What Scale Are Hot Wheels

What scale are hot wheels

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Hot Wheels are hands down, one of the most common play toys out there. They’re diverse, durable, and a ton of fun and have been around for decades.

The only issue is figuring out which size to bring home to make sure they fit properly in your race track or toy garages.

So, what scale are Hot Wheels diecasts?

Let’s find out!

What Is the Scale Used by Hot Wheels?


Hot Wheels rate their cars as a fraction of the real-life model.

Depending on the kid’s age and the intended use, you can find car scales between 1/12 and 1/87.

According to this fraction, you can classify the toy into different gauges. For instance, the 1/32 fits in the standard gauge. Meanwhile, the 1/64 is called the S gauge.

You might even find smaller fractions like 1/400 when we’re talking about model aeroplanes, but that’s a story for another day!

For most Hot Wheels, the common scales are 1/63, 1/32, and 1/18.

Why Is the Scale Important?

Besides keeping different cars in the playset realistic and proportionate, there’s even a more significant reason behind the scale.

That’s to estimate compatibility.

When you buy a toy garage, you can use its scale as a reference to buy more cars to expand the set.

If you go a size up or a size down, the cars might not fit properly.

How Does Hot Wheels Scale Work?

When we say a fraction of the real-life model, we mean a mathematical ratio. You might think that’s complicated, but it’s much better than using a fixed measurement.

In real life, cars aren’t always the same size, and this is exactly how each scale preserves relativity.

So, if the ‘87 Toyota Pickup is around 4.5m long, then the 1/64 Hot Wheel version is going to be 7cm or so.

On the same scale, you can expect to see the 1/64 Ferrari California overall shorter and slimmer than the pickup.

What Scale Cars Go With Hot Wheels Playsets?

The majority of Hot Wheel playsets fit cars on the 1/64 scale. Some of those have special tracks that might not fit monster trucks. To stay on the safe side, go for sedans or sports models.

It’s always recommended to look at the scale on the box to check for compatibility.

What Hot Wheels Scale Is Too Small for a Baby?

Scale 1/64 Hot Wheels are considered unsafe for kids under three years old.

However, you still need to be mindful about smaller parts of the toy, like the tires, popping off and becoming a choking hazard, even for older kids.

What Is the Biggest Hot Wheels Scale?

If you want to get the largest Hot Wheels scale, you’ll have to look into remote-controlled models to find  find ranges between 1/10 and 1/28.

For instance, the Dune Monster is on a 1/24 scale, making it around 43cm long.


All in all, you can say that the 1/64 scale is the most common Hot Wheels diecast since it fits many playsets interchangeably.