Why Do Parents Find Bing Annoying

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Bing is a popular children’s show that first aired on CBeebies in June 2014. The show follows the adventures of a young rabbit named Bing and his stuffed animal caretaker, Flop. The series is based on a series of books written by Ted Dewan in the early 2000s, and has since spawned a wide range of toys, books and other memorabilia. However, despite its popularity among young children, many parents have taken to various parenting blogs and forums to voice their frustration and dislike of the show. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why some parents may find Bing so annoying.

Could it be that Bing is too close to the bone and reminds them of the worst aspects of toddler behaviour? Is Bing bunny a bad influence?

The mystery of Flop and how there is no parent present



One of the main complaints about Bing is the mysterious presence of Flop, Bing’s caretaker and companion. There are other carers belonging to the other children such as Paget and Amma but the focus really is on Flop.

Flop is a knitted insect-like stuffed animal, who is smaller than Bing and the other children in the show. Bing’s home is filled with furniture that is too big for both Flop and Bing, leading many to question the absence of any other adults in the show. Parents across the country have put forth various theories, such as Flop being a magical cuddly toy, aliens conducting a science experiment, or even a coping mechanism for children who have survived a nuclear holocaust. As one parent from mumsnet stated, “What is Flop?…parents up and down the country, fueled by gin, have considered this question deeply.”

This confusion surrounding Flop’s role and the lack of any other adults present in the show has led some parents to believe that Bing lacks any actual parenting or guidance. As another parent from mumsnet put it, “He’s a greedy punk…Flop then explains death to Bing. Now, it is an eventuality of life that you will, at some point, be introduced to death. I don’t really think a cartoon for very young children on CBeebies is the right place to do this. Surely ET could have gone a few more years without having to learn of his own mortality and the frailty of all life? It definitely shouldn’t have been introduced to him by a bloody cartoon rabbit.”

The mystery of Flop and the lack of any parental figures in the show has left many parents feeling unsatisfied and confused about the message the show is trying to convey to young children. This aspect of the show has also contributed to the overall annoyance felt towards Bing by many parents.

Could it be that parents are annoyed because they have to do so much parenting and yet Bing’s parents leave him with a child minder 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

His grammar and language

One of the most commonly cited complaints about Bing is his poor use of language. As stated in the content from mumblog.co.uk, “Bing regularly confuses his tenses, using phrases such as “I falled over”. This lack of proper grammar and syntax may be frustrating for parents who are trying to teach their children proper language skills.

But why would this be a source of annoyance for parents? It’s possible that they see Bing as a role model for their children and want him to set a good example. They may also feel that the show’s creators should have put more thought into the language used by the characters, especially since Bing is supposed to be a pre-school aged rabbit, just like their own child.

It’s also worth considering that this is not just a problem with Bing, but a wider issue with children’s programming. As stated by the working dad blog, “Watch enough, and you will want to ban Bing from your house all together.” It’s possible that parents are frustrated with the lack of attention paid to language in children’s programming in general and Bing is just the latest example. Think Teletubbies and how much hate that got.

Another question to consider is whether or not the poor use of language in the show is a reflection of how society views the importance of proper grammar and syntax in young children. Is it just seen as unimportant or is it actively discouraged in favor of more “cute” or “whimsical” forms of speech?

Is Bing actively working AGAINST parents trying to teach them to speak proper words? My own son repeated a ‘Bing’ word and I myself felt annoyed.

His behaviour

According to mumblog.co.uk, Bing is often portrayed as a “whiny, petulant little shit” and many episodes revolve around him discovering something new, being selfish about it, ruining it for everyone, and then learning his lesson. This behavior is exemplified in an episode where Bing discovers a butterfly and is told to be gentle with it and share it with the other children. Instead, he crushes it in his hand and kills it, as a result of his clumsiness. This act not only ruins the experience for the other children but also raises the question of whether or not a cartoon for young children on CBeebies is an appropriate platform to introduce the concept of death and mortality.

Another example of Bing’s annoying behavior is when he finds a toy and becomes possessive over it, refusing to share it with his friends as stated by Random789, “Bing is a greedy punk.” This type of behavior, while common in young children, can be frustrating for parents to watch as it may mirror the behavior of their own child when they are at their worst.

Furthermore, Bing’s actions and behaviour also causes inconvenience for his friends and caretaker, Flop. The constant whining and complaining leads to Flop to always clean up after Bing, which is something that parents can relate to. Cravingmilkshake comments on this by saying “No Bing, we don’t want your snotty bubbles in here.”

Overall, it is clear that many viewers find Bing’s behavior to be annoying and relatable to their own experiences with young children. The question remains, why would this anger parents? Is it because they see their own child’s behavior mirrored in the character of Bing, or is there something else at play?


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In conclusion, it is clear that Bing’s behavior, as depicted in the CBeebies cartoon, is a source of frustration for many parents. From his selfish actions, such as refusing to share or ruining things for others, to his accidental killing of a butterfly, Bing’s actions are often seen as annoying and unacceptable. However, it’s important to note that these behaviors are not unique to Bing, as they are typical of young children.

The exaggerated nature of these behaviors in the cartoon may be a reflection of parents’ own frustrations with their own children’s similar actions. It’s also worth mentioning that despite these frustrations, many parents have found that their children enjoy the show and learn valuable lessons from it. Ultimately, whether or not one finds Bing annoying is a matter of personal opinion, but it’s worth considering that the cartoon’s depiction of a young child’s behavior may be a reflection of the reality of parenting young children.