What Do You Enjoy About Your Child?

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According to research, an average woman can have as many as 30 children in a lifetime, which probably explains why there are about 4.5 births per second. The record is 69! And with all these newborns, having babies seems so popular, despite all the changes that the world is going through. 

A question that new parents usually get is, “what do you enjoy about your child?” “What is the most enjoyable thing about being a parent?”

In this article, we’ll answer this question based on the opinions of real parents who are enjoying the blessings of parenthood, so keep on reading. 

What Do You Enjoy About Your Child: 10 Amazing Reasons to Become a Parent

Today’s parents are more aware of the challenges that they’re facing when they decide to have a child. The world’s pace is so much faster, and technological advancement can be too scary for someone who is trying to teach their kid valuable morals. Moreover, today’s life is fast-paced, so parents usually feel that they lack the time that allows them to bond with their children and give them all the attention they need. 

Nevertheless, having children is one of the world’s biggest blessings and will enrich your life with amazing experiences. Here are ten amazing things to enjoy about your child. 

When They Tell You They Love You

A kid’s love is the purest and most honest type of love. When your child tells you that they love you, they actually mean it, and you can trust their words. 

A child will tell you that they love you in different ways, and not just using words. He or she will hug you, pat your shoulder, or ask you about your day. They might also bring you their favourite stuffed toy to show you that they’re sharing their most valuable possessions with you. 

Although it sounds heartwarming, a child that tells you that it loves you all the time can be suffering from low-self esteem and craving acceptance. In this case, you should tell your child that you love them and explain that you accept them the way they are. 

When They Laugh With You

Nothing beats the sound of a child laughing from the heart. Your child will laugh because you’re playing with them, taking care of them, and making them feel safe. 

This is why parents appreciate this sound more than anything else. They know that they’re doing something right when their kids are happy. A child’s laugh is infectious and will brighten your day because you know that you’re taking good care of the person you love the most. 

When They Surprise You With Their Innocence

Children can do the most innocent acts because they take your words literally or don’t actually understand what’s being said. They don’t know how to mask their emotions or use double meanings, so they’ll just say what’s on their minds. 

Any interaction that you have with your child will probably end in several laughs because your little one said or did something hilarious. Although children can sometimes embarrass you, in most cases, strangers don’t mind their innocence. Life will never be dull when you have children. 

When They Reach New Milestones

Having a child is all about discovering the blessings of life. It’s a good chance to remember your own childhood and see if they’re acting like you.

All the new milestones like walking for the first time or murmuring the first word are moments to remember. You can actually feel a sense of accomplishment when you see that your child is succeeding at something that they haven’t done before. 

The list doesn’t stop there because you get to experience more of these precious moments as your little one gets older. You’ll be able to see your child acting in a school play, doing a dance routine, receiving an award, or giving a speech. Parents feel proud of their children, whether they’re one or sixty years old, when they’re reaching a new milestone in their lives. 

When You Listen to Their Stories

Kids have a magnificent imagination, so they’ll play with toys and make up stories about them. Reading to your child and allowing it to explore different arts will enrich their imagination. These activities also boost brain and social development. 

When your child’s imagination goes wild, it’s OK to let them make up stories, but it’s also essential to help them understand the difference between imagination and reality. You can reassure them that monsters don’t exist to help them sleep better and explain that not everything we read in stories is true. 

In some cases, a child with an overactive imagination might be suffering from anxiety, so he or she might be trying to escape reality. If this is the case, then you need to take your little one to the doctor to run some tests and identify the root of the problem. 

When They’re Determined

Having a determined child shows you that your little one isn’t a quitter and will work towards any goals that they’ve set for themselves. 

This can start when your baby is only a few months old when you can see it trying to get itself to stand on its own, or sit up from lying down without any help. If your child always demands to know the reason behind your actions, explain things briefly. A determined child isn’t a bad one. 

When You Have Someone to Look After

Becoming a parent creates a new purpose in your life. You’re no longer living to fulfil your own needs, but there’s another human being that’s dependent on you, and your actions will affect them.

This is why a lot of people start paying more attention to their finances and health once they become parents. This milestone creates a sense of responsibility that’s associated with the desire to create the best life and atmosphere for your child. 

Knowing that you have someone that you need to look after will prompt you to make better decisions in life. You’ll have a motive that pushes you to become the best version of yourself. 

When They Heal Your Childhood’s Trauma

Just because you’ve had a bad childhood doesn’t mean that you can’t be a good parent. You can actually treat your child the way you wish you’d been treated to heal your childhood traumas. 

Our parents weren’t as informed the way we are today, and they might have made mistakes while raising us up. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to repeat these mistakes. 

Having a baby can be your chance to explore yourself and understand more about the things that affected you as a child. You can always be the parent that you wished you could have and create new memories with your little one. 

When They Bring The Whole Family Together

Perhaps this is the most challenging yet the most enjoyable part of having children. Whether you’re living alone or with a partner, after having a child, your life will change. 

Things will be planned and done after considering what’s best for the family. You might consider accepting a new job or changing something about your daily routine to enjoy your family time. Spending time working on a project, reading a story, or watching a movie will be an experience that both and your child will cherish. 

When They Teach You New Things About Yourself

Becoming a parent is a chance to discover yourself as an adult. You might notice that you enjoy new things or that you can do a lot of things that you didn’t think were possible. Perhaps you breastfed for the first time ever. 

It’s your chance to start a new life and be more responsible. You know that your child’s life and future depend on your actions and thoughts, so you’ll be more careful. 

Wrap Up

Having a child is a chance to enjoy new aspects of life. It comes with many challenges and fears, but it’s a great opportunity to re-explore life and learn more about yourself. It’s also your chance of creating the perfect atmosphere for the person that you love the most.