What is a Balance Bike?

What is a Balance Bike?

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In the movie “Premium Rush,” we see Joseph Gordon-Levitt storming through the crowded streets on his bike. And if you ever want your child to go as fast as him one day, then a balance bike might be an excellent place to start.

So, what is a balance bike? Keep on reading to learn everything about it. 

What is a Balance Bike?


A balance bike is the first step in training your little one to ride a bike in the future. It teaches your child the basics of balancing and steering, although it doesn’t have foot pedals, chains, gears, or gear shifters. 

A balance bike is a lightweight frame with everything except the pedals. Instead they use their feet to propel themselves forward. The balancing comes from taking their feet off and riding on two wheels.

The balance bike teaches them how to stay upright and the importance of momentum to keep themselves from falling. The biggest sticking point of learning to ride a bike is the balancing, so if they learn to balance with a balance bike then when it comes to moving on to pedals the hardest part has been mastered.

The pedalling to recreate the momentum is all that’s left.

Because teaching your child to ride a bike isn’t always easy, the balance bike will provide the needed training in a safe and controlled setting. Every child is different, and the learning process can take weeks or months. 

What are the Benefits of a Balance Bike?

Balance bikes offer several benefits. 

  • They’re more suitable for children than training wheels and tricycles. 
  • They’re safer to use on uneven trails.
  • Children can ride them faster because they’re lighter. 
  • They effectively teach your child how to ride a pedal bike, so they can easily learn how to master it in a few minutes. 

What is the Best Age to Use a Balance Bike?

The best age to get your little one a balance bike is when they’re 18 months or 2 years old. However, your child can use the bike for a long period until they’re able to balance themselves properly. 

Balance bikes come in several models to suit children of all ages. So, even if your little one didn’t start training when they were 2 years old, you can still get a bike that fits your child when they’re 4, 5, or 6 years old. 

Starting early means that your little one can upgrade to a pedal bike when they’re 3 or 4. Nevertheless, it’s never too late, and your little one can always start whenever they’re ready. 

How Should You Pick the Right Balance Bike For Your Child?

Balance bikes come in different shapes and sizes, so picking the right one for your child will guarantee that the training session will be safe and satisfactory. Here are a few tips to consider. 

  • Pick the model that suits the child’s age. The bike’s height should allow your child to balance comfortably. 

This is why you need to measure your child’s inseam and compare it to the bike’s height. The perfect bike’s height should be equal to or slightly less than the inseam. 

  • Pick the right tires. Balance bikes either feature foam or air tires, and although foam tires are pretty popular, air tires offer more traction. This is why they’ll work on most surfaces, providing your child with the safest experience while training to ride a bike. 
  • Although your little one will learn to stop the balance bike with their feet, hand brakes will be a worthy upgrade. Your child will feel safer when they can easily stop the bike on a steep trail. Moreover, the hand brakes will save your child’s shoes from potential damage. 
  • Ensure you measure and fit a good helmet


A balance bike is your child’s first step in the journey of learning how to ride a bike. It’s better than training wheels and will give your little one the confidence to ride a pedal bike one day.