister where possible. Lie them down in a pram, carry them in a baby carrier and give the bouncer a rest for a week. All can help speed up what is happening naturally – healing.