When to Change From Pram To Stroller

When to Change From Pram To Stroller

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Prams for newborns and babies is an essential purchase for parents wanting to get out with their baby. A stroller is a lightweight version or a pram/puschair – it may not be essential but it can still make life a lot easier for parents out and about with their newborns.

Prams are bit and can be a bit cumbersome whilst strollers are a little more agile and easier to handle… which is probably why you’re wondering when to change from one to the other. This article helps you understand when a stroller becomes viable to use and most importantly, safe.

What age can babies use a stroller?

At what stage a baby can go from a pram to a stroller differs from baby to baby and the model of the stroller. The most important aspect of prams and strollers is making sure the seating area supports their bodies, in particularly the neck and the back.

Babies need to lie flat before their neck muscles are strong enough to hold the weight of their head. This is usually by 6 months of age but most often earlier. Therefore, if you want to change from a pram to a stroller before this then the stroller will need an attachment such as a bassinet or a car seat attachment or a seat that fully reclines.

This also means that a stroller can technically be used from birth, provided it can let them lie flat.

Aside from the seating area, a pram and stroller are the same except a stroller is lighter in weight and (usually) easier to handle and steer. If you sort the seating arrangement out to accommodate a newborn baby it can be used from birth.

What is the difference between a pram and stroller?

A pram is usually more feature rich, has more attachments, storage areas and chunkier wheels than a stroller. This comes at a cost of taking up more space, heavier to handle and a higher purchase price.

A stroller is a more lightweight version of a pram, which is easier to store and steer and costs less than a pram but at the cost of less storage areas, attachments and some versions may not be usable for babies, as we mentioned earlier.

Should I get a pram or a stroller?

To change from a pram to a stroller is a personal choice, both can do the same job but slightly differently. Prams are best for people who are not struggling for space in the home or the car and need something a bit more sturdy and heavy.

Prams usually come with more than one seat type which can accommodate newborns, babies and infants. Their increased strength and weight makes it easier to add buggy boards, hold your shopping in a supermarket and other attachments such as coffee holders and the like.

A stroller is better for those who are budget conscious with limited space in the home and the car. Their lightweight frame makes it easier to push around but it won’t hold as much baggage.

A stroller is arguably better for those with mobility issues or even for the elderly.